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Fifith Frontier War Service Medal

Operation Iedshrpr was a campaign in the Fifth Frontier War aimed at relieving the Siege of Efate and breaking the Zhodani Consulate forces undertaking the siege

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Siege of Efate had been continuing since the initial invasion of 1107 and the Zhodani 1st Assault Fleet had become bogged down trying to invest the world. By 1109 both sides had started drawing down forces to prop up other initiatives, but Efate was still besieged. The flank attack in the Kinorb Cluster undertaken by the Vargr was breaking under the offensive being waged by Task Force 17 of 212th Fleet and the Imperial reserves, in the form of the Corridor Fleet, were now to be committed to clear the path to the planet.

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Efate had been a hotbed of insurrection for years before the Fifth Frontier War, fuelled by Zhodani arms supplies and monies. This actually backfired in that the Imperium had deployed substantial ground forces on the planet in the moments before the start of the main conflict. The remains of the 193rd Fleet in the Jewell Subsector and the combination of the [[213th Fleet (SM)|213rd] and 1st Provisional Fleets in the Regina Cluster had fought the Zhodani forces to a standstill and were choking the Zhodani supply lines. Corridor Fleet's arrival gate the Imperials the weight of numbers...which were used as a Hammer with the Efate Garrison as the Anvil.

Operation Iedshrpr saw the Zhodani 1st Assault Fleet reduced to a fragment of its former glory in a few weeks of heavy and sustained combat and relieved Efate.

After this first success, the Fleet assaulted the planet and started digging the Zhodani Infantry out of their key strongholds. The rebel leaders of the Efate population found that their support melted away in the face of full-scale attack provoked by the Zhodani presence. With no popular support, the Army cleared up not only the Zhodani forces, but the Rebels as well. Few of the Rebel leaders survived to be tried for Treason. The rebel rank and file were deported to the far side of the Imperium.




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