Val Marin class System Defense Boat

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Val Marin class System Defense Boat
Type: HSDB System Defense Boat
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Canon No. Unpublished, non-canon fan design.
Cargo 1 Tons
Cost MCr3,734.914 in quantity 2,987.931
Crew 100 with 40 marines
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Hardpoints 30
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Illustration No
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Jump J-0
Maneuver 6 G
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Origin High Senate
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 3,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–10
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10 in service

Built locally at Val Marin (world) for the High Senate, which a state within the Distant Fringe, located in the Halcyon Sector. They use this class to carry a squadron of ten light fighters, and move a patrol of 40 marines into harm's way. The marines have drop capsules for orbital assaults and two retrieval boats for dust off. The fleet deploys a pair of these aboard a the five Senator Class Battle Tenders. The armament includes two large missile bays and a particle accelerator bay. They have heavy plates of bonded armor to reinforce the interior of the streamlined needle/wedge structure hull. They are equipped with scoops for wilderness ocean refueling. The powerful maneuver drives develop 6G acceleration with a 3 agility. For combat management and defense it carries a pair of model 4 fib computers adjacent to the main bridge.

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