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Auxiliaries are the noncombatants of the fleet. Many are not armed, but experience says some auxiliaries do face combat and need to be capable of at least defending themselves.


Although these ships are not normally considered combatants they are essential for maintaining Imperial Naval operations.

Strategy and Doctrine[edit]

Auxiliaries linger on the fringes of the battle area and resupply the fighting ships with fuel, missiles, provisions, and other military materiel. Some Auxiliaries are designed to provide special services in the same role as supply ships and replenishers.

History and background[edit]

No information yet available.

Ship Classes[edit]

Auxiliary Types:

Casualty Ship (AC) These vessels function primarily as mobile medical treatment facilities and hospitals. Most are operated by the military forces of various nationalities, as they are intended to be used in or near war zones.

Although attacking casualty ships is greatly discouraged, belligerent navies have the right to board such ships for inspections.

The purpose of these vessels is to provide transport for troops and their equipment. Although they usually carry defensive weaponry they are not intended to engage in combat. If they have to, their focus is to get the troops off beforehand. The ships carry a number of smaller vessels including assault shuttles to move troops to their bases or the battlefield. These vessels are seldom found without the company of an escort.
Fleet Tug (AE) Fleet tugs are used to provide mobility to structures and vessels with limited or no movement capability. They are used to deal with damaged vessels as well as the wreckage following a battle. Such ships tend to have very strong skeletons and propulsion systems, and good computers capable of calculating the ballistic of both passive and active objects in a multiple object scenario, so as to avoid collisions in crowded areas. Some of the largest have jump capability, but most do not and are used in-system.
Tankers (AF) Transport and provide fuel for other ships. Some contain purification plants, and most have fuel cutters whose purpose is to transport fuel to other vessels. Ofttimes the fuel cutters have fuel scoops which allow them to restock tankers from local gas giants. They are also often known as fleet tankers to differentiate them from their civilian counteparts.
Replenishment (AM) Provides transport for provisions, parts, weapons, and other materials for the fleet. When equipped with special modules they can also transport troops. The largest can be used to even transport smaller vessels such as SBDs.
Ordinance (AO) The purpose of these vessels is to transport weapons and munitions. Although they usually carry defensive weaponry they are not intended to engage in combat. These vessels are seldom found without the company of an escort.
Salvage/Recovery (AS) These ship are designed to provide recovery and maintenance support to warships. These ships range from small vessels repairing smallcraft to large mobile dry-docks servicing some of the largest ships. Repair ships offer a broad range of repair capability including equipment and personnel for repair of more significant machinery failures or battle damage.
Ship Tender (AT) The primary role of these vessels is maintenance and repair, although they may also have a replenishment role. Larger tenders are equipped with large workshops, advanced tech labs for calibration, extensive multiple tool sets of every sort required to maintain and repair damaged ships, they can very nearly be called mobile shipyards. Many, given time and components, can install or perform major repairs in the field. These tend to be lightly armored, unarmored, with only of sufficient maneuverability to keep up with the fleet- everything else is given over to the main mission of attending to the needs of damaged ships. Smaller tenders tend to be faster, and may be lightly armed and may be assigned to maintain groups of smaller vessels and navigational aids.
Utility Ships (AU) Utility Ships perform a wide variety of tasks for the navy, including maintenance of navigational aids, technical research, target ships, degaussing, survey, recreation, administrative support, and communication/sensor relays.
Refinery Ships (AX) The usual primary purpose of these ships is refining fuel for ships, but also generate a variety of other gases and liquids. Most refinery ships produce a variety of products in the normal course of distillation operations, which they may or may not retain.
Tanker / Replenishment Ship (AZ) These vessels combine both the tanker and replenishment functions into one platform. Based on the tech level 13 modification of the TF-13 tanker. Additional prototypes of the TT-14 and TT-15 were produced, but did not show sufficient advantage over the TT-13 and weren't produced in quantity.

Auxiliary Sub-types[edit]

Rift Tanker (AZT) A special-purpose tanker designed to support operations in the sparse-stellar territories of the rifts.
Attack Cargo Vessel (AM-Q) An armed cargo vessel usually manned by naval or naval reserve personnel. They are used to provide supply materials and personnel in potentially hostile areas. They are also used to provide additional combat support for convoy operations. These vessels differ from the Q-Ship (QT) in that they are openly armed, and are not designed as lures to hostile vessels.

Representative Classes[edit]

1 Representative Casualty Ships (AC) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Ghent Class Third Imperium AC 15 4,000 4

25 Representative Replenishment (AM) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Chtierabl Class Zhodani AM 13 10,000 3
Culgoa Class Supply Ship Third Imperium AM 13 3,400 4
Dal Hallen Class Free Trader Rimward Federation AM 10 600 1
Exad Class Fleet Replenishment Ship The Last Line AM 11 2,000 2
Fournir Class Fleet Replenishment Ship Strend Cluster AM 14 10,000 3
Garrett Durant Class Cargo Hauler Distant Fringe AM 12 3,000 1
Glacier Class Store Ship Third Imperium AM 13 8,300 4
Globus Class Third Imperium AM 15 30,000 4
Hummock Class Principality of Caledon AMA 12 5,000 2
Jack Driscoll Class Bulk Freighter Distant Fringe AM 11 5,000 2
Jade Serpent Class Federation of Alsas AM 12 2,600 1
Mammoth Class Freighter The Biumvirate AM 10 18,051 1
Mǐ Fàn Class Replenishment Vessel Celestial League AM 10 2,000 1
Modular Fleet Auxiliary Principality of Caledon AMA 12 10,000 1
Modular Fleet Auxiliary Principality of Caledon AML 12 1,000 1
Mountain Class Principality of Caledon AMA 12 90,000 3
Nexus Locker Class Fleet Replenishment Ship Third Imperium AM 11 800 2
Panam Ajax class Third Imperium AML 15 6,000 4
Panther Class Repair Vessel Third Imperium AM 13 4,400 4
Pinyin Class Treasure Galleon Celestial League AM 10 40,000 1
Relief Class Hospital Ship Third Imperium AM 13 3,300 4
Reynolds Meyers Briggs Class Heavy Merchant Distant Fringe AM 12 7,000 1
VCS 898 Class Viyard Concourse AM 10 10,000 1
Yakey Class Fleet Tender Third Imperium AM 13 1,000 4
Yesta Class Fleet Logistics Ship Third Imperium AM 15 50,000 5

2 Representative Salvage/Repair (AS) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Briareus Class Third Imperium ASA 20,000
Skela Class Attack Scout The Biumvirate AS 10 151 1
3 Representative Tender (AT) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Heavy Lander Distant Fringe AT 9 1,200 0
Interface Lander Distant Fringe AT 9 400 0
Hecla Class Third Imperium AT 10,000 2
1 Representative Utility (AU) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Donskoy KasakClass Third Imperium AU 15 1,000 1

1 Representative Hybrid (AZ) Classes
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Dromedary Class Third Imperium AZA 15 300,000 4

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