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A non-starship specifically intended for defensive operations inside a star system.


System Defense Boats (SDB's) range in size from 100 to 10,000 tons and are constructed at all tech levels from TL 8 to 15. There are hundreds of different types, depending upon the specific mission for which they are designed.

Please see Military Starship Types for more information.

Strategy and doctrine[edit]

SDBs most often operate according to predetermined plans designed to optimize their defensive potential. SDBs are typically stationed at the vital points of a system including gas giants, asteroid belts, major worlds, and so on.

Because SDBs usually have no jump drives, shifting them from system to system can be a problem. Some types have jump shuttles which fit to the craft and provide jump capability.

Another method is simple transport in large bulk cargo containers; the SDBs are loaded into 10,000-ton or 20,000-ton bulk carriers for the multi-parsec journey. This method, of course, is not recommended if immediate combat is expected at the destination.

History and background[edit]

SDB's were developed on the principle that a non-starship, because of the additional armament made possible by its lack of jump drives, can ordinarily defeat a jump-capable starship of equal tonnage.

Representative Types[edit]

35 Representative System Defense Boat (PF) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Avoram Class Solomani PF 14 600 0
Caryatid class Third Imperium PF 14 500 0
Chariot Class Third Imperium PF 13 600 0
Chiang Class System Defense Boat Kao Republic PF 9 3,800 0
Cudin Class Attack Boat Unity of Sed PF 11 40 0
Dzegkno Class System Defense Boat First Fleet of Dzo PF 8 2,000 0
Exarch Class System Defense Boat Jarnac Pashalic PF 13 300 0
System Defense Boat Distant Fringe PF 11 400 0
Frundsberg Class System Defense Boat Langemarck Coalition PF 12 1,000 0
Grunt Class Outcasts of the Whispering Sky (Stalkers) PF 10 1,000 1
Gundong Class Solomani PF 14 400 0
Hatchet Class System Defense Boat Kingdom of Peladon PF 11 500 0
Jugendworld Class System Defense Boat Langemarck Coalition PF 8 1,000 0
K282 Class Principality of Caledon PFA 11 1,200 0
K56 Class Principality of Caledon PF 10 300 0
Kaufman Class Dual Environment Fighter Caliphate of Estalia PF 10 90 0
Khanate Class System Defense Boat Khan World League PF 10 1,000 0
Kuomsi Class Solomani PF 14 600 0
Namor Class Ushran Navy PFM 12 90 0
Nassin Class System Defense Boat Rimward Federation PF 9 2,000 0
Nexus Harrier Class System Defense Boat Distant Fringe PF 12 600 0
Nogo Class Fast Attack Craft Worlds of The Leader PFM 11 200 2
Oromet Class System Defense Boat Protectorate PF 11 5,000 0
Penner Class Council of the Wise PF 11 500 0
Pounce Class Darrian PF 15 500 1
Purvaine Class Solomani PF 14 7,500 0
Scorpion Class Third Imperium PF 15 1,000 0
Sentry Class Third Imperium PF 11 400 0
Thele Class System Defense Boat Firstworlds PF 9 800 0
Tigershark Class Patrol Boat Aslan PF 12 200 0
Wolvesbane Class Third Imperium PF 15 200 0
Yunus Class System Defense Boat Khuur League Fleet PF 8 3,300 0
Zydeterranal Class System Defense Boat Zydarian Codominium PF 9 3,000 0
Zydpedallion Class System Defense Boat Zydarian Codominium PF 8 1,000 0
Zydpharn Class System Defense Boat Zydarian Codominium PF 7 200 0

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