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Esalin/Jewell (Spinward Marches 1004)
Milieu 1116
StarportC Routine: No Construction, Major Repair, Unrefined fuel
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere6 Standard
Hydrographics5 Wet World 50%
Population6 Moderate (2 million)
Government7 Balkanization
Law3 Low Law (no automatic weapons)
Tech Level8 Pre-Stellar (superconductors)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary F3 V M2 V
Worlds 9
Gas Giants 3
Planetoid Belts 2
Cultural Details
Government Balkanization
Law Level Low
Cultural Extension 3625
Army Size (BEs) 20
Economic Details
Technology Level 8
Economic Extension
ResourcesDVery abundant
Labor5Moderate (200 thousand)
Infrastructure4 Very limited
Importance Extension 0
Resource Units 182
GWP (BCr) 7
World Trade Number 3.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 150
Starport Details
Classification Class-C
Port Size 3
Building Capacity (Tons) 2,000
Port employees 30
Port passengers (annual) 7,500

Esalin is a rich and agricultural production world with a shirt-sleeve atmosphere and a balance of available surface water. The system supports a population in the millions of sophonts, lacking the industrial base to be completely self-supporting. This world is designated an Amber Zone with an environment, laws, customs, life forms, or other conditions make it dangerous to visitors. It is a Human dominated Non-Aligned world in the Jewell Subsector of Spinward Marches Sector.

Astrography & Planetology[edit]

No information yet available.

Binary Solar System[edit]

Esalin Binary Star System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

F3 V

Primary Main Sequence 1.46 6500 - 7000 5.34
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.01414 0.19167 1.84 - 2.99 1.414 14.14
Orbit #  * 0 5 4 7
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

M2 V

Secondary Main Sequence 0.4258 2400 - 3300 0.027
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.0044 0.01358 0.13 - 0.21 0.44 4.4
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6

IISS GURPS Astrographics Survey[edit]

1004 Esalin (Imperial)

Starport: Class III.

Diameter: 4,723 miles (7,600 km).
Atmosphere: Standard oxygen-nitrogen.
Hydrographics: 40%.
Climate: Normal.
Population: 2,000,000 (800,000 Zhodani).
Government: Charismatic dictatorship.
Control Level: 1.
Tech Level: 8.
World Trade Number: 3.5.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The mainworld was originally settled by Imperial colonists in 835, but fell to Zhodani advances during the opening weeks of the Fourth Frontier War (1082-1084). When the armistice for the war was signed, it was agreed to allow joint Imperial-Zhodani administration of the world, and it was officially declared neutral in 1098.

Other Data[edit]

The government is balkanised, but there is a strong Union of Nations (EICON - Esalin International Council of Nations) with both a Zhodani and Imperial Adviser. The current President of EICON is Celta Frodis. Nations tend to align along either Zhodani or Imperial lines, with about 20% remaining neutral or so divided as to be effectively so. There are, in fact, two down-world starports: one, Denkeny Downport, run mainly by the Government of Ecaimar serves mostly Imperial shipping and the other, Valstivoock, run predominantly by the Government of Irasus serves mostly Zhodani shipping. Both ports are routine quality installations (Class C.)

While both ports must serve both the Imperial and Zhodani governments, and the ports are technically under the jurisdiction of EICON, the ports themselves are located an the territories of their respective governments, staffed by the peoples of the respective governments and security is provided by the respective governments except for a small corps answering to the EICON administration. These two governments are by far the largest on the planet both economically and militarily, with a combined GDP of over 70% of the planet's Gross Product and about 55% of the planet's population.

Ecaimar is government type 4 and Irasus is government type 3. Representation in EICON accords each government a number of votes based on population and GDP and at present there is no clear pro-Imperial or pro-Zhodani majority. A handfull of the smaller nations have become adept at trading favors from the two major powers in exchange for voting a particular way on given issues.

An earlier, little known, incident occurred on Esalin in 1106 (just prior to the fifth frontier war) a number of Guerilla Groups staged militant uprisings and attempted to form a one-world government based on a strong pro-Imperial (and anti-Zhodani) platform. The uprisings were quashed by the planet's military forces but there was considerable pressure on the then Imperial Sector Admiral Fenek Jennhoy to support the rebels and stage an invasion. Admiral Jennhoy refused to risk starting a war with the Zhodani and a number of high ranking Naval Officials were later dismissed over their involvement with the incident. There is suspicion that the later assassination of Admiral Jennhoy on Efate was a direct result of his refusal to support an invasion of Esalin, either by members of the Esalin Guerilla groups or even disgruntled members of Navy Intelligence.

Esalin's Imperial and Zhodani cultural enclaves were united under Regency military control in 1150. The world has a very visible psionic presence, albeit under heavy military supervision.

History-Era: Milieu 1116[edit]

The site of much fighting during the Fifth Frontier War, Esalin was re-conquered by the Imperials and the Zhodani government expelled (a substantial Zhodani citizenry remains). The system is now an Imperial Client State.

History-Era: New Era[edit]

Although now clearly Imperial territory, its previous status as a neutral meeting ground for Consulate-Imperial negotiations was too useful to abandon. Esain was maintained in a demilitarized status and its Zhodani citizens were not treated as conquered subjects but, in an experiment that would eventually pay handsome dividends for the Regency, were allowed to retain their lifestyles within "Zhodani Cultural Enclaves".

With the unanticipated warming of Zhodani-Domain relations during the pre-Collapse period, Esalin became an increasingly important conduit for communications between the neighboring powers until Norris formally moved these proceedings to Regina (Spinward Marches 1910).

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