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The T5 Second Survey is a fan working group that discusses and finds solutions for the many conflicts and challenges in improving Traveller OTU Astrography.

Long rumored, finally arrived, this project is a ongoing overhaul and clean up of the world and stellar data published for the Official Traveller Universe (OTU). The problem has been that in some cases, multiple versions of various data exists, some of which is incompatible with previous publications. The goal is to establish one baseline of data managed by FFE and available to referees, players and licensees. Eventually, there will be sets of data for sectors across the official Milieux,

The T5 Development Team (Marc Miller, Robert Eaglestone and Don McKinney) all worked on various parts of this effort. The early work was done by Rob with Dan "Far Trader" Burns, gathering details, supplying and filling in gaps, then Don (with the help of Andrew Ford and Roger Howe, aka "the Australian Specialists") picked up and continued working on the sectors within the Imperium, which was then reviewed by Marc and used for the rewards for the T5 Kickstarter. Since 2009, most Mongoose Traveller OTU books have been produced using the data from this project.

As of April 2013, this project has all of the sectors with at least two Imperial worlds largely second-draft completed (some details, for example, owning worlds for some captive governments remain undetermined, and smoothing out inconsistencies in the stellar data). Additionally, Ziafrplians Sector and Gvurrdon Sector have been done as part of the effort to supply baseline data for Mongoose Traveller projects. Current effort is focusing on remaining published sectors from legacy Traveller products set in the OTU, as well as requests from licensees for future efforts.

Sectors in this category have been updated as part of the T5 Second Survey, and the data files in the wiki updated.


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