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Traveller News Service 1117

TNS 1116

Date: 036-1117Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ Emperor Strephon has been assassinated in the Imperial Palace by Archduke Dulinor of Illelish on 132-1116. In a prepared statement, a spokesman for the Terran government has appealed for calm and for all citizens to citizens to mourn the loss of the Emperor. Ω

Date: 037-1117Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ In an almost immediate response to the announcement of Strephon's assassination, rioting and rebellion have broken out in key population centers around the world. Thought to be Solomani sponsored, this tremendous unrest has affected almost the entire population and has tied up all transportation and industry on Terra.

¶ Clashes between the occupation army and the rebels has been particularly fierce in India, where riot police have been unable to stop rioters from looting Vilani-owned homes and businesses. In India alone there have been over a hundred people killed.

¶ Curfews and restrictions on activities have been announced by the military governor for many population centers. Violators will have to deal with strict penalties, as the rights of the citizenry have been temporarily suspended in the face of this current crisis. Ω

Date: 067-1117Regina (Spinward Marches 1910)[edit]

¶ The Emperor Strephon was assassinated on 132-1116. His assassin, the Archduke Dulinor of Ilelish, fled the scene.

¶ The fighting during and after the assassination plot also took the lives of Empress Isolde, Grand Princess Iphegenia, and Prince Varian. Prince Lucan has ascended the Iridium Throne as the new Emperor.

¶ Duke Norris is en route to the Rhylanor Conference and was unavailable for comment. The ducal household expressed its deepest sympathy and has dispatched a special ceremonial convoy to Capital to pay last respects to Strephon and homage to Lucan. Ω

Date: 117-1117Home (Aldebaran 1009)[edit]

¶ The Committee for Information has announced the assassination of Emperor Strephon. His assassin, Archduke Dulinor, has fled, probably to his base of support in his home sector. Ω

Date: 120-1117Home (Aldebaran 1009)[edit]

¶ Subsequent reports from the Imperium, reporting considerable unrest and multiple claims to the throne, have met with considerable favor among officials here today. Quotes vary, but most sources consulted uniformly agree that what's bad for the Imperium is almost certainly good for the Solomani movement.

¶ Administrator Howard stated: "Our brothers who are still under the yokes of Imperial rule are calling out to us now. It is our obligation, indeed our moral imperative, to contact them and lend them support in this moment of opportunity, and bring us one step closer to the ultimate victory of the Solomani destiny."

¶ Rumors that large portions of the fleet have been placed on alert and are on the move have not been officially confirmed. Ω

Date: 125-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Archduke of Antares has refused to commit his sector fleet against Dulinor, despite direct orders from Lucan. (His excuse was to protect his domain from Vargr invaders in the Lishun Sector.). Rumors that the archduke has been negotiating with worlds outside the Imperium were neither confirmed nor denied by the Emperor's representative.

¶ Travellers are warned that the Antares Sector is a possible danger spot for the future. Ω

Date: 134-1117Kaasu (Corridor 1209)[edit]

¶ Border ships along the coreward frontier have reported a marked increase in Vargr raiding activity. Three border worlds and several dozen ships have had incidents with corsairs in the sector in the last month. Ω

Date: 150-1117Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ In a press release statement from the Naval Office on Terra, the Admiralty announced that three distinct Solomani fleets have crossed the border into the sector. The fleet is taking a defensive stance in response to this threat. It is certain that a state of war will be declared between the Third Imperium and the Solomani Confederation when this news reaches Capital.

¶ The first fleet has jumped from Krypton through Kidashi and is battling Imperial forces in the Albadawi Subsector. A second, more powerful, fleet is laying siege to Iilike in the Dingir Subsector. The final invasion fleet has occupied Scandia, Tawfik, and Melchior in the Arcturus Subsector. The Solomani Rim Fleet is reportedly on the move to counter these unprovoked advances by the Solomani.

¶ Though the threat of war is imminent along the Solomani frontier, people are encouraged to put their trust in the superior Imperial fleets which are already doing battle with the aggressors.

¶ In an attached statement, a state of martial law was invoked on the entire planet of Terra. Military authority under General Yoshtiru will be in effect until this current crisis is past. Ω

Date: 155-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ Emperor Lucan is at the head of the Core Fleet doing battle with the rebel squadrons of the outlaw Dulinor. Widespread fighting has been reported throughout the Dagudashaag Sector, but no large, decisive battles have been fought to date.

¶ Imperial forces have inflicted heavy losses on the rebel fleets. Ω

Date: 158-1117Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ After a brief battle and siege, Ember has fallen to the Solomani fleet which operated through the Arcturus Subsector. The Imperial forces there have retreated to reinforce both Prometheus and Terra against the advancing Solomani.

¶ Elsewhere in the sector, Solomani forces have been held in a large action at Munilgan, but their ships have begun to advance into the Gashidda system. Ω

Date: 165-1117Terra (Solomani Rim 1827)[edit]

¶ The combined Solomani fleet has overrun fleets from the Albadawi and Dingir Subsectors. Elements of both fleets are engaged in a large outer system battle at Dingir itself.

¶ Popular support for Solomani reclamation of the sector is becoming apparent in several systems. Increased incidences of rioting, protesting, and sabotage plague the war effort on Terra and other worlds. Ω

Date: 168-1117Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717)[edit]

¶ Solomani forces have bypassed Prometheus and have laid siege to Terra. Imperial space forces could not hold out against the Solomani drive and have retreated coreward toward the Vegan Autonomous District. The Vegans have sworn allegiance and support to the Emperor, and their ships are lining up with those of the Imperium to stop the Solomani.

¶ The Admiralty assures that with the Vegans as allies, the Solomani have no chance of reaching farther into the sector. A corridor to Core will be maintained. Ω

Date: 174-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Emperor's staff issued a statement that Vargr fleets, mostly independent but all acting in similar fashion, have overrun much of Lishun Sector. The Lishun Fleet is engaged in a deep penetration battle throughout the sector and is attempting to liberate or hold worlds against the Vargr hordes.

¶ Attempts by the Vargr to make similar moves against worlds in Antares Sector have been for the most part thwarted by effective use of the fleet there by the Archduke of Antares. Ω

Date: 180-1117Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717)[edit]

¶ The Admiralty announced a great naval victory for Imperial ships in the Dingir system. After a prolonged outer system battle which lasted for over two weeks, Solomani forces have been routed out of the system. A reinforcing fleet of both Imperial and Vegan ships is reportedly on the way to strengthen the Dingir garrison and help secure the vital communications route on which it lies.

¶ In an accompanying statement, it was announced that a messenger ship had successfully eluded the Solomani blockade around Terra. According to the messenger ship, a landing attempt was thwarted more than a week ago, but losses on both sides were terribly high.

¶ General Yoshtiru has apparently died in a bombing campaign across central Asia. Ω

Date: 184-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Emperor's Vengeance Fleet has performed excellently in the Zarushagar Sector. When forced into a set battle in the Khipge (Zarushagar 0914) system, the rebel fleets were reportedly absolutely defeated.

¶ Though the rebel ships are reportedly still on the loose in the sector, the Emperor is reportedly on the advance toward Ilelish and his quarry, Dulinor. Ω

Date: 187-1117Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ The office of Fleet Admiral Hutara released an official statement today. In it the Admiral announced that rebel forces in the Zarushagar Sector have been successfully thwarted by a calculated campaign of military and commerce raiding by the glorious Loyal Fleet.

¶ The campaign to retake Capital and the Iridium Throne for the true Emperor is in full swing.

¶ Emperor Dulinor praised Admiral Hutara's success in a public announcement from his palace. He also announced plans to move his seat of power to Capital once it has been taken, but said Dlan and Ilelish sector would remain the center of the popular support and culture in the new empire. Ω

Date: 193-1117Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717)[edit]

¶ Renewed fighting between Imperial and Solomani forces is reported in both Zaggisi (Solomani Rim 1523) and Lagash (Solomani Rim 2121). The Solomani fleets have apparently been heavily reinforced from the Confederation interior - so much so that unofficial sources admit the Imperial fleet is stretched very thin trying to cover all possible attacks from the numerous Solomani battle formations. Ω

Date: 204-1117Usdiki (Gushemege 2224)[edit]

¶ The Emperor Strephon stepped onto the balcony of his vacation palace here and was greeted by a thunderous response which cut short his prepared remarks.

¶ "Strephon Lives!"

¶ Statements by Strephon's aides indicated that Dulinor's assassination attack killed a double who routinely filled in for Strephon at routine functions. Strephon himself was safely and secretly en route to the Imperial Depot in Core Sector. When news of the assassination attempt reached Strephon, he proceeded to Gushemege and the relative safety of the vacation palace.

¶ Strephon's closing remarks called for the Imperium to rally to his banner and bring the rebellion to an end. Ω

Date: 221-1117Depot (Corridor 1511)[edit]

¶ The naval command of the Corridor Fleet announced the arrival of Emperor Lucan's Transfer Order.

¶ To help save the Imperium from the rebel Dulinor, the announcement said, Corridor Fleet is to transfer to Zarushagar Sector within a month.

¶ Local authorities expressed confidence that sufficient assets would remain in Corridor sector to defend the region against Vargr raids.

Date: 224-1117Hindahl (Old Expanses 1422)[edit]

¶ Sector naval headquarters announced the transfer of the Old Expanses Fleet to Zarushagar for operations against the usurper, Dulinor. The brief announcement from headquarters indicated that all the first line fleets would be transferred within 60 days.

¶ "The defense of the sector lies in the capable hands of our reserve squadrons," Sector Admiral Hinchcliffe said at the press conference which revealed the arrival of the Transfer Order from Emperor Lucan. Ω

Date: 225-1117Regina (Spinward Marches 1910)[edit]

¶ Archduke Norris returned to Regina (Spinward Marches 1910) unexpectedly and called an emergency news conference. He brought the dismal news that Vargr raiders have invaded the Corridor Sector and effectively cut the Marches off from the rest of the Imperium. As Archduke of the Domain of Deneb, Norris stated that he remains loyal to the Imperium. He has assumed control of his Domain in its name until the present crisis has passed. Ω

Date: 242-1117Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717)[edit]

¶ Unconfirmed reports indicate that Solomani forces have gained a foothold on the surface of Terra (Solomani Rim 1827). They have reportedly landed a significant ground force on the Australian continent and are beginning the systematic destruction of Imperial resistance elsewhere. The same unnamed source from within the Admiralty suggested that the Solomani are meeting with widespread support from the population of Terra, and the future of the Home Guard there is bleak. Ω

Date: 242-1117Depot (Corridor 1511)[edit]

¶ The assembled Corridor Fleet departed on its voyage to Zarushagar sector today, leaving defense of the sector to a scattering of reserve squadrons.

¶ Extensive plans for continued border patrols and preemptive operations "virtually guarantee" the security of the sector, according to a highly placed naval official.

¶ The Transfer order reached Corridor on 221-1117. Corridor Fleet, vastly over strength for the territory it patrolled, was staffed by personnel from throughout the Imperium.

¶ Its mission, one it had performed for centuries, was to protect the passage through Corridor of Imperial commerce and communications.

¶ Although abandoning the mission was difficult, the strength of an Imperial order and the crisis facing the Imperium made the Fleet's crews anxious to comply. Ω

Date: 252-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ In a surprise announcement, it has been reported that the Daibei Fleet has been activated and is on the move out of its home sector. Its forces will be put to use fighting either the rebels or the Solomani, but their exact destination is unknown. Reaction from the local nobility will certainly be negative. Ω

Date: 257-1117Antares (Antares 2421)[edit]

¶ The Archduke of Antares renounced his oath of loyalty to the Emperor. In his words, the ascension to the throne by young Lucan was, at best, questionable, and since the true heir to the throne is in dispute, the Archduke is assuming control of his domain in the name of Emperor Strephon until an acceptable solution is reached.

¶ The Archduke detailed the pact he had signed with the Julian Protectorate, incorporating the worlds of Antares and Empty Quarter Sectors with the worlds of Mendan and Amdukan Sectors.

¶ The Archduke also announced he would use the forces at his disposal to make this secession succeed. Considering both the Archduke's isolationist policies of the last several months and the other pressing issues in the Imperium, it is doubtful that any move will be made soon to force Antares back into the Imperial fold. Ω

Date: 268-1117Muan Gwi (Solomani Rim 1717)[edit]

¶ Reports from the Sol Subsector indicate that heavy fighting continues on Terra, despite efforts by local governments to maintain order.

¶ Imperial troops in Europe and North America have been placed on war status.

¶ Travellers from the region report sizeable defections from Imperial troop units by racial Solomani declaring for the Confederation. Ω

Date: 271-1117Regina (Solomani Rim 1910)[edit]

¶ Archduke Norris has placed Imperial forces within the Domain of Deneb at condition 3 - standby alert.

¶ Fleet reserves are being assembled and orientation training begins immediately.

Trance Kelopt, a defense analyst retained by the Traveller News Service, recently evaluated the situation: "Norris's Naval Intelligence background makes him extremely sensitive to recent developments, and he naturally wants to take preventive measures. Although the fleet reserve mobilization sites have not been announced, I still expect that there will be three major concentrations.

¶ "First, forces must muster at Regina (and I mean within, say, ten parsecs of Regina) to protect the Archduke's capital and react to a possible Zhodani thrust.

¶ "Second, forces will assemble at Mora (Spinward Marches 3124) as a reaction force against Aslan movements. The entire rimward flank of the Domain is vulnerable to Aslan ihatei fleets, and they are extremely difficult to stop once they get moving.

¶ "Third, there has to be a fleet mobilization around the Depot (Deneb 1613) in Deneb Sector. Vargr raiders dart back and forth across the border even in the best of times, and at any sign of weakness, we can expect major Vargr raids.

¶ "The region which includes the Border Worlds and the Darrian Confederation is reasonably secure. If Norris has to ignore any part of the Domain, that's probably the place to slight.

¶ "Finally, and not mentioned in the official press releases, I believe that Norris will be forced to create a central reaction fleet that can race from trouble spot to trouble spot putting out fires." Ω

Date: 280-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Ninth Sept of Capital, 400 kilometers northwest of the Imperial Palace, was swept by fire and looting in the wake of continued rioting and civil disorder.

¶ Imperial enforcers, backed by marines and jump troops, have retaken the major communications facilities and government centers.

¶ Imperial military affairs announcements and reactions implied that the Ninth Sept Rising was directly instigated by Dulinor and his followers.

¶ More recent reports make it clear that the insurgents were dissatisfied because government subsistence payments had been curtailed. Ω

Date: 288-1117Dlan (Ilelish 1021)[edit]

¶ Dulinor is now traveling to the New Palace following the recent victory of the Loyal Fleet over Lucan's forces in Dagudashaag Sector.

¶ "I leave the fleet in capable hands," Dulinor said as he addressed an assembly which included officers from every ship in the fleet. "My brother knows my every wish."

¶ The present location of the Loyal Fleet is unknown. Ω

Date: 297-1117Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

¶ The Vengeance Fleet has intercepted and destroyed the screening elements of Dulinor's so-called Loyal Fleet, forcing it to withdraw, and paving the way for continued penetrations into rebel territory by Imperial forces.

¶ The Vengeance Fleet suffered only minor losses in the engagement. It will press its penetration toward Dlan (Ilelish 1021) after a period of refit at the Imperial Depot in Dagudashaag Sector. Ω

Date: 301-1117Imaparlu (Gushemege 1616)[edit]

¶ The Efont of Imaparlu, exercising his authority as Supreme Civil Leader of the planet, announced his unswerving allegiance to Strephon and to the Imperium.

¶ The move took supporters of both Dulinor and Lucan by surprise as pre-dawn round-ups by the police moved known agitators to holding camps.

¶ The general population, accustomed to direct leadership by the Efont, appeared to accept and support his decision. Ω

Date: 318-1117Depot (Corridor 1511)[edit]

¶ Reports of a strong Vargr raid on Khukish (Corridor 1606) last week were dismissed by naval authorities at Depot as exaggerated.

¶ "We constantly receive reports of Vargr raids, and they always turn out to be isolated incidents of little importance. The Vargr would never dare a major operation into this sector," according to Commander Lynx Breneri of the Naval Information Office. Ω

Date: 320-1117Khukish (Corridor 1606)[edit]

¶ Khukish Naval Command announced the withdrawal of the Khukish 984th Naval Reserve Squadron from border patrol duty.

¶ "After last week, it is clear that the 984th is more urgently needed in defense of the home system," according to Admiral Dwayne Fomish of the System Tactical Developments Command on Khukish.

¶ Several neighboring systems are considering similar moves.

¶ When the local coordination officer for the Imperial Navy protested the withdrawal, he was placed under house arrest. It is reported that the officer fled the Khukish system later in the day. Ω

Date: 341-1117Amdani (Daibei 2014)[edit]

¶ Imperial forces retreating ahead of the advancing Solomani Fleet made a stand this week at Laudumash (Daibei 1711) and Amdani (Daibei 2014), and fought the Solomani to a stand- still. A naval spokesperson expressed a feeling of confidence that the invaders would be forced from Daibei Sector by the end of the year. Ω

Date: 350-1117Hindahl (Old Expanses 1422)[edit]

¶ In the face of continued Solomani fleet actions, a rise in Solomani political activity in the sector, and a lack of defenses for the region, a coalition of Dukes within the Old Expanses announced the voluntary incorporation of the sector into the Solomani Confederation.

¶ A spokesperson indicated that the Confederation had made certain guarantees to the region, and that no immediate changes in local government were contemplated. Ω

TNS 1118

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