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Traveller News Service 1119

TNS 1118

Date: 003-1119Tephany (Lishun 2719)[edit]

¶ The Vargr Gtweng has proclaimed himself emperor of Tephany after a bloody coup which decimated the military government of the planet. An armed contingent of loyal guardsmen, distinguished by their black capes and robes, penetrated every section of the capital city by night, making select assassinations and takeovers of communications/media centers.

¶ With the smoke of the street battles still in the air, Gtweng announced his intention to reunite this world and three other nearby worlds into a self- sufficient enclave. Gtweng cited as his reasons for the coup; the lack of coordination of Vargr activities in the sector, the unreliability of commerce in the region, and the threat of independent raiders both on the frontiers and around Tephany itself. Ω

Date: 010-1119Durima (Corridor 1205)[edit]

¶ Forces of the Archduke of Deneb and the Reestablished Vilani Empire have come to blows around Depot. Following joint exercises against Vargr fleets in the region, ships from either side exchanged shots during salvage operations. Which side delivered the first salvoes is not clear, but it is certain that further cooperation against the Vargr in this sector is unlikely, a fact which will no doubt hurt the Vilani-settled worlds there. Ω

Date: 012-1119Strouden (Spinward Marches 2327)[edit]

¶ The impressive entourage of ships accompanying Lakht Aorlakht, spiritual and military leader of the Aslan invasions, was received today in orbit around Station Five. He and his personal retinue disembarked at the station and took shuttle passage to the surface.

¶ Lakht Aorlakht arrived on Strouden in preparation for the summit meeting arranged between Archduke Norris and the Aslan; immediately prior to the summit expectations were running high that progress would be made.

¶ In the evening, Lakht Aorlakht met privately with Fleet Admiral Tranathiaf, personal envoy of the archduke, charged with containing Aslan expansion through negotiation.

¶ Their meeting lasted more than three hours, and was later described as heated. The three-day summit was cut short when Lakht Aorlakht stormed from the chambers and immediately shuttled back to his squadron.

¶ The admiral's office has no expectations of a future summit meeting anytime soon. Ω

Date: 013-1119Narquel (Diaspora 0709)[edit]

¶ The Theocratic Administrate of Narquel announced that a purge of the Panamica Orthodoxy had taken place.

¶ "Accommodationists have been cast down and the Church shall rise in shining glory throughout the sector and the Imperium!" said Hurget Guvillia, spokesman for the Administrate.

¶ Hardline fundamentalists have been complaining for several years that the church had not been doing enough to bring the light to the unbelieving masses. Ω

Date: 027-1119Daama (Vland 1904)[edit]

¶ A Vargr corsair known as Gvgh'k has claimed the title of First Lord of Daama. Reports indicate that he and his crew massacred the Lords during a meeting aboard their ship. He then married the daughter of late First Lord, by all accounts a well loved ruler, in a Vargr ceremony, forcing her to his bed in the palace. Gvgh'k may hope to cement his claim with a child via high tech recombinant techniques. Human-Vargr hybrids are extremely rare and generally mules and the process to create such a creature is very expensive.

¶ Daama has been suspected of harboring Vargr corsairs in the past, but no direct evidence of this has ever been found. Ω

Date: 100-1119Benankas (Hinterworlds 2524)[edit]

¶ In an official statement issued today by this independent Hinterworlds system, the Benankeen harshly denounced their Gniivi neighbors for support of piratical activities.

¶ Without being specific, the statement claims that Benankeen investigators have pinpointed Gniivi involvement in the theft of two of their vessels carrying valuable trade goods bound for the worlds of the Bruia Diagonal.

¶ The Gniivi ambassador expressed his regret and Gniivi innocence, offering the services of his offices to right this wrong and bring the truly guilty to justice.

¶ It is expected that the Gniivi ambassador will be recalled over this incident. Ω

Date: 101-1119Anaxias (Delphi 1724)[edit]

¶ With the bulk of her reserve fleets committed to holding off Lucan's advances into her territory, Margaret has mustered sufficient strength to mount an attack against the Solomani invaders to rimward in Old Expanses Sector.

¶ Concentrating the relatively fresh forces of her 145th, 137th, and 67th Fleets, Margaret has penetrated ten parsecs behind forward Solomani fleets, disrupting their lines of communication and supply, and has since spread out to cut off their retreat.

¶ Additional forces attacking out of Delphi Sector are squeezing pockets of Solomani ships out of the area, forcing many to disband into small, even single-ship, squadrons to attempt a breakout to rimward. Ω

Date: 117-1119Trin (Spinward Marches 3235)[edit]

¶ A daring raid by subjugated humans has resulted in the destruction of an Aslan cruiser in orbits around Dodds (Spinward Marches 2739).

¶ Three human ships which survived the raid arrived at Trin within the week, reporting immediately to naval authorities.

¶ The ships were the Valaderes, and the Veiled Dream, both Type S ships, and the Steaming Retreat, a Type K vessel.

¶ The Veiled Dream has been unofficially renamed the Ravager by her crew since the incident.

¶ These three ships and three others which did not survive the mission approached the Aslan cruiser Kholstesarl while in space dock at Dodds.

¶ Scoring hits with several laser turrets and at least five missiles, the Kholstesarl was racked by internal explosions which broke the vessel's back, according to the human crews.

¶ Intercepted Aslan communications support the claim that the Kholstesarl was indeed destroyed. Ω

Date: 123-1119Anubis (Hinterworlds 2005)[edit]

¶ The heart of the Anubian Trade Coalition is rumbling with the news of progress on the bargaining tables between it and representatives of Margaret's realm.

¶ The talks, organized by the coalition, were hoped to smooth over the Gimisapun Incident in which three of Margaret's merchant vessels, bound for the Two Thousand Worlds, were stopped, searched, and turned away by an Anubian patrol.

¶ The coalition has accepted full responsibility for the wrongs committed, and has compensated Margaret for any loss incurred.

¶ Future trade with Margaret, both with the Anubian Trade Coalition and through its worlds, will progress at an increased level.

¶ When asked whether or not this is a step toward siding with Margaret in the civil war, the ATC had no comment. Ω

Date: 125-1119Cyril (Reft 2738)[edit]

¶ Major offenses between the forces of Dulinor and Strephon have broken down into widespread, sporadic brawls between the shattered fleets.

¶ The attrition suffered in Gushemege Sector have been the most terrible so far, totalling thousands of vessels and more than a million casualties to both sides.

¶ With his stronger fleets beginning to give ground before Lucan's forces, it is unlikely that Dulinor will commit additional resources to the fight against Strephon; the fleets already there will be charged with holding off the imposter until the entire tide of conflict shifts back to his advantage. Ω

Date: 133-1119Gerdane (Hinterworlds 0407)[edit]

¶ Three asteroid mining vessels under the flag of Ral Ranta reportedly tangled with an independent Solomani destroyer in the Gerdane system.

¶ The three ships, hopelessly outgunned, offered only token resistance as they evaded the Solomani vessel through the asteroid field, jumping finally to the safety of the Sablass (Hinterworlds 0608) system two parsecs distant.

¶ Reviewing sensor data, representatives of Ral Ranta's armed forces have confirmed that the enemy ship was indeed of Solomani origin.

¶ Speculation is that Margaret's thrusts into Old Expanses sector are forcing Solomani vessels to break out in whatever direction they can. Ω

Date: 137-1119Kaggushus (Massilia 0402)[edit]

¶ Obviously committing the last of his reserve fleets, Dulinor pushed out of Zarushagar Sector through Massilia Sector, temporarily cutting the Imperium in half.

¶ Elements of Dulinor's 9th, 41st, and 278th fleets, among others, have cut a swath of systems 30 parsecs long and five parsecs deep, virtually bridging the gap between Dulinor's worlds and those of Margaret.

¶ The Admiralty issued a statement calling the attack a "desperate attempt to open a new front, diverting our resources from our drive toward Dlan."

¶ The statement also announced that the incursion would be routed out within a few months, but until that time the area is to be considered too dangerous for travel. Ω

Date: 139-1119Venad (Hinterworlds 0402)[edit]

¶ Margaret's admiralty today confirmed suspicions that her offensive into Old Expanses has been very successful to date, and that Solomani fleets are beginning to disperse in front of her advancing squadrons.

¶ The Admiralty also announced that their intelligence confirms that many Solomani vessels, independently and in small squadrons, are breaking through the Hinterworlds sector.

¶ Margaret is making a sector-wide appeal for assistance against the aggressor Solomani; bounties range from hundreds of credits to grants of nobility are being offered for information about or confirmed destruction of fleeing Solomani vessels.

¶ Venad's starport will be the official processing center for all claims concerning Solomani activities within the Hinterworlds sector. Ω

Date: 140-1119Akron (Hinterworlds 1315)[edit]

¶ The ruling council proudly opened its new orbital refueling and rest station, hoping to better serve its non-streamlined patron vessels. The facility, complete with refueling and maintenance stations, also boasts large shopping, hotel, and recreational areas, all gravity enhanced and of low cost.

¶ Though only loosely organized, the corporations and facilities of Akron are always trying to improve the image of their system, which has been one of outlandish prices and inconvenience. Ω

Date: 143-1119Robin (Spinward Marches 2637)[edit]

¶ Today a squadron of ihatei vessels descended upon and destroyed multiple human-operated bases within the extensive asteroid belts of Robin.

¶ The brutality of the raid left no facilities for ships intact, and all personnel were reportedly killed or taken prisoner.

¶ Though technically already within the Aslan sphere of influence in the sector, human belt mining operations had been conducted without Aslan interference for more than a year. Ω

Date: 149-1119Berange (Hinterworlds 0311)[edit]

¶ Three Solomani warships which entered the system four days ago have ended their reign of terror and destruction within the Berange system.

¶ The three ships have been identified as the Solomani cruisers Donetsk and Abidjan with the support of the light cruiser Baffin Bay. These ships were attached to Solomani fleets battling Margaret's forces in Old Expanses sector and are apparently breaking out through Hinterworlds in the face of stepped-up offenses out of Delphi.

¶ Upon entering the system, the three vessels destroyed several system defense boats around gas giant Ythhi and performed frontier refueling.

¶ Obviously well-informed as to the Berange system's industrial base, the ships then proceeded directly to Ryathian, Ythhi's third moon and home of Nummen Industries' system distribution point. After destroying communication stations, the Solomani vessels took the moon hostage for 37 hours, ravaging the facilities there for spare parts and other supplies. The vessels jumped out of the system before approaching Ral Ranthan ships could reach the besieged moon. Ω

Date: 153-1119Aki (Spinward Marches 2035)[edit]

Aslan forces have crushed a bloody rebellion among the warlike Kritin faction of the ruling houses of lords.

¶ The faction's forces, led by Tyrar McTavish Kritin, forced their way into the Aslan diplomatic compound, slaughtering several dozen ihatei governors and their retainers. The Kritin held the compound for five days, encouraging other acts of violence against the unwelcome Aslan overlords; sporadic outbreaks of unrest racked the entire planet during the long 87 hour night of Aki. With the help of Aslan marines, the Aorlakht recaptured the diplomatic compound, executing the Kritin captured there (including Tyrar) and brought the state of emergency under control.

¶ The unrest has, however, halted several expeditions of ihatei further into the remote regions of the world, and many have begun returning to the diplomatic compound seeking safety in numbers from a possibly dangerous subject population. Ω

Date: 162-1119Kaggushus (Massilia 0402)[edit]

¶ It was reported today that elements of the 160th and 200th Reserve Fleets engaged and destroyed a large force loyal to the pretender Strephon. In the engagement, an enemy flagship was obliterated by missile fire, and prisoners interrogation suggest that the impostor himself may have been among its casualties. The impostor's own propaganda suggests that he would personally lead his warships, much as the true Strephon often said he would in times of great struggle.

¶ The Admiralty will not confirm the death of the importer Strephon, but suggests that careful attention be paid to his followers in the wake of this incident. Ω

Date: 163-1119Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004)[edit]

¶ The rumored reorganization of Zhodani fleets has been further evidenced by a recent cut in the number of patrol vessels in the Esalin system.

¶ When questioned on the matter the representative of the Zhodani ambassador said, "A general reorganization of our fleet is in order, favoring newer, more powerful vessels. Older ships are being removed from active service, nothing more."

¶ Vice Admiral Thurougood, however, said the Zhodani are doing exactly the opposite, pulling modern ships out of the line and apparently replacing them with other ships. It is rumored that the Zhodani may be in the throes of an impending change of government, possibly violent, or putting down a rebellion against psionic rule. Ω

Date: 179-1119Iaasiv (Hinterworlds 2829)[edit]

Chorschuv, popular leader of Iaasiv's 33 billion inhabitants, announced today that he has completed a long-term pact with the Hiver Federation to build large cargo vessels to accommodate human passenger and freight service.

¶ The Hiver representatives have agreed to gradually increase the capacity of the shipyards from E to B, a process that should be completed in five years.

¶ Ships built at Iaasiv will generally be put into service along the Alike Run and the Bruia Diagonal, crewed by Iaasivans, and managed by Chorschuv for the Hiver owners. The boom to the system will probably lead to a gradual increase of local technology as well, according to the planetary accounting office.

¶ More than 500 large vessels, totaling more than 11 million tons, will be built to fill the Hiver order; the jump drives will not be built at Iaasiv, but will be obtained from the Hiver Federation. Ω

Date: 183-1119Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ In Lucan's first address to the citizenry as a whole in over a year, he expressed his expectations that the vast majority of the Imperium will be reunited under his banner within the next year.

¶ "Our fleets are advancing system by system toward Dlan as resistance crumbles before them. It should be within only a few months that Dulinor and his forces capitulate."

&paral The Emperor then went on to announce new negotiations with Margaret and communications with the Archduke of Deneb, suggesting that those fragments of the shattered Imperium might soon return to Lucan's fold.

¶ In his entire 45-minute-long address, the Emperor did not mention the pretender Strephon or the battles being fought along that front.

¶ The emperor appeared tired though resolute, using a newly found commanding tone in his speech which was broadcast live here on Capital. Ω

Date: 190-1119Esalin (Spinward Marches 1004)[edit]

¶ The Admiralty today released photographs of several Zhodani ships performing frontier refueling in the system just one week ago. The two ships in high guard position are shown quite clearly in the photos; they have suffered tremendous battle damage - entire sections of their hulls have been burned away and hastily patched.

¶ The other ships in the convoy were apparently of both military and nonmilitary origins, including freighters and passenger ships. The ships broadcast warnings not to interfere with their refueling, apparently aimed at both Imperial and Zhodani forces in the area - no Zhodani forces aided or interfered, though they had patrol ships in the vicinity to monitor the situation.

¶ Once refueled, the entire convoy retreated and jumped out of the system.

¶ There has been no official explanation given; speculation ranges widely and is largely unconfirmed. Ω

Date: 204-1119Gustavus (Hinterworlds 0739)[edit]

¶ The Gustavian League, a mining conglomerate with absolute ties to the Solomani Confederation, has gone on record as a safe haven for Solomani ships in the Hinterworlds that seek a friendly port.

¶ The league has begun putting beacons out in several systems to alert otherwise inaccessible Solomani vessels to this news, and it has spread the word through all official enclaves, as well.

¶ The response to Gustavus' new policy will be difficult to judge, since most vessels responding will be traveling silently through the sector on their way back to Solomani-held systems. Ω

Date: 212-1119Kaggushus (Massilia 0402)[edit]

Strephon's military commanders, faring poorly with their fleets against Lucan's forces, have turned to a mass propaganda campaign aimed at several fleets opposing them.

¶ Through every available means of broadcasting they have put out a plea from Strephon himself in which he insists that he is genuinely the emperor, and he opens his arms to any who will join him in his struggle against Lucan.

¶ There are no accurate numbers indicating Strephon's success, and there are certainly no mass conversions of fleets or ships to his cause. But the growing body of evidence that says Strephon lives must certainly be putting ideas into the heads of Lucan's officers and men, the very men Strephon must fight. Ω

Date: 238-1119Berange (Hinterworlds 0311)[edit]

¶ Authorities today announced the seizure of all assets and offices of Web Trade Industries in Berange Starport, the culmination of a month-long investigation of Web Trade's origins and trade practices.

¶ A small commercial firm until mid-year, Web Trade was bought out by hitherto unknown agents, after which the company enjoyed an influx of capital. It was at this time that the company began specializing in starship components.

¶ Though unconfirmed, a source close to the investigation indicates that Web Trade has been a front for Solomani raiders breaking out of the Imperium, probably those responsible for the attacks on Ryathian more than three months ago.

¶ It is likely that Solomani fleet agents bought Web Trade and secured legitimate component contracts with falsified identification and securities, according to our source.

¶ It is also likely, according to other sources, that, since Web Trade has been securing supplies in the Berange system, the Solomani fleet elements are probably in hiding nearby.

¶ Web Trade's assets and those personnel detained will be held indefinitely until the final investigation is complete and all the facts have been ascertained. Ω

TNS 1120

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