183rd Fleet

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The 183rd Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Geniishir Subsector.

Fleet Composition[edit]

The Fleet is composed of three regular squadrons. Most fleet administrative functions are carried out in neighboring subsectors. The squadrons are detached from the 154th Fleet in the Usani Subsector and the 88th Fleet from the Atsah Subsector. This formation features a cosmopolitan composition including some asteroid ships rumored to be designed with the assistance of the Lurent. Postings were rumored to have included Nenlat citizens, and loyal Vargr. A few surplus designs are derived from a Atsah Cultural Regional lineage.

999th TankRon Geniishir (Deneb 2521)[edit]

4343rd ScoutRon Gampin (Deneb 2820)[edit]

4344th ScoutRon Exotrope (Deneb 2523)[edit]

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