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A Frigate is a class of ships smaller than a Cruiser and with even lighter armament.


Frigates are smaller than 10,000 tons, with most in the 1,000 to 2,000 ton range. Frigates mount only turret weapons, no spinal or bay mounted weapons. Frigates also lack the drive (acceleration and jump) capabilities of true warships.

Strategy and doctrine[edit]

A Frigate's primary mission is a defensive role. Providing extra security for merchant ships against pirates and light raiders. The frigate generally mounts enough firepower to defeat most armed merchants, but not enough to threaten a Cruiser or similar warship. Unlike an Escort, which is expected to be able to at least assist in combat with larger warships, most frigates are not.

The lack of firepower, drive capability, and generally armor, makes the frigates less expensive to build and maintain than warships, so they can be built and maintained in large numbers. Their ubiquity lends them to being applied to other missions, including piracy suppression, raiding, and ground support missions.

History and Background[edit]

Many interstellar polities outside of the Imperium use Frigates for internal security missions, feeling that full warships are not needed for policing duties. The Imperial Navy uses Escorts for many of these duties.

Major Frigate Classes[edit]

A Frigate in the Royal Caledonian Navy is the equivalent of a "Cruiser" in Imperial parlance, and fills the Cruiser role. They are listed under Cruisers.

Representative Types[edit]

11 Representative Frigate (F) Classes[edit]

Class Origin Hull
Tonnage Jump
Accel Class Light Frigate Darrian FL 13 1,500 Jump 4
Black Rock Class Missile Frigate Third Imperium FLM 13 1,500 Jump 4
Chaiik Class Frigate Sath Alliance FG 11 800 Jump 2
Dead Sun Class Frigate Third Imperium FF 9 4,000 Jump 1
Eslar Class Frigate Unity of Sed FG 12 1,600 Jump 2
Gem Class Close Escort Mische Conglomerate FF 12 500 Jump 2
Ghost Class Frigate Katowice FG 14 1,000 Jump 4
Hazard Class Frigate Third Imperium FG 15 4,200 Jump 4
Hogan Class Frigate Enlightened FG 11 2,000 Jump 2
Honor Class Frigate Rukadukaz FG 15 2,000 Jump 4
Ietlzhdrzhdrkre Class Fleet Escort Zhodani FE 14 8,000 Jump 4

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