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Traveller News Service - 1118

TNS 1117


Date: 012-1118Nulinad (Empty Quarter 0338)[edit]

¶ Until now engaged in sporadic fighting in the rimward reaches of Antares, large squadrons of the Antares Fleet, with the attached 104th Reserve Fleet and several squadrons of the 226th Fleet, clashed with ships of Lucan's Imperium in the Nulinad system.

¶ This major clash has for the first time pitted massed enemy ships against the proud fleets of Antares, testing the league's commitment to independence. Ω

Date: 013-1118Nulinad (Empty Quarter 0338)[edit]

¶ Caught off-guard in a classic refueling ambush, portions of Lucan's fleet were engaged and destroyed. At least seventeen large warships were destroyed, and no Antares ship received critical damage.

¶ The remainder of Lucan's fleet has dispersed and jumped out of system. An unofficial source suggested that they must be intending to retreat out of the area in the face of superior ship strength, possibly toward Template:WorlS or Dini (Antares 3139).

¶ The fleet base on Nulinad's moon, though never engaged during this battle, is now being hardened against future assaults by the corps of engineers. Ω

Date: 019-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Large numbers of Dulinor's ships have broken through into Dagusashaag and Core sectors, apparently with the intention of disrupting interworld trade routes.

¶ The Admiralty released a communique in which it discussed plans to mobilize more reserve units and pull several mainline ships out of the front to deal with this new problem. The communique also assures that the penetrating ships have minimal ground attack capabilities.

¶ All transport craft of any kind are encouraged to travel in organized, protected convoys whenever possible. Ω

Date: 020-1118Zukhisa (Empty Quarter 0139)[edit]

¶ Fresh from its defeat at Nulinad, Lucan's forces appeared in the Zukhisa system today. The starport was immediately bombarded and the system defense craft available were quickly forced to retire to the outer system. Ω

Date: 022-1118Zukhisa (Empty Quarter 0139)[edit]

¶ Relief forces which jumped into the system yesterday performed admirably against Lucan's forces today.

¶ Another three major warships were destroyed, and another critically damaged. However, fighter squadrons from the Antares Fleet and system defense took several losses, as well.

¶ The damaged ship, the cruiser Leonaffle, was boarded and seized. The prize crew has been instructed to return through the sector for possible repair of the ship and its return to duty in the service of Archduke Brzk. Ω

Date: 022-1118Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ The Emperor Dulinor has dismissed the reappearance of Strephon as the work of an imposter:

¶ "The man who routinely impersonated Strephon is now playing the part of his life."

¶ "Who would believe that a mere actor would have the audacity to think that we would believe he is the Emperor."

¶ "Now his claims insult the memory of our Strephon."

¶ "I loved our former Emperor; I was forced to kill him for reasons of state and the greatest good of the greatest number.

¶ "For this imposter to claim that he is Strephon is an insult to all of us!"

¶ In later comments, Emperor Dulinor denied that he has ever used a double to substitute at routine court functions. Ω

Date: 043-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Emperor Lucan has rejected the possibility that Strephon still lives.

¶ "We know that Strephon sometimes used a robot to impersonate himself at routine functions. And we know one of them is now missing.

¶ "Sources tell me that this thing that claims to be Strephon is, in reality, a robot. Heaven help us when his batteries run down!" Ω

Date: 051-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ A garbled xboat courier message, apparently damaged in transit, indicates that Vargr raiders have, through an act of barbarism, destroyed the outpost at Brytsee (Corridor 2710).

¶ Vargr corsairs in the Brytsee system attacked and seized the merchant liner Hyukt Moi with 78 persons aboard, demanding ship repair privileges, plus fuel and weaponry from the outpost.

¶ When refused, the Vargr commander went wild, set course for the Hyukt Moi, and sent the liner plunging into the outpost itself.

¶ Exact figures on casualties and damage are unknown. Apparently the Vargr attempted to disrupt xboat passage through the area, which does threaten communications with the Spinward Marches Sector. Ω

Date: 063-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Fleet Command has issued sector-by-sector requisitions to reinforce the Vengeance Fleet in a campaign against Dulinor.

¶ "We face severe curtailment in ship strength," said an unnamed spokesperson, "unless we can restructure our priorities, getting good ships out of the backwater areas and into the front lines." When questioned about reports saying Dulinor's fleets are somewhat better organized and prepared for battle, the spokesperson declined comment. Ω

Date: 074-1118Vland (Vland 1717)[edit]

¶ The latest recorded tirade by Oekhsos, the violently charismatic Vargr leader, arrived by special packet from beyond the Imperial border today.

¶ In addition to the standard anti-Imperial ranting and raving, the video included a sequence showing a human mission to assassinate Oekhsos. The clip details the mission's progress through the Knouksarrgh Ong complex on Lair (Provence 2402), and culminates in a violent attack on Oekhsos himself. In the climax, the human attackers are destroyed, and Oekhsos is unharmed and laughing uproariously.

¶ Although on-screen evidence indicates the mission was Vilani in origin, local officials denied that the assassination plot had any official sanction. Ω

Date: 077-1118Belumar (Empty Quarter 1838)[edit]

¶ Regrouped after its defeat at the Battle of Nulinad earlier this year, the forces of Lucan have converged for a coordinated attack against the fleet way stations at Belumar (Empty Quarter 1838).

¶ A liaison robot for the Admiralty suggested that Belumar's secret location must have been leaked to Lucan's agents, otherwise its out-of-the-way location would have protected it from such a well-planned assault. Ω

Date: 081-1118Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

Jeffery Long, formerly a reporter for the Phoenix Sun News organization, surfaced today from Solomani Security, following his internment by Imperial authorities nearly six years ago.

¶ Long claims that his work dealing with so-called hyperspace sickness drew him into a ring of high-tech Imperial research and, ultimately, to an Imperial jail cell, as well.

¶ "My findings will be published soon, I promise you," stated Long, as he was reunited with his family in Buenos Aires.

Date: 088-1118Belumar (Empty Quarter 1838)[edit]

¶ A relief force consisting of the 36th Fleet and 84th Fleets, with attached reserve squadrons, arrived today to engage Lucan's forces here.

¶ Lucan's fleet retreated with minor casualties, leaving behind the ground forces it had landed more than a week before.

¶ With assistance from close orbital bombardment, Belumarese defenders easily overcame the abandoned ground forces, who surrendered en masse before planet dawn.

¶ Though driven off, the loss of the way station facilities at Belumar to Lucan's fleet will be a serious setback to the league's ability to effectively defend its independence. Ω

Date: 092-1118Depot (Corridor 1511)[edit]

¶ "Continued rumors that Vargr corsairs are massing against facilities in Depot are not only annoying but are doing much to undermine the very real job of maintaining effective border patrols," says Commander Lynx Breneri of the Naval Information Office today.

¶ He also added that the notion of Vargr acting in any sort of large concerted effort is "ludicrous." Ω

Date: 093-1118Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

Solomani Security released today a communique stating that Jeffery Long, recently freed from Imperial prison, has been murdered.

¶ "The hotel room where Mr. Long and his family were staying on their vacation in Osaka was all but destroyed by a bomb. There were no survivors."

¶ Though several staff members of the hotel are under investigation, no charges are expected to be filed against them.

¶ "We cannot rule out the possibility that Imperial intelligence agents carried out this vicious crime against true humaniti - the technology of the bomb and its professional placement are very suspicious," stated an anonymous source in the local district attorney's office. Ω

Date: 102-1118Depot (Corridor 1511)[edit]

¶ A force of Vargr warships, estimated to be over 500 vessels strong, has entered the system today and begun its systematic hunt of merchant vessels.

¶ The three squadrons of the 255th Fleet left in the system were sent out against the Vargr, but were dispersed and destroyed by the encroaching Vargr.

¶ Evacuations from Depot itself had been announced, and then later canceled as the Vargr noose tightened around the planet.

¶ "With the Vargr animals in control of the approaches to Depot we have little choice but to maintain our control over the surface and await the imminent arrival of a relief force," assured Baron hault Grivven. The Naval Information Office has been in turmoil and unavailable for comment. Ω

Date: 103-1118Gushamad (Delphi 0438)[edit]

¶ A defecting noble and his family drew Margaret face-to-face with Lucan's powerful fleets, only to prove to the world the righteousness of her cause.

¶ Margaret, under advice of her high command, accepted a written plea for assistance from John, Marquis of Palanthir, a world in Old Expanses sector. A single squadron was dispatched months ago to rendezvous with the escaping Marquis and his family and provide them safe escort to Anaxias (Delphi 1724).

¶ On their return voyage, a hundred ship squadron of reservists under Lucan's control caught up to the defector and battle lines were drawn.

¶ In mid-battle, however, several of the reservist ships broke ranks and began firing on their former compatriots. More ships switched sides and drove the few loyal ships away. A total of 35 ships have joined the original 12 escorts and the support of Margaret. Ω

Date: 114-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Military atrocities on the part of Imperial forces were categorically denied by a fleet spokesman today.

¶ "The destruction of cities on three worlds in the Gushemege Sector has been investigated and has been attributed to enemy activity in the area. Several cities in that area were subjected to nuclear and chemical attack from orbiting ships during military clean up operations. Though the cause of the catastrophe is still in question, the fact that a million plus individuals have been killed in 'an unfortunate act of war.'" Ω

Date: 116-1118Kurae (Zarushagar 2806)[edit]

¶ Today saw the conclusion of the largest fleet action to date between Lucan's Vengeance Fleet and Dulinor's Ilelish Fleet, centered around the three worlds of the outer Kurae system.

¶ The week long see-saw conflict has left both sides severely weakened. The Vengeance Fleet claims to have inflicted over 100 losses on Dulinor. Ilelish Fleet boasts a similar number of enemy ships destroyed.

¶ In one incident of interest, patrols of both sides approaching an outer-system planet fought it out to the last two ships. Both ships, heavily damaged and unable to use their ship-to-ship weapons, managed to come into contact and commence boarding actions, leaving only 15 Ilelish crewmen alive on the wrecked hulks proclaiming their own victory.

¶ Both fleets have jumped out of the system to regroup.

¶ Salvage ships from a dozen nearby worlds have arrived to begin picking through the wreckage, careful to evade the few fighters left to secure the area against looting. Ω

Date: 123-1118Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ Emperor Dulinor today accepted pledges of allegiance and support from the fringe world in the Gushemege Sector.

¶ "Seeing the vast superiority of our fleets in action, and the truth that Lucan is as much an impostor as the so-called Strephon, fully 23 worlds have recently aligned with our cause. Their ships added to ours are gradually grinding the enemy away, and soon the ultimate end of resistance to my rule will be at hand." Ω

Date: 123-1118Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ From notes gathered from the wreckage of the hotel room where Jeffery Long and his family were murdered earlier this year, his publisher has produced and released a draft of his works entitled The Hyperspace Web.

¶ In it, Long's notes suggest that he was jailed by Imperial authorities when his investigative work into the problems and mysteries of hyperspace sickness was becoming uncomfortable to naval researchers.

¶ It states that the popularized research into the sickness was getting dangerously close to research facilities the Imperial Navy had working on breaking the jump-6 barrier. Ω

Date: 125-1118Catania (Solomani Rim 2618)[edit]

¶ The Battle of Catania has come to an end between forces of Lucan's Imperium and the Solomani.

¶ In the action 20 warships were destroyed on each side. The three-day battle was characterized by quick raids against enemy ships shrouded in the system's unique dust cloud formations.

¶ Both sides are proclaiming victory in the battle, although both have evacuated the system in search of reinforcements and repairs. Ω

Date: 128-1118Lode (Zarushagar 2908)[edit]

¶ A large portion of the 2nd and 4th Fleets was ambushed today as the fleets put in for frontier refueling at the large gas giant Muendor.

¶ Enemy ships, apparently hidden in their lairs for days or even weeks, came out of hiding and attacking when many of the refueling ships were at their most vulnerable.

¶ Dulinor's ships had apparently acted on a hunch, lying in wait in the extensive asteroid belt and Muendor's ice ring for the right moment to strike.

¶ Effective command by Fleet Admiral Nigel Rudel brought the high guard to bear against the assault, inflicting several critical blows with concentrated missile attacks against the larger vessels.

¶ Further thrusts by the rebels, however, did manage to get through to damage four vessels, one so badly that it had to be scuttled a few hours later.

¶ Despite this, Admiral Rudel will almost certainly be decorated for his valiant defense in an unpredictable situation. Ω

Date: 137-1118Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ Fearful of his alliance slipping in the border worlds between Cyril and Usdiki, where the false Strephon is gaining wide acceptance and the seal of legitimacy, Dulinor has for the past several months authorized reserve fleets to sortie into the area in a show of strength.

¶ Local worlds undecided or loyal to the false Strephon have bucked under these displays, sometimes fighting back with local squadrons.

¶ A war of attrition has begun in the area which is pitting out-of-date ships against each other in the absence of larger, state-sponsored, state-of-the-art fleets. Ω

Date: 143-1118Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶Several ships of the 40th Reserve Fleet have been fatally ambushed by system defense boats in the to-date neutral Shupin system.

¶ In a communique from that planet's High Kyefik the "huttmyen of the 17 tribes unite behind the true Emperor Strephon and accept his protection in the face of continued war among the holy stars."

¶ An ambassadorial party from Dulinor on Shupin was asked to depart with all haste before local custom forced the Kyefik to behead them all.

¶ The Shupin incident emphasizes the willingness of worlds, especially less sophisticated ones, to flock to the banner of the false Strephon, despite his tenuous claim to the throne. Ω

Date: 149-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Security troops today seized the family lands and assets of Duke Anthony of Guintaria, hustling the Duke and his family off to maximum-security facilities in the palace.

¶ Unofficial sources say the Duke is being accused of high treason, having divulged troop and fleet movement information to agents of Dulinor.

¶ In his position in the advisory commission to the admiralty, Anthony has had regular access to highly sensitive information, and if these rumors are true, the effect on the fleets in Zarushagar Sector could be devastating. Ω

Date: 150-1118Khandi (Dagudashaag 2119)[edit]

¶ An extensive pacification campaign against unprotected industrial worlds in the sector has been dealt several blows in the last week.

¶ Lucan's policy to replace hostile nobles and governments with military governors where possible is putting his ground forces to the test.

¶ Landings against seven worlds - Shankida (Dagudashaag 1321), Dashi (Dagudashaag 1723), Ispumer (Dagudashaag 1222), Medurma (Dagudashaag 2124), Dipa (Dagudashaag 2223), Ekhugush (Dagudashaag 1728), and Nimluin (Dagudashaag 0736) - have placed the rest of the fleet in a serious shortage of marines.

¶ "The pacification of these worlds is paramount to the successful completion of the fleet's mission and the eventual return of the sector to rightful Imperial administration," said a spokesman in answer to negative reports from the worlds themselves.

¶ It is reported that several divisions of marines which landed on Ekhugush haven't actually gotten off their island landing sites in the face of worldwide resistance to their presence.

¶ On Nimluin, the most distant world invaded, the first military governor was assassinated days after his arrival. A shaky state of martial law imposed on the planet is being maintained only in the three larger cities where Lucan's troops are garrisoned.

¶ The rest of the planet is mounting an effort to coordinate a war against the garrison, which some in the command structure fear will force a costly and embarrassing evacuation of the planet. Ω

Date: 159-1118Banasdan (Solomani Rim 2920)[edit]

¶ Several Solomani squadrons have been tracked and confronted by a large combined fleet of Lucan's Imperium.

¶ Elements of the Diaspora Fleet, supported by the 22nd Fleet and 22nd Reserve Fleet, plus a number of Vegan ships attached at the squadron level, were involved in the action.

¶ The Solomani were caught unprepared and were effectively surrounded.

¶ Their dispersal spelled their destruction. In all, 44 Solomani ships were destroyed and three captured.

¶ Unfortunately, a courier vessel with several Hiver diplomats and observers on the scene was destroyed in the battle. There were no survivors.

¶ The Naval Intelligence Office, operating out of the flagship Beatrice, stated that "despite proper identification and markings, all commonly used by both Solomani and Imperial vessels, the courier ship was wantonly attacked and destroyed by a vastly superior Solomani vessel.

¶ "We protest this action and apologize on behalf of the Solomani to the Hiver Federation at large." Ω

Date: 164-1118Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ Commerce raiding by renegade Imperial vessels continues to hamper efforts to rebuild the defenses of Terra and other vital war endeavors.

¶ Temporary Governor General Sequieros has stated that "Solomani plans to deal with the problem have thus far failed" and that "proper administration of the war on the front lines would have prevented this problem."

¶ In response to that statement, the Defense Department suggested that it is nearly impossible to stop commerce raiding altogether in times of war. Ω

Date: 166-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ In a sudden and rare move, the Palace announced a public execution, that of accused traitor Duke Anthony.

¶ The execution took place in the security block, and minimal coverage was allowed. Lucan then ordered the absolute destruction of Anthony's family estate and lands, carried out by the palace guards later in the day with plasma weapons fire.

¶ The duke's family has been deported and shamed, allowed to travel to a second family home which is located in Ilelish Sector. Inside sources claim that Lucan went into his rage when the panel he appointed personally was about to find the defendant not guilty. Ω

Date: 168-1118Ushra (Core 1016)[edit]

¶ The captured rebel vessel Delorian, escorted after being seized while commerce raiding in the coreward portion of the sector, was in starport for refueling and refitting when its captive crew staged a recapture of the ship.

¶ The prize crew was overcome by the captives still held on the ships during docking procedures at the starport. The ship's escort vessel, the Warren, was also taken by captives held on that ship.

¶ How the two events were so well coordinated is unknown - all of the prisoners were given thorough routine examinations prior to incarceration, according to a Naval spokesperson.

¶ Its weapons largely repaired by the prize crew, the rebel crew extorted provisions and fuel from the starport workers; then both vessels moved away from the world and out of the system with multiple hostages. Ω

Date: 175-1118Narquel (Diaspora 0709)[edit]

Black Ralph, the privateer who claims allegiance to Strephon himself, has made his greatest raid yet, gaining two valuable cargoes and two new ships.

¶ The popular hero is actually gaining momentum in the area in support for Strephon after two months of raiding which have taken him through three subsectors.

¶ Originally a captain in the 66th Fleet, Black Ralph fled the ranks with his single ship three months ago.

¶ This latest raid on shipping caught the merchant ships Ravenna and Rosetta with only two fighters for escort. Their cargoes were weapons and supplies intended for the Vengeance Fleet.

¶ Presently Black Ralph has a total of five ships and perhaps 300 loyal followers. Ω

Date: 177-1118Infrapolis (Antares 0632)[edit]

¶ Archduke Brzk's fleets have gained another major victory over Lucan's ships in this subsector over the last two weeks.

¶ Choosing mainly single ship operations, Lucan's squadrons were finally found in larger groups gathering for a thrust into the sector.

¶ Before they could all assemble, many of the formations were engaged and again dispersed over the course of the campaign.

¶ More than 30 enemy ships were destroyed in the operation - most of them in the Infrapolis system itself. Ω

Date: 180-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ It was reported today that Admiral Count Markron Morone will be placed on charges for misconduct once her squadron comes out of action along the Zarushagar Sector frontier.

¶ It is alleged that the Admiral placed her squadron in jeopardy by disobeying direct orders and attacking the elements of the rebel 102nd Fleet. The fleet was led by her personal enemy, Admiral Roberta Sword, with intentions of taking the world Iimii (Zarushagar 0715).

¶ In 1113, Sword humiliated Count Morone by winning the hand of her husband. Having remarried, the two make their home on Iimii, and Count Morone obviously had in mind some sort of personal revenge by abusing her position as admiral of an Imperial fleet. Ω

Date: 181-1118Phaln (Gushemege 3029)[edit]

Strephon, head of his own fleet, has made his first advances into Dulinor's domain with ships assembled from squadron elements which were retained in service with Lucan.

¶ The several-hundred-ship-strong fleet is bound for worlds which are seeking assistance against Dulinor and are willing to accept the fact that Strephon is still alive and is emperor.

¶ At a battle in the Phaln system, two of Dulinor's squadrons exchanged shots with Strephon's ships, causing minor damage on both sides.

¶ Whatever the outcome, this incident marks the beginning of a new scenario with a new contender for control of the Imperium. Ω

Date: 186-1118Tephany (Lishun 2719)[edit]

¶ The newly established Vargr governor has issued warrants for the arrest of thousands of nobles and agitators to the new regime.

Gtweng, who is in charge of the Vargr on Tephany (as best as can be ascertained), is a former world emperor deposed 30 years ago in Meshan Sector. He has a reputation for being ruthless and violent, although he has no particular hatred for humans.

¶ In the absence of a sector fleet, the Vargr have run rampant, pillaging the coreward half of the sector.

¶ Vargr cooperation in this takeover has been almost nonexistent, as might be expected from Vargr.

¶ Local reservist ships and system defense boats are still putting up resistance in the rimward areas, but the Vargr advance seems to have been halted by their own bickering - not by any concerted human effort to stop them. Ω

Date: 197-1118Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

¶ An emergency meeting was held today between Duke Craig and the Moot of High Lords to discuss the demands from Emperor Lucan.

¶ In a prepared statement, the Duke's press secretary said, "An unnaturally great strain is being placed on the sector to provide ships for fleets in distant wars. It is not the duty of loyal sectors to strip themselves bare in order to support Lucan, when other more pressing matters threaten our own borders."

¶ "The Duke, with the blessing of the Moot, has appealed to the Emperor to lessen the ship quota at this time." Ω

Date: 199-1118Durima (Corridor 1205)[edit]

¶ Local elements of the 58th and 56th Reserve Fleets today smashed disorganized Vargr corsairs.

¶ The Vargr refuelling and supply bases on a gas giant moon in the outer system were also located and destroyed, according to the Defense Coordination Office on Durima.

¶ "Unfortunately, a marine raid on the Vargr base prior to the bombardment failed to locate or procure valuable cargoes believed to have been stored there at one time."

¶ Examination of the wreckage indicates that the complex could accommodate no more than five Vargr ships at one time, and conditions were primitive. Ω

Date: 200-1118Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ The so-called Strephon's lack of front-line fighting craft has forced him to resort to extensive commerce raiding on the frontier between his core of worlds and Dulinor's.

¶ The slower, less sophisticated warships he has managed to lay a hold of are generally a poor match for front-line vessels; however, they can do considerable damage to unprotected cargo ships.

¶ The merchant community is crying out to Dulinor for assistance, but with nearly every available ship fighting in Zarushagar Sector there is little hope that Dulinor's help will come soon. Ω

Date: 202-1118Dachnis (Old Expanses 0114)[edit]

¶ In a surprise attack on Solomani fleets in the Dachnis system, Lucan's Old Expanses Fleet engaged and destroyed a considerable number of enemy ships.

¶ In all, some 70 major Solomani warships were destroyed, and considerable ground forces were captured or cut off from their fleet. Imperial losses totaled less than 20 ships.

¶ "With so much of their strength lost, the Solomani must retreat toward the rim and their homes," said Admiral Gytanyo for the fleet. "Dispersed and weakened, the Solomani cannot hope to hold off our ships, which can now move in to begin retaking worlds lost to the Solomani last year." Ω

Date: 210-1118Backman (Diaspora 2209)[edit]

¶ Privateer Black Ralph has successfully raided the orbital Imperial Naval Base at Backman, with support of rebels who had infiltrated the facility.

¶ The privateer's ships emerged from hyperspace dangerously close to the gravity well of Backman, deep within Imperial patrol perimeters.

¶ This bold stroke allowed him time to disable many of the base's facilities, seize three additional merchant ships docked there, and effectively limit the Imperial Navy's ability to deal with him later. Ω

Date: 210-1118Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Word has reached Core concerning the world of Alekvadin (Core 0811). According to reports, the world has been sacked by deep penetration raiders from Dulinor's fleets.

¶ The great riches of the ancient Vadin civilization, from the spired towers of Twunchel to the endless art treasures of the period, have all been seized by the piratical rebels, members of the 166th Fleet.

¶ The estimated worth of the treasures is in excess of MCr50,000.

¶ The raiders have escaped without a trace, and the dearth of ships in the area suggests that the capture of the raiders is quite unlikely. Ω

Date: 211-1118Libert (Diaspora 1109)[edit]

¶ Support for the Solomani cause and invasion in the Solomani Rim and rimward Diaspora sectors is apparently widespread, despite assurances from the nobility that this is not the case.

¶ Efforts on many worlds are being hampered by Solomani security elements, largely with public support.

¶ Pervasive unrest is apparent, and a large number of troops are being pulled out of the front lines in order to secure some rear areas.

¶ Particular trouble spots seem to be in Mudge (Solomani Rim 1710), Easter (Solomani Rim 1802), Frey (Diaspora 1133), and St. Denis (Diaspora 1630), where uprisings have seen considerable destruction of life and property. Ω

Date: 212-1118Dachnis (Old Expanses 0114)[edit]

¶ Today, a counterattack by Solomani raiders destroyed five patrol vessels of the Old Expanses Fleet.

¶ The Admiralty had no comment, but unofficial sources claim the attack was very well planned and executed on the part of the Solomani.

¶ They also denied that SolSec has penetrated the fleet at very high levels. Ω

Date: 214-1118Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

¶ Emissaries from Lucan arrived to begin a series of meetings with the Duke regarding the appeal of ship allocations from Daibei sector.

¶ After several hours of negotiations, which have been described by inside sources as "heated", the parties emerged with a universal "no comment."

¶ It is clear that the appeal has not yet reached the Emperor's ears, but has instead been intercepted and is being handled by more immediate diplomats on his behalf. Ω

Date: 217-1118Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

¶ After two days of negotiations with the Imperial emissaries, talks have completely broken down. The ambassadors have been given seven days to leave Warinir.

¶ In a video interview, the Duke said, "It is unlikely that we will be sending massive numbers of our own ships into the hinterlands any time soon.

¶ "We shall instead be looking out for our own interests, despite Lucan's trepidation over fleet strengths." Ω

Date: 223-1118Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

¶ Government offices are buzzing with activity, but they are reluctant to comment on what has become known as the Orvon Incident. Three patrol ships from the Daibei Fleet, apparently on routine maneuvers, were approached and fired upon by a squadron from the 239th Fleet, en route to the Solomani front.

¶ With sketchy facts, the naval Information Office is declining any comment on the incident, stating only that it must be some sort of terrible mistake.

¶ The Orvon Incident is already being portrayed in the press as a symptom of impending confrontation between the Imperium and Daibei sector. Ω

Date: 243-1118Anaxias (Delphi 1724)[edit]

¶ Fleets loyal to Lucan carried their war directly to Margaret's strong-hold of worlds, spearheading on a frontage three parsecs across into the area of Aarze (Massilia 0918) and Keum (Massilia 0815) in Massilia Sector.

¶ The 117th Fleet has done well to hold its own against the invaders, managing to blunt their assault and turn some enemy squadrons back toward their bases.

¶ Further penetration from Lucan's Imperium is unlikely, as reservist fleets have now come to bear. Nonetheless, the fighting is expected to continue in the region for many months to come. Ω

Date: 258-1118Liasdi (Zarushagar 0928)[edit]

¶ A report from fleet headquarters announced, "The brave warriors of the 166th Fleet have apparently all been lost in commerce raiding near Capital itself. Their short-term raiding on the enemy was no doubt fierce, and their long-term effect on enemy trade and commerce will greatly aid the war effort."

¶ Due to arrive back in Zarushagar sector more than a month ago, members of the fleet have been written off as casualties. Ω

Date: 260-1118Amdani (Daibei 2034)[edit]

¶ Division among naval officers of the Daibei Fleet over matters of future deployment erupted today in conflict.

¶ A squadron, ostensibly under the command of Admiral Byron, broke ranks during training maneuvers and headed for frontier refueling. The squadron was lead by Captain Kristian James, citing loyalty to the Imperium as his motive.

¶ The squadron made good on its promises, refueled in an orderly fashion, and jumped out of the system as a puzzled squadron of Daibei loyalists, unwilling to fire on its own, continued its training maneuvers. Ω

Date: 289-1118Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

¶ The Emperor's final denial of an appeal to retain ship strength in Daibei sector has sparked extreme sector patriotism and anti-Imperium sentiment.

¶ "The Treaty of Ftahalr guarantees us the right to maintain reasonable ship strengths," pointed out Lord Guinth, adviser to the Duke. The Duke has prepared a written response to Lucan, the essence of which has been made available to the press.

¶ The Independent Federation of Daibei is officially formed as of this day, to incorporate worlds and subsectors of the sector and additional territories in the Reaver's Deep sector.

¶ A pro-Imperial faction in the Moot of High Lords has been isolated and subjected to house arrest until the period of transition is completed.

¶ The Duke has assumed personal control over the new Federation until a more systematic government can be established.

¶ Rallies organized by the Duke's household have begun and are expected to dominate the Three Cities for the next several days. Ω

Date: 299-1118Narya (Daibei 1934)[edit]

¶ The 111th and 176th Fleets, previously attached to the Daibei Fleet, arrived collectively here today to hold the system for Imperial control. Narya has traditionally been a stronghold of Lucan's support in the rimward regions of the sector.

¶ Gaining popular support, ground troops have been landed, and defensive measures are being undertaken to fight off the inevitable retaliation from rebel worlds which have aligned themselves with the new independent Federation of Daibei. Ω

Date: 312-1118Narya (Daibei 1934)[edit]

¶ The lights of Daibei are lit up this day with close orbital fighting between forces loyal to Lucan and the recently arrived Daibei Fleet squadrons.

¶ A thorn in the side of the new federation, this battle is seen as a test of that union's strength and will to survive.

¶ Initial reports say that overwhelming strength is breaking down the system's defenses, and that ships loyal to Lucan are unable to continue the battle and have retreated out of the system. However, it is doubtful that the Daibei Fleet carries sufficient ground-attack elements to take the planet without a lengthy siege and bombardment. Ω

Date: 332-1118Disi (Zarushagar 2436)[edit]

¶ Vowing that vengeance will be had against the Daibei rebels, Lucan's Fleet - consisting mostly of the 259th Fleet, 6th Fleet, and 240th Reserve Fleets diverted from service against Dulinor - has finally reached and engaged its enemy.

¶ Daibei ships in the system put up a tenacious fight but were eventually forced to withdraw in the face of superior numbers.

¶ "Its not that we couldn't match them in quality of ships," said Ensign Louis Hutura, an officer on a patrol vessel. "Their equipment is substandard and out of date, but there's just so much of it!" Ω

Date: 344-1118Medurma (Dagudashaag 2124)[edit]

¶ The Admiralty today announced major gains against Dulinor's deep penetration raiders operating in both Core and Dagudashaag sectors. To date, merchant vessels totaling more than two million tons have been destroyed in the dangerous trade corridor between Medurma and the rimward edge of Lishun sector.

¶ Major portions of the enemy fleet are apparently turning back because of concerted drives against their supply and coordination bases over the last three months.

¶ In the face of crippling losses in major engagements against the Vengeance Fleet earlier this year, most of the commerce raiders are expected to sortie back toward their own lines. Ω

Date: 351-1118Narquel (Diaspora 0709)[edit]

¶ The Admiralty announced that a battle between elements of the Imperial Navy and the Solomani Confederation Navy had skirmished last month deep inside the Solomani Sphere.

¶ Capt. Tai Selene, from Far Trinity (Massilia 1025) reported that the enemy lost a cruiser and two Destroyers as well as a number of smaller ships, but refused to put a number to Navy losses. Ω

Date: 360-1118Phaln (Gushemege 3029)[edit]

¶ The Second Battle of Phaln has finally ended in a decisive victory for the forces of Strephon.

¶ Three of Lucan's fleets engaged an undetermined number of rebellious ships in the system beginning on 328-1118. The struggle for the system has taken more than a month since the first engagements.

¶ The battle was one characterized by smaller squadron actions rather than being a set piece contest.

¶ In the end, attrition forced Lucan's fleets to withdraw, after having lost nearly 100 vessels to the fanatical forces of Strephon. Reports on Strephon's losses are unavailable but are suspected to be less than half those of Lucan's fleets. &Omega

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