Belumar (world)

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Belumar/Udusis (Empty Quarter 1838)
Milieu 1116
StarportE Frontier - no facilities
Size6 Medium (9,600 km, 0.60g - 0.81g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
Hydrographics3 Wet World 30%
Population9 High (4 billion)
Government9 Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law6 Moderate Law (no firearms except shotguns)
Tech Level3 Pre-Industrial (basic science)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary K3 V
Worlds 10
Gas Giants 3
Planetoid Belts 1
Cultural Details
Government Impersonal bureaucracy
Law Level Moderate
Cultural Extension 8842
Army Size (BEs) 50000
Economic Details
Technology Level 3
Economic Extension
Labor8Moderate (400 million)
Infrastructure6 Limited
Importance Extension -1
Resource Units 2,240
GWP (BCr) 422
World Trade Number 3.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 130
Starport Details
Classification Class-E
Port Size 3
Building Capacity (Tons) 4,600,000
Port employees 5
Port passengers (annual) 0

Belumar has an comfortably breathable atmosphere. The system has a population between 1 and 10 billion sophonts. It is a member of Third Imperium in the Udusis Subsector of Empty Quarter Sector and in the Domain of Antares. Belumar, as a member world of the Third Imperium, holds the estate of an Imperial knight, a baronet, and the feifdom of a count. All three are members of the Imperial Nobility charged with overseeing the world.

Astrography and Planetology[edit]

Part of the Irash Cluster.

Monostellar System[edit]

Belumar Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

K3 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.672 3600 - 4500 0.216
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00654 0.03855 0.37 - 0.6 0.654 6.54
Orbit #  *  * 1 2 6

History and Background[edit]

Belumar, like many other systems within the Empty Quarter, has gone through a cycle or more of settlement, partial or complete collapse, and later resettlement. The current population dates from the first three centuries of the Imperial Era, and is primarily composed of American Indians. Unlike most of the American Indians within the Empty Quarter, this group is largely from the south-western region of the First American Republic, and includes a plurality of Mexican Indians and Mestizos. The world is a bread-basket: the population sometimes grows rich, and sometimes poor, depending on the demand for food. But regardless, it has no native industrial complex: such things are seen as too polluting, and fundamentally unnecessary: maximum profits for the world and her sophonts are gained by specialization in growing and trading foodstuffs.

  • Unfortunately, years ago the Imperium requisitioned the freighters that usually resupply the worlds’ mechanical and food processing equipment, as they were needed to shore up a failing war effort at the other side of Charted Space. The lack of resupply led to a slow degradation of the world’s ability to grow food. Now, Belumar is having difficulty even feeding herself, with the agricultural equipment and robots needed to tend to her continent-wide farms and plantations malfunctioning or going inoperative due to lack of proper maintenance. The withdrawal of the Imperial Navy has also hit Belumar harder than most: the pirates in the subsector are weak, but the world can no longer afford to pay for starmercs, and has no native space defensive capacity. Pirate raids on the world are now a weekly occurrence, and even many ordinary civilian starships are turning pirate, if only to pick up unprotected and abandoned equipment, just lying there in the field.

UWP Listing[edit]

UWP Changes (all dates are Imperial Calendar)

  • 993 - Belumar 1838 D663796-4 Ri 910 Im
  • 1105 - Belumar 1838 E663996-3 Hi 410 Im
  • 1125 - Belumar 1838 C663953-3 Hi 210 Li - Lucan's Imperium
  • 1201 - Belumar 1838 X66397C-4 Hi 510 Wi

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