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A Trade Station is an establishment for the promotion of interstellar commerce by serving as clearing houses for merchant dealings.


There is no single controlling agency for Trade Stations; some are established by private companies, on their own or under contract to the Imperium, some are run by the Scout Service, and others are operated by different branches of the Imperial government. Almost all Trade Stations are run by governments (polities) since the expense of running a Trade Station is so high. However, it is not unknown for Megacorporations or other private entities to fund one.

Trade Stations are typically built upon heavily-traveled, high-profit Trade Routes.

  • Smaller trade stations most often consist of surface installations attached to starports.
  • Larger ones often involve Highports that work with Downports or planetary surface starports.

Vargr Stations (Interstellar Relations)[edit]

In the Spinward Marches the Imperial government has established several trading stations along the border of the Vargr Extents to encourage commerce, with the ultimate aim of economically tying the nearby Vargr to the Imperium, lessening the chance of their joining the Zhodani Consulate in a new war.

Representative Selection[edit]

For example, there are five trade stations in Aramis Subsector operated by the Scout Service to promote trade with the Vargr:

History and background[edit]

These trade stations serve as clearing houses for merchant dealings. They provide numerous services: language translation, temporary warehousing, brokerage, computer files of merchant information, a commodity exchange, and others. Goods comes to the stations from all over the subsector.

Vargr trading delegations converge on the stations and trade raw materials, metals, and manufactured goods for desirable meats, spices, and other delicacies.

Worlds and Sectors[edit]

Trade Stations are located throughout Charted Space.

World Listing: 1116[edit]

Known trade stations are located in the following systems and worlds:

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