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2nd Experimental (Gizmos and Black Smoke):[edit]

Main Article: 2nd (Experimental) Fleet
T&E fleet that operates the Spinward Defense Complex in Gulf/Deneb. Headquartered at Saguenay/Gulf.

11th Communications (Smoke Signals):[edit]

Main Article: 11th (Communications) Fleet
Diplomatic communication fleet. The 11th controls all diplomatic and military couriers that operate within Zhodani, Vargr, Aslan or Non-Aligned space. Headquartered at Iderati/Five Sisters.

12th Communications (Corvine Shadow):[edit]

Main Article: 12th (Communications) Fleet
Spinward Marches communication fleet. Headquartered at Strouden/Lunion. Its AOR overlaps with the 319th.

18th (The Great Wall):[edit]

Main Article: 18th Fleet
Lanth/Spinward Marches. Unlike most of the Regency's fleets, the 18th is content with its job of manning and defending interior communication and infrastructure. Lanth has always been an important crossroads subsector, and the 18th primary mission is defensive patrols and maintenance of supply depots and naval bases needed to move reserves to trouble spots on the frontier. Because of the challenge of operating in the Abyss, nearly all of the fleets ships have a minimum of jump 3. Many of the ships operated by Reft frontier fleets are used by the 18th exclusively at the expense of heavier but shorter ranged battleships.

19th (Tsunami):[edit]

Main Article: 19th Fleet
Vestus/Reft. This fleet is heavily involved in frontline military operations against Virus. Because of its access to TL-15 and 16 material coming out of Lintl's factories, the fleet often tries out new military hardware on forays into the Great Rift or the Wilds. The Tsunami gets its name from the sheer heaviness of its units; while most Regency fleets have doubled in size since the Collapse, the 19th has an unprecedented 20 BatRons in unmixed squadrons, as opposed to the more common mixed LineRons, the current norm for the Regency Navy. The reason for this heavy makeup has never been explained, though a large number of heavy capital units pass quickly to other fleets, so it may be a primary training and shakeout facility. Given the fleets close proximity to the Spinward Defense Complex, this seems likely.

23rd (Axemen):[edit]

Main Article: 23rd Fleet
Rhylanor/Spinward Marches. The Rhylanor subsector fleet received its moniker during the Fifth Frontier War for its actions in helping cut off the main Zhodani salient. Like most interior fleets, the 23rd is largely defensive in equipment and tactics, though in this case it has a large number of vital industrial worlds in its area of responsibility. Because of its fame and prestige, and the generous outpouring of material from Rhylanor itself, the fleet is almost never wanting in terms of material and supplies. Compared to most naval fleets, the Axemen are mostly composed to lighter LinRons, preferring to concentrate their battleships in unmixed BatRons near high population worlds, a result of several Viral near misses in the past.

43rd (Fulcrum):[edit]

Main Article: 43rd Fleet
Lunion/Spinward Marches. The "Hub" fleet of the Regency has a mission similiar to the 18ths, made more critical by its protection of the crucial shipyards and supply resource worlds of Lunion and Strouden. In Antebellum times the Fulcrum received first pick of brand new warships, but now most of the local naval consignments go to Frontier fleets, and it must make do with lovingly maintained hand-me-downs. Besides defense, the fleet backstops the 151st, and maintains surveillance against Sword Worlder guerillas and smugglers.

55th (Roughriders):[edit]

Main Article: 55th Fleet
Deneb Swing. The 55th is most famous for its timely arrival in Pretoria Subsector during the Battle of Ashes. Its forces reinforced the overstretched 194th and 61st fleets in their battle against invading forces of the Assemblage of 1116, and the combined force crushed the invaders decisively. The ragged, improvised manner in which the 55th made its way to the battlefront, and the expert way it regrouped and turned out for battle, earned it its name.

61st (Ericsson's Rocs):[edit]

Main Article: 61st Fleet
RQD3. Headquartered at Uramid/Antra. Fleet name comes from its early Collapse period commander, Admiral Arabella von Ericsson, a Fifth Frontier War veteran and hero. Ericson commanded a starmerc organization of the same name during the Civil War period, that was inducted into the 61st and became a nucleus of resistance against Virus intrusion from the Vargr Extents. The fleet's length of continous service is one of the longest in the Regency, having faced Vargr during the entire Civil War period, and then fighting a mixture of Vargr corsairs and Vampire Fleets during the Dreamtime. And because of the variety of enemies it has had to face, its casualty rate is the highest in the Regency Navy.

73rd (Regent's Guard):[edit]

Main Article: 73rd Fleet
Mora/Spinward Marches. The storied 73rd Fleet protects Mora and the Regency government. It is often considered to be the last line of defense in case of a Viral breakthrough on the Frontier. It is not the most elite of all the fleets however, as the Frontier gets first pick on promising personnel. The Guard is at most above average, though it gets first pick of new TL-16 ships and material, and is a showcase for Regency military technology. The fleet is more sedentary, spending much of its time in fixed positions as sentries over Mora and the other high population worlds of the subsector.

74th (Nightriders):[edit]

Main Article: 74th Fleet
RQD 5 and Macon/Reft. Heavily engaged in fighting Vampires that cross the Rift from trailing Reft Sector, or from Corridor. Like most frontier fleets, the Riders have more squadrons than the norm, but the problems of operations in the Rift means less emphasis is placed on heavy capitol ships. Most emphasis is placed on slower high jump vessels like the Anchorage, Black Prince and Kishikhaniir class cruisers than fast battleships, as well as battle riders on smaller tenders.

77th (Lucky Dice):[edit]

Main Article: 77th (Training) Fleet
Trojan Reach/Reft Training Fleet. Headquartered at Peridot/Gazulin.

88th (Eight Ball):[edit]

Main Article: 88th Fleet
Spinward Marches Swing. The Spinward Marches Swing Fleet is based in Lanth Subsector, but its past deployments have mostly carried it into the Midway to back up fleets summoned to fight Vampire incursions. Recently a couple of lighter LinRons have been deployed to the Zhodani interface to assist in refugee relief, and several more squadrons have been put on alert for future deployment. The fleets name reflects the dreary assignments it has received since the Collapse, as its interior position and the relative calm of the spinward border since 1132 has prevented it from seeing much action.

99th (Aledon's Aerie):[edit]

Main Article: 99th Fleet
Spinward Marches Training. The Aerie maintains its headquarters at Mora/Mora, and has training facilities scattered around the Marches.

100th (Centurions):[edit]

Main Article: 100th Fleet
Glisten/Spinward Marches. The Centurions have a short history, only dating back to the halcyon final months of the Fifth Frontier War. A heavy Aslan presence in Glisten, and the existence of several human insurgencies on fait accompli worlds challenges its credibility and obedience on a daily basis. Diplomacy is stressed over aggressive military response, an attitude that grates upon personnel still smarting over the bloody suppression of the Thinrim Riots in the 1160s. Tensions with the Aslan have risen in recent years, and personnel turnover is among the heaviest in the Regency Navy. As compensation, the 100th receives first pick of TL-16 material coming out of naval yards not only on Glisten, but Lunion and Strouden as well, though this may backfire against the Aslan should hostilities erupt as many analysts fear.

125th (Karmic Yeomanry):[edit]

Main Article: 125th Fleet
Namidshur/Deneb. The 125th backs up the 183rd in the Frontier, and its forces have been called upon many times to assist their neighbors in fighting Vampire incursions. Namidshur was a largely backwater subsector prior to the Civil War and Virus, and its infrastructure and local institutions were less than able in absorbing large numbers of Human and Vargr refugees. The 125th has played a major role in providing shelter and security for both refugees and their adopted homeworlds, creating a strong bond between local civilian communities and the fleets personnel. In return for this strong support, 125th units are often fanatical in their defense of local worlds against Pirates and Vampire Ships.

128th (Ancient Mariners):[edit]

Main Article: 128th Fleet
RQD 5A and Usher/Reft. Defending Usher subsector and the vast region of RQD 5A, it has been the 128th's lot to defend against most Vampire incursions into the Rift, and at the same time maintain the peace within the Islands. Like the 74th, the 128th is a larger but lighter squadron. Most of its ships are craft like the Kishikhaniir Rift Cruiser (CJ-15) which sacrifice acceleration for long endurance. Most of the fleet's units are centered in the Islands, and its personnel have generally better relations with the locals than the local RQS cadres. Where the Rocks are concerned with defending the Regency safe against Islander perfidy, the Islands are the main responsibility of the Ancient Mariners, and they are less judgemental of their charges.

151st (The Old Ironclads):[edit]

Main Article: 151st Fleet
Sword World/Spinward Marches. Originally stationed in Atsah/Deneb, prior to the Abandonment. Long combat experience against Vargr raiders, and dealing with the refugee crisis when the Regency abandoned trailing Deneb gave the fleet considerable experience in either non-traditional and low intensity combat roles, experience it has put into good use since moving to the Sword Worlds. Heavy squadrons are of little use against guerillas, so most of the Old Ironclads ships are less than 20,000 tons displacement. It does retain three modern BatRons at Sacnoth and Gram to deter conventional attacks by the remaining independent Sword Worlds. While Sword Worlders in naval service are not as uncommon a sight as one might think, few Sword Worlders are permitted to serve in this fleet, mostly to deter infiltration and to protect Pro-Regency personnel from reprisals for collaborating.

154th (Spectral Fire):[edit]

Main Article: 154th Fleet
Usani/Deneb. The 154th Fleet and its personnel has had a love-hate relationship with Deneb's religious government. The 154th incorporates the "Burning Man" of Avernus into its official insignia, imagery that the Willies claim to be sacreligious and offensive. And the fleet has had several run-ins with the Flower of the One, the fundamentalist military arm of To Will One Thing, who seem to be unnecessarily activist in helping to defend the Frontier, especially those worlds with active missionary ministries. The 154th is second only to its neighbor the 183rd in the number of battles and engagements fought against Virus. This is quite a change from its prewar role as a transport and logistics support for the Marches, and it is now considered to be an cherry posting.

173rd Communications (Heartbreakers):[edit]

Main Article: 173rd (Communications) Fleet
Trojan Reach/Reft communication fleet. Originally headquartered at Trin/Trin's Shroud, it brought the first notification of the destruction of that world to the rest of the Regency.

183rd (Gatekeepers):[edit]

Main Article: 183rd Fleet
RQD4. No other fleet had seen as much action or combat than the 183rd. With a wide area of responsibility facing the main body of the former Imperium and much of the Vargr Extents, the fleet is subjected to frequent Vampire incursions. At the peak of the Quarantine War, fleet units were averaging two or three battles a week against against ships ranging from errant small craft to infected former Imperial Dreadnoughts. By 1200, battles might occur once or twice a year for most line units, but the fleet remained a cherry posting for ambitious and aggressive naval personnel. Demand for Frontier duty was high enough normally, but the 183rd's G-4 office only had enough billets for about 1 out of every 10 applications it received, and its selectivity made the fleet one of the most skilled and elite in the Regency.

184th (Denebian Highlanders):[edit]

Main Article: 184th Fleet
Plankwell/Spinward Marches. The Highlanders were once the smallest of the Domain of Deneb's fleets. Assigned to nearly empty Kamlar and Vast Havens subsectors in Deneb, it was mostly a punishment posting for recalcitrant naval personnel. The Abandonment caused major changes for a fleet accustomed to boring patrols to check and maintain calibration points. The Highlanders were moved to the newly expanded Regency territory in what was still District 268, and was posted against pirates and renegade Aslan raiders. Plankwell is rather boring compared to other Regency interface regions, but it is a step up, and is used as a rest and recuperation posting to reward decorated or distinguished personnel.

193rd (Unbreakable Will):[edit]

Main Article: 193rd Fleet
Vilis/Spinward Marches. The fleet's name (and Emperor's Unit Citation in its insignia) reflects its brave defense of Efate/Regina during the Fifth Frontier War. Despite being cut off from main Imperial supply lines to rim and trailing, the 193rd did not budge, and successfully held up Zhodani supplies and reinforcements earmarked for their fateful thrust into Rhylanor. Outsiders say that this success has gone to their heads, convincing them of their invincibility in battle. Members of the 193rd like to say that they simply lack any kind of fatalism in the face of conflict. New recruits and transferees are subjected to a three month "probation" period where they are apprenticed to a higher ranking or more experienced veteran, who proceeds to indoctrinate the tenderfoot in the tenacious tactics favored by this fleet. Vilis Subsector is hardly a garden spot, and low tech levels and poverty breed smuggling operations, and the 193rd's patient, determined demeanor makes them a bane to local "Kangaroos".

194th (Iron Guard):[edit]

Main Article: 194th Fleet
Pretoria/Deneb. The 194th is less of a battle unit than an internal peacekeeper. Pretoria has a long history of political friction, most famously the Rachelean Revolts. Previous to the Civil War, fleet units were in control of the subsector capitol itself in the Revolts wake, and were instrumental in calming and reconciling the Vilani majority of the subsector with Solomani or Mixed race immigrants. This experience was highly useful in the face of large Vargr refugee flows that flooded the subsector in the period of 1136-1148. While the Vargr have proven more difficult to deal with than the Vilani, the 194th's large number of Civil Affairs units and long experience in low intensity policing have kept open warfare from breaking out between struggling factions and Pack Dens.

195th (Stronghearts):[edit]

Main Article: 195th Fleet
Sabine/Deneb. The Sabine Subsector fleet saw extensive action against the Zhodani during the Fifth Frontier War, helping to shield Rhylanor and Mora from Zhodani raiders and deep penetration units. It also fought at the Battle of Rhylanor, and became famed for its resolve despite heavy resistance. The worlds of Sabine are more fractious than most, and its units spent a great deal of effort to preserve internal peace during the antebellum period. Like nearby Rhylanor, the worlds of Sabine have faced several Viral near misses, and the Stronghearts have become very adept at ferreting out the intent of unidentified merchant ships and enforcing Quarantine requirements.

196th (Keystone):[edit]

Main Article: 196th Fleet
Star Lane/Deneb. The 196th had mostly been a training and logistics fleet before the Collapse. Assigned to the backwater Star Lane subsector, the fleet was considered to be too far away from any potential trouble spots to be of much effectiveness. Its line units did engage the Zhodani in the last Frontier War, but it never rose above a second tier supply rating in the entire antebellum period. The fleet retains its lower rating, but it now must actively work as a facilitator of fleet movements from the Marches to Deneb, and vice versa. Most of its bases are located in the rimward portion of Star Lane, where it backs up the Rift fleets.

201st (Blood and Silver):[edit]

Main Article: 201st Fleet
Pax Rulin/Trojan Reach. Originally the 144th Fleet, the first full Imperial naval unit to be stationed in the Reach. In the first couple of centuries of settlement, the Reach was a bastion of pirates that preyed on shipping out of the Glisten belt. Most of these pirates were keen on raiding precious metals and radioactives, and bloody battles erupted along the rimward border between light naval units and the raiders. The 144th Fleet occupied Gazulin Subsector, and destroyed pirate strongholds in both Tobia and Pax Rulin. It was redesignated the 201st in 1058, after the Reach was declared a self-governing sector. It saw considerable action against Zhodani raiders and scouts in the Fourth and Fifth Frontier Wars, and the disaster at Ganulf (TR 1307) occured on its watch. Today the fleet is mostly concerned with maintaining the tense peace between the local Imperial culture humans and more recently immigrated Aslan.

202nd (Rock Sirens):[edit]

Main Article: 202nd Fleet
Gazulin/Trojan Reach. The 202nd, under the guidance of Duke Sharik Arcadia, spent the Civil War period playing off the invading Aslan clans against one another. This was accomplished by the fleet's intelligence sections, which used bribery and alliances of convenience to divide the conquering ihatei and eventually halting their advance. The fleet did suffer heavy losses in its defense of Gazulin and Neumann, and Anti-Aslan sympathies are still nursed by some of the rank-and-file. The Sirens get first pick of new ships coming off of the production lines at Neumann, making it the best equipped fleet in the Reach.

203rd (Lightkeepers):[edit]

Main Article: 203rd Fleet
Sindal/Trojan Reach. The 203rd originally just defended Albe itself, and reinforced the Imperial border against raids by either the Zhodani and other human pirates. The fleet hunkered down in the face of the Ihatei, earning the respect of their enemies for their unflinching bravery. Unlike other Regency fleets, the Lightkeepers project a more reasonable attitude towards the Aslan, but back up their shining demeanor with a lot of heavy firepower. Because Albe is the main trade interface with the Aslan, the fleet is primarily concerned with commerce protection, peacekeeping, quarantine enforcement and maintenance of the subsector's static defenses.

204th (Heaven and Earth):[edit]

Main Article: 204th Fleet
Tobia/Trojan Reach. Heaven and Earth was understrength at the beginning of the Imperial Civil War, a fact exaceberated by Sector Duke Quinn's decision to dispatch several of its squadrons to reinforce the Domain's trailing borders. Faced with light resistance, Ihatei crashed the border in 1119, and quickly overran its bases. But instead of surrendering to the victorious Aslan, units cut off from the Domain went underground as guerillas, maintaining a tenuous supply line with Gazulin. Heavy units of the fleet were released from service against the Vargr, and supported their comrades from bases in Vestus subsector. These guerillas stocked arms caches and reconoitered Aslan defenses so effectively, that when the Regency reclaimed the region in 1131, it was able to focus its attacks against clan C3I facilities and other strategic defenses with pinpoint accuracy. Heaven and Earth still maintains lighter guerilla and raiding units alongside its more conventional forces, and it operates in both environments with equal aplomb.

207th (Ronin):[edit]

Main Article: 207th Fleet
Trin's Shroud/Spinward Marches. The Trin's Shroud subsector fleet have never forgotten, and have never forgiven.... themselves that is. The personnel of the 207th wear their disgrace openly, taking on an air of self-castigation for their failure to protect Trin from the depredations of the Kishkii. Today the Ronin preside over a subsector still reeling from the effects of 1139. Trin is centuries away from recovery, and the subsector economy and population are still well below that before the Rape. To their credit, its officers and rank and file do not pine for the unrecoverable past, but they are not necessarily pleased with the present or the forseeable future. The fleet is vehemently vengeful about its losses, and its past commanders have aggressively sought out operations on the front against Virus. But privately the personnel of the 207th believe that nothing more than the complete extermination of Virus would expunge their dishonor. Needless to say the unit is a hotbed of Exterminationist fervor, and many Flame of Purity terrorists have emerged from its ranks.

208th (Vanguard):[edit]

Main Article: 208th Fleet
Five Sisters/Spinward Marches. The Vanguard has defended Five Sisters for close to 250 years. The fleet has always been structured to operate with a minimum of outside support, though that means it lacks many of the amenities and ample resources available to other Regency fleets. Its squadrons rely upon a more varied mix of ships, and they lack heavy tanker and transport support. To compensate, the fleet has relied heavily upon proactive defensive patrols outside of the Sisters, and eschews linear set-piece battles in favor of quick lightning strikes against enemy bases and rear echelons. The fleet has seen heavy action against the Zhodani in the last three Frontier Wars, a record that few other Regency fleets can match.

210th Research (Ancient Treasures):[edit]

Main Article: 210th (Research) Fleet
Regency R&D fleet headquartered at Daryen in the Darrian Confederacy for the development of TL-16 ships. It also maintains a joint training facility at Nosea/Darrian with the DCN.

212th (Hellhounds):[edit]

Main Article: 212th Fleet
Jewell/Spinward Marches. The 212th is most famous for its routing of Vargr fleets that had invaded Regina subsector during the Fifth Frontier War. The Hellhounds have resided in Jewell since the end of the war, and the subsequent detente and later alliance with the Zhodani Consulate did not go down well with hardliners in its ranks and officer corps. The spinward frontier was quiet until recently, and Anti-Zho sentiments had nearly died out, replaced with a simpleminded complacency and acceptance of the status quo. The Exodus is an unprecedented challenge, since enough long memories still exist on both sides of the border to reignite hostilities should any provocation occur.

213th (Swordbreakers):[edit]

Main Article: 213th Fleet
Regina/Spinward Marches. The fleet's name comes from its decapitation of the Sacnoth Fleet during the Fifth Frontier War. It has come to affect much of the same stuffiness as the rest of Regina simply by association with the First Regent's birthplace, though the 213th was only a marginal participant in the creation of Norris' legend. Like their neighbors in the 212th, Anti-Zho sentiments have been cool until recently; much more anipathic energy is spent upon Vargr corsairs and smugglers that try to evade the Quarantine along the rimward border. Constant practice against these foes has sharpened the skills of its marines and Hammerhead boarding unit into being probably the best in recorded history.

214th (Earth Serpent):[edit]

Main Article: 214th Fleet
Aramis/Spinward Marches. The Aramis fleet name and insignia invoke the Midgard Serpent of Solomani myth. The Sword World naval commander in chief during the Fifth Frontier War had grandiloquently proclaimed his forces as being as unstoppable as the legendary serpent, claiming they would "eat" the defending Imperial forces in Lunion as one would a crumb. The 214th would later retrieve his personal banner from his shattered headquarters as their sole war booty, and carry it proudly into battle. The fleet was left understrength after the war, and had difficulty protecting Aramis from invading Kforuzeng corsairs during the Imperial Civil War. The 214th has the largest percentage of Vargr officers and enlisted men.... er dogs of any unit in the Regency Fleet. Its mission is virtually similiar to the Lightkeepers, though combat with the Pack and its affiliated corsairs is a frequent occurence.

222nd (Flame Forged):[edit]

Main Article: 222nd (Training) Fleet
Deneb Training. The 222nd is headquarted from the "virtual" navy base at Dekha/Vincennes. Like its counterparts it has units scattered around Deneb sector, but its mission is tasked more towards direct military operations against Virus and Vampires.

257th Fleet (Elohim):[edit]

Main Article: 257th Fleet
Inar/Deneb. This subsector fleet is a heavyweight unit. Besides being tasked to defend Deneb Depot Alpha, it is the primary backstop for Lamas, Antra and Namidshur fleets, owing to the lack of adequate basing facilities and the presence of large Vampire threats. Depot Alpha's extensive facilities make up for this, and boosts the fleets units with new build warships and supply/support ships. Because of lingering Imperial nostalgia on Depot Alpha, it is the most contaminated with reactionary political sentiments. Elohim units are carefully watched lest they attempt another Blacklight Plot.

258th Fleet (Seraphim):[edit]

Main Article: 258th Fleet
Vincennes/Deneb. This is the best equipped fleet after the 73rd. Its proximity to TL-16 manufacturing facilities on Vincennes and Dekha gives first choice for new advanced ships and equipment. It has also seen considerable action on the Deneb Front. Unfortunately its prestige and effectiveness has been blunted by continuing controversy between Dekha and Vincennes over the construction of new naval bases among the high population worlds of the subsector. The Regency proposed to build one such facility in 1142, but squabbles over who would obtain the facility has kept it from being built. Current facilities in the subsector are insufficient and overloaded, and the Seraphim and its people are frustrated at the paradox of possessing the latest technology, and the worst of housing and base facilities.

260th Fleet (Trailblazers):[edit]

Main Article: 260th Fleet
Zeng/Deneb. The Zeng Subsector fleet has been heavily engaged against Vampires for the last seventy years. The Trailblazers defend a section of strategic naval bases that anchor the trailing to coreward kink along the periphery of the Rift. Vampires have attempted to overrun these bases on several occasions, and the battles for Ibsen, Balzac and Jecife have been bloody fleet brawls. But where it has triumped against silicon enemies from beyond, it has had a much harder time securing the peace against the domestic squabbles that have rent Zeng in the last quarter century. The fleet has a very large TL-16 arsenal, courtesy of the efforts of Depot Beta and Lilad, but the current troubles on the latter world has analysts worried about the supply of crucial components to the fleet.

303rd Fleet (Valkyries):[edit]

Main Article: 303rd Fleet
Gulf/Deneb. This fleet is primarily tasked as a reserve force in case of a major incursion by an enemy into the Regency. This function is due to the large number of vessels made available to the fleet by the Spinward Defense Complex. In the antebellum period the Valkyries were more concerned with weapon testing and training. After the Battle of Furens, it underwent a major reorganization. In conjunction with the 2nd Experimental Fleet, it trains constantly against simulated Vampire Fleets, and its methods are so good that it is an advanced training school for recently graduated line officers. The Valkyries often deploy to the Frontier for shakedown cruises, and its units have seen considerable action.

315th Fleet (First to Fight):[edit]

Main Article: 315th Fleet
Lamas/Deneb. Headquartered at Lamas/Lamas. Previously known as the 1st Fleet during the Fifth Frontier War, before postwar reorganization cost it its designation, though it lives on in the fleet's nickname. Though in theory the 315th defends the small sliver of Lamas that is included in the Safe, in practice its units are frequently rotated out to the Frontier for exercises or missions in support of the 61st. Occasionally some of its units have been assigned to the 183rd, and many of its squadrons have Wildside combat experience. It has an unhealthy hatred of Vargr criminal and corsair elements, and its units have been unnecessarily harsh in their prosecution of these groups.

319th Communication (Herald Angels):[edit]

Main Article: 319th (Communications) Fleet
Capitol communication fleet at Mora/Mora. The 319th is tasked with transport of the Regent and the national government members within the borders of the Regency.

336th Communication (Bat Out of Hell):[edit]

Main Article: 336th (Communications) Fleet
Deneb communication fleet, headquartered at Deneb/Usani. The 336th was formed after the Rape of Trin, and is in charge of all communication ships on the Frontier and subsectors directly adjacent.

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