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Commercial ships are civilian ships used for commercial purposes, other than merchant and transport activity.

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Ship Doctrine[edit]

Construction (GC) Ships designed for construction or industrial activities. This class also covers civilian repair vessels, as well as, mobile docks. Many of the largest are not jump capable.
Mining (GM) Ships designed for mining activities or which support mining activities. This class includes prospectors, miners, and other ships used for resource extraction.
Tenders(GT) Commercial tenders used to assist, resupply, and perform maintenance activities. Many include recreational and medical facilities.
Tugs (GE) Tugs are designed to move large masses such as ships, freight modules, asteroids, and construction materials.

Representative Classes[edit]

6 Representative Commercial (G) Classes

Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Class Origin Hull designation Technology level Tonnage Jump Drive
Bathysphere class Prospector's Cutter Third Imperium GMC 14 60 0
Conrad class Towing Vessel Third Imperium GE 13 200 2
Dranzhrin class Consular Corvette Zhodani Consulate G 15 800 4
Hercules class Commercial Tender Distant Fringe GE 11 3,500 2
SI-049 Company Store class Mining Tender Third Imperium GTM 14 4,000 1
Three Sisters class Heavy Jump Transport Principality of Caledon GC 12 990,000 1

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