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Homogeneity is an important component of the IISS Cultural Extension.

  • It is known as Heterogeneity in many later manuals and texts.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Homogeneity is a measure of the degree to which members of society hold common beliefs. Members of very homogeneous cultures are in strong agreement on the fundamentals of society (usually basic rights, religion, and methods of interaction). Members of non-homogeneous cultures hold many different beliefs on the fundamentals of society.

Cultural Benchmarks[edit]

The IISS Cultural Extension categorization system further divides cultural homogeneity based on the relative rigidity or lack thereof of any sophont society.

  • Monolithic: A society whose social fundamentals are extremely undifferentiated and rigidly inflexible.
  • Harmonious: A society whose social fundamentals are marked by a general agreement in feeling, attitude or action between all elements of said society.
  • Discordant: A society whose social fundamentals are an incongruous mixture of differing interpretations of proper social norms and interactions leading to societal variances and disagreements.
  • Fragmented: A society whose social fundamentals are broken into separate, distinct parts leading to extreme social disorganization and potential hostility between groups with-in the society.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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