Asmodeus (world)

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Asmodeus/Querion (Spinward Marches 0512)
Milieu 1116
StarportE Frontier - no facilities
Size5 Medium (8,000 km, 0.40g - 0.57g)
Atmosphere9 Dense (tainted)
Hydrographics6 Wet World 60%
Population4 Moderate (20 thousand)
Government0 No Government structure
Law0 No Law
Tech Level5 Industrial (mass production)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary K8 V
Worlds 11
Gas Giants 5
Planetoid Belts 0
Cultural Details
Government No government
Law Level No law
Cultural Extension 1111
Army Size (BEs) 1
Economic Details
Technology Level 5
Economic Extension
Labor3Low (2 thousand)
Infrastructure1 Extremely limited
Efficiency-5Extremely poor
Importance Extension -3
Resource Units 9
GWP (BCr) 0
World Trade Number 2.5
Trade Volume (MCr/year) 0
Starport Details
Classification Class-E
Port Size 0
Building Capacity (Tons) 0
Port employees 0
Port passengers (annual) 0

Asmodeus is a world suited to becoming an agricultural world, but with a population between 10,000 and 100,000 sophonts, but lacks the capability to produce or process sufficient resources to export its projected agricultural produce. This a low technology world with technology competency below the standard for Charted Space. It is a member of Zhodani Consulate in the Querion Subsector of Spinward Marches Sector and in the Province of Iadr Nsobl. In the Zhodani Consulate this world was named Niabritedl.

Astrography & Planetology[edit]

Asmodeus is a member of the Spinward Main.

Monostellar System[edit]

Asmodeus Monostellar System
Star Name Hierarchy Category Mass (Sol) Temp (K) Luminosity (Sol)

K8 V

Primary Main Sequence 0.5214 3000 - 3800 0.056
Unit Diameter Min Distance Hab Zone Jump Shadow M-Drive Limit
AU 0.00517 0.01963 0.19 - 0.31 0.517 5.17
Orbit #  *  * 0 1 6

IISS GURPS Astrographics Survey[edit]

0512 Asmodeus (Zhodani)

Starport: Class I.

Diameter: 5,469 miles (8,800 km).
Atmosphere: Dense oxygen-nitrogen tainted by nuclear fallout.
Hydrographics: 60%.
Climate: Normal.
Population: 20,000.
Government: Small family groups.
Control Level: 0.
Tech Level: 5.
World Trade Number: 2.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Asmodeus is recovering from a nuclear war which ended in 1005, leaving the planetary economy and infrastructure shattered and the population drastically reduced. A reconstruction effort under Consulate supervision is currently being undertaken.

History: Era: Milieu 1200[edit]

The Zhodani Consulate spent significant effort to clear up the world and, just prior to its collapse, it had finally succeeded. The world became a home to hundreds of millions of refugee Zhodani. As its infrastructure races to catch up with the rest of the Cluster, it is quite likely to be a high population world in the near future.

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