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A Far Trader is a small starship commonly used for interstellar trade and commerce that is capable of Jump-2.

  • Please see the AAB entry for the Beowulf class Free Trader to get representative performance characteristics for this broad supraclass of merchants.

Description / Specifications[edit]

Using a 200-ton TL–10 streamlined hull, the far trader ranges far and wide, and deals with every world it finds. Even amber zones and red zones are not considered off limits by its captains, provided there is profit to be made and the risk of being caught is slight. It has drives capable of jump-2 and 1-G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports jump-2 and two months of operation, and the ship incorporates fuel scoops and fuel intakes for wilderness refuelling. The bridge is standard and has a computer Model/ 1bis and a basic sensor suite.There are six hardpoints, but no weapons are mounted.

Like the free trader, the far trader is built around its cargo bay, in this case 78 tons, plus passenger staterooms. A single air/raft is carried for various ship duties. The ship is streamlined, and can land on uneven terrain. The far trader requires a crew of four: pilot/astrogator, two engineers, and steward.

History & Background / Dossier[edit]

Hundreds of variants exist. The typical size equals 200 tons. A shorter ranged version called a Free Trader.

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