3122nd Imperial Jump Regiment

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3122nd DUI
3122nd Counter

The 3122nd Jump Infantry Regiment, of the Imperial Army, serves the polity of Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

3122nd Jump Infantry Regiment was the Imperial Army equivalent of an Imperial Marine Regiment and designed for use in similar roles, but provided with less heavy equipment.

Goals (Mission)[edit]

  • To strike from space and establish an initial bridgehead in advance of a planetary landing by heavier units
  • To raid from space before being rapidly recovered
  • To provide a means of reinforcing planetary positions where direct access by Starships or spacecraft would be over-dangerous.

Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

No information yet available.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

This regiment deployed in the Fifth Frontier War[1]. At this time it was relatively newly equipped to TL–15 standards as a Light Infantry Regiment with the ability to be deployed from orbit.

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

  1. Regimental Headquarters & Headquarters Company
    1. Command Section
    2. LMR Communications Platoon
    3. Intelligence & Electronic Warfare Platoon
    4. JTAC Platoon
    5. Pathfinder-Reconnaissance Platoon
  2. 1st Battalion
    1. Headquarters Det.
    2. Alpha, Beta & Gamma Jump Rifle Companies
    3. Delta Weapons Company
    4. Epsilon Support Detachment
  3. 2nd Battalion
    1. Headquarters Detachment
    2. Zeta, Eta & Theta Jump Rifle Companies
    3. Iota Weapons Company
    4. Kappa Support Detachment
  4. 3rd Battalion
    1. Headquarters Detachment
    2. Lambda, Mu and Nu Jump Rifle Companies
    3. Xi Weapons Company
    4. Omicron Support Detachment
  5. Regimental Support and Services Company
    1. Command & Signals Platoon
    2. Regimental Aid Station & Treatment Platoon
    3. Maintenance Platoon
    4. Mess and Services Platoon
    5. Logistics Platoon

Representative Equipment & Classes[edit]

  1. Battledress (TL15)
    1. FGMP-14
    2. FGMP-15 (Squad support weapon) .
  2. Combat Armor (TL-15)
    1. Gauss Rifles
  3. Tac Missiles
  4. Jump Capsules
    1. Standard Jump Capsule
    2. Decoy Jump Capsule
    3. EW Capsule
    4. Supply Capsule
  5. Rapid Interface Grav Combat Vehicles
    1. Light Rapid interface Assault Vehicle
    2. Light Rapid Interface Fires Vehicle
    3. Light Rapid Interface Command Vehicle
  6. Grav Utility Vehicles

Era: Regency[edit]

Domain of Deneb Logo.gif

The 3122nd was re-equipped by the Regency Army and renamed as the 3122nd Assault Infantry Regiment (Armoured). In this role it was equipped with TL–15 Norris Battle Tanks and attached to the 193rd Fleet[2].

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This army can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Headquarters Data: 1105[edit]

The following mainworld is the primary headquarters of this army:

  1. TBD (world)

World Listing: 1105[edit]

This army is often stationed in the following systems and worlds:

No world articles for 3122nd Imperial Jump Regiment

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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