193rd Fleet (SM)

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The 193rd Fleet (SM) serves the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The 193rd's most likely opponents would be the Sword Worlders, who's tech level and jump capacity is less than Imperial and Zhodani forces, allowing a static defense. The 193rd has a high numbers of non jump capable monitors, serviced and redeployed by tenders. There is a single BatRon held at Frenzie, with much of the mobile assets being lighter units such as destroyers and light cruisers.

Goals (Mission)[edit]

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Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

The 193rd is also responsible for communications with the research station on Retinae, and for "showing the flag" in the neutral ports of Querion Subsector.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The 193rd was stationed in the Regina subsector prior to the Fifth Frontier War. Headquartered at Regina, detached elements of the fleet were stationed at Efate, Louzy, Menorb, and Yres. When the war started, the Zhodani 1st Assault Fleet feigned an attack on Regina that never materialized and moved on to besiege Efate.

The 193rd dug in and fought a static defense at Efate, leaving the defense of Louzy, Menorb, and Yres to the local system defence flotillas. The 193rd did not retreat further during the war and was able to liberate some worlds after the Zhodani for all practical purposes gave up on the siege of Efate in mid-1109.

In the post-war fleet shuffle, the 193rd was moved to Vilis subsector.

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

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Representative Equipment & Classes[edit]

The following sub-units form this fleet:

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Headquarters Data: 1105[edit]

The following mainworld is the primary headquarters of this fleet:

  1. TBD (world)

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This fleet often patrols the following systems and worlds:

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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