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Gzaekfueg Sector
Fa Dzaets Kharrthon Gashikan
Gzaekfueg style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black;"
map from Travellermap.com
Dortokh Gvineks Gzos Terruerr
Gueghedudun Teksuelats Gadoeth Noung
Athin Reofhunkdzo's 'soenk Siigikhakma
Aghoukone Okhuemgir Ungludh Nikhigireki
Sector Data
No. of Worlds 362
Population 374,988 million
Majority Control Ruler of Five - 64%
Secondary Control Empire of Gashikan - 15%
Tertiary Control Other - 21%
Domain Vargr Extents
Capital Various
Gross Sector Product BCr1,733,292
Trade Volume BCr4,026
Imperial Coordinate 0 / +3
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This sector has sector data
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This sector has sector data
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Gzaekfueg style="width: 250px; height: 350px; border: solid 1px black; float: right; clear: left"

Gzaefueg Sector is a battleground within Vargr Extents with several sophont species embroiled in racial and political wars.

Meta-History & Background[edit]

Gzaefueg Sector has been further developed by Traveller author and fan John G. Wood and his Underdeveloped Sectors project.

  1. In 1984, Vargr (Alien Module) was published.
  2. In 1990, Alien - Vilani & Vargr was published.
  3. Further citations under development.

  • The sector is under current development as of July 2018 by The Pakkrat.
  • It has NOT yet been T5 Second Survey reviewed NOR updated to T5 standards.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Gzaefueg Sector is positioned directly three sectors coreward of Reference in the Imperium. The sector resides deep inside the Vargr Extents though it is adjacent to space held by Gashikan Humaniti to trailing. Sixty-four percent of the sector’s world are held by the Ruler of Five polity, a Confederation of almost exclusively Urzaeng Vargr. Smaller Vargr polities and non-aligned worlds hold 21% of the worlds with the Third Empire of Gashikan keeping the last 15% for themselves. The sector is marked by a confident and continual belligerence by the Urzaeng in the face of its Human neighbors to trailing who have suffered in the face of Vargr incursions and one planetary genocide. Wars between the Solomani, Vargr, Vilani, Yileans raged for generations once this region of space was fully explored, claimed or conquered and changed hands or claws.

Windhorn Rift is the name of a region of interstellar space devoid of worlds and spans almost four full sectors.

Toponyms: 1105[edit]

This sector has been known by different names to different groups over its existence including the following:

Gzaefueg Sector Names
Culture Toponym Polity
Third Imperium Gzaefueg Third Imperium
Aslan Gzaekfueg Aslan Hierate
Droyne Unknown Droyne Oytrip Yatroy
Hiver Gzaekfueg Hive Federation
K'kree Unknown Two Thousand Worlds
Solomani Gzaekfueg Solomani Confederation
Vargr Gzaefueg Vargr Extents
Vilani Gzaefueg Third Imperium
Zhodani Gzaefueg Zhodani Consulate

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Native Sophonts (NILs): 1105[edit]

Gzaefueg Sector is host to mainly Vargr of the Urzaeng sub-species once the brutish warriors were left behind by the expanding Suedzuk and Ovaghoun trailing the proto-Irilitok behind and with them. Humaniti found in the sector include Solomani, Vilani, mixes of the two and the Yileans who were discovered in Gashikan Sector by the first Vilani Scouts of the Ziru Sirka also known as the First Imperium.

The following races (sophont species) are believed to have originated within this area:

  • Terragens (Non-Human Terran Races)

Demographics: 1105[edit]

Significant populations of the following races (sophont species) reside within this sector:

Historical Eras[edit]

Major Historical Events Timeline: 1116[edit]

These are some of the more important historical events that have affected this sector:

  • The Empress Wave entered Gzaefueg Sector in 1116. The psychic phenomenon exits the sector in approximately 1156, depending on the curvature of the wave front.


Some entries taken from other Traveller publications and fan contributions.

-9236 Jump 1 is attained by the Vilani on Vland then at TL 9

-4400 Vilani-Yilean First Contact on Gashikan who were at TL 1 then

-3810 Jump 1 technology is achieved on Lair

-3800 Suedzuk and Ovaghoun lead expansion coreward-trailing from Lair followed by Urzaeng and proto-Irilitok

c. -3700 Ostracized sub-species of Vargr, (Akumgeda, Kokasha, Nakagun and Roth Thokken), depart Lair forever

-2800 The Vilani make first contact with the Vargr, in Gvurrdon Sector

c. -2800 The borders of the Ziru Sirka begins to fray

c. -2700 Vilani-Vargr First Contact (First Vargr Diaspora)

-2400 Vargr circumnavigate en masse the Coreward Windhorn Rift

-2400 Vargr Pillaging begins (Second Vargr Diaspora)

-2399 Dortokh Subsector claimed by the collective sub-species of Vargr rounding the Windhorn Rift by hugging its trailing stellar shores

-2350 Gueghedudun Subsector claimed by default without incident

-2349 Gvinekhs Subsector claimed, Vargr expansion accelerates as Ziru Sirka frays

-2318 Gzos Subsector claimed by the Vargr

-2280 As Teksuelats Subsector is claimed, Vargr begin to differentiate into Suedzuk to trailing, Ovaghoun rimward and proto-Irilitok following both, Urzaeng follow all three as momentum builds

-2260 Gadoeth Subsector claimed after fighting with remnant Ziru Sirka and Gashikans

-2259 Dhillourr rises to TL 11 as Vilani technology is adapted to the Vargr, attains Pre-High Population (Ph) Trade Classification

-2255 Terruerr Subsector claimed despite the beginnings of Vargr fracture into its sub-species conquests

-2240 Noung Subsector Wars between the Vargr, the Vilani and the Yileans

c. -2235 to -2219 Menderes Corporation established along lucrative trade routes along the Mendan Main

-2220 An Urzaeng warlord named Reofhunkdzo commands a Vargr fleet that conquers the subsector named for him

-2219 Nth Interstellar War ends

-2219 Emperor Hiroshi II assigns Asimikigir to the House Menderes to stabilize the region

-2215 Noung Subsector Wars end with Vargr conquering

-2208 Okhuenmgir Subsector conquered by Ovaghoun and Urzaeng

-2204 Rule of Man founded

-2199 Vilani exodus from Gzaefueg Sector begins in earnest, Vargr warlord Oeasungksuezro gives chase

-2175 ‘soenk Subsector conquered by Ovaghoun and Urzaeng, Suedzuk migrate trailing into Gashikan, Trenchans, Mendan and beyond, proto-Irilitok following in wake

-2150 Ovaghoun forage ahead of the Urzaeng into Meshan Sector

-2125 Ungludh Subsector conquered in wake of Vilani exodus rimward and trailing

-2100 K’kree-Vargr First Contact

-1950 Dhillourr attains TL 12, upgrades its Downport to C and attains High Population (Hi) Trade Classification

-1925 Vargr of Gzaefueg Sector, led by Logaksu, Ovaghoun and proto-Irilitok, begin exploring psionics research and experimentation

-1900 Vargr push into Siigikhakma Subsector with mixed results and border shifts

-1800 Vargr fracture in Gzaefueg Sector, Glorious Sons of Raek turn toward the coreward frontier to begin settling their future polity

-1875 Logaksu Vargr cut their expansion in coreward-trailing Fa Dzaets Sector to solidify their trade routes rimward, forces the Urzaeng to adopt trade and commerce without the Logaksu

-1800 Vland begins to decline from TL 12

-1800 Early Drr’lana Network led by Suedzuk and Urzaeng Vargr break off from Vargr Pillaging to settle mainly in coreward Gashikan Sector

c. -1784 to -1666 First Empire of Gashikan formed due to Ramshackle Empire inability to defend against Vargr incursions

-1776 The Syleans weather the fall of the Rule of Man by halting their decline at TL 10 and maintain interstellar presence through the Long Night

-1700 More Urzaeng turn coreward to found future Vaoekghirkhr Exchange

-1700 Vargr Pillaging ends

-1675 Dhillourr rises to TL 13 but the Urzaeng there refuse to upgrade its Starport to A, attains Industrial (In) Trade Classification due to innovations production

-1658 Sack of Gashikan, Suedzuk nuke and plunder the mainworld

-1634 Second Empire of Gashikan formed

-1630 Vaoekghirkhr Exchange declared an Urzaeng mercantile Confederation, a precedent for the warlike sub-species, some Suedzuk follow suit in the region and points trailing

-1600 Drr’lana Network Urzaeng declares its non-aggression status but must defend itself from Gashikans regardless, Suedzuk there hunted first before the Urzaeng included

-1550 Vland’s tech level settle at TL 9

-1427 Wolvesbane Project released by the Second Empire of Gashikan

-1426 A few worlds in Gzaefueg are wiped clean of Vargr due to Wolvesbane and declared Die Back worlds, populations on other worlds drastically reduced

-1300 The territory later to be named Ruler of Five congeals centered on Dhillourr rising to TL 14, its borders controlling five coreward subsectors of Gzaefueg Sector, but is not officially declared

-1220 Reofhunkdzo’s Subsector and ‘soenk Subsector are annexed by then unofficial Ruler of Five, a Confederation banner despite fundamentalist religious influences out of Doudzo, Llaedhue and Ueruenggoer worlds

-1210 Following suit, Okhuemgir and Ungludh Subsectors petition for annexation by then early and unofficial Ruler of Five

c. -1200 Second Empire of Gashikan reaches its widest expansion, covering most of Gashikan, half of Trenchan and Mendan, and portions of Meshan and into Gzaefueg sectors.

c. -1100 Many non-aligned worlds immediately spinward of Second Empire of Gashikan administered by Vargr Emissaries and act as buffer zone between Urzaeng of growing, proto-Ruler of Five and hateful Gashikans

-1100 Only Jump-1 stellar bridge between Urzaeng and Second Empire of Gashikan named Lluutan <Ford> and Last Bridge respectively

c. -1100 The Darrians in the Spinward Marches, reach TL 14

-1100 to -1000 Mixed Ovaghoun and Urzaeng in Meshan Sector differentiate and separate with the Ovaghoun focusing rimward with Urzaeng annexing more than four subsectors locally

c. -1000 Vargr Race Wars ends as Gashikan Navy remains inside Imperial borders; many Vargr enslaved, including the Irilitok, Suedzuk marginalized to the Vargr Enclaves or further coreward

c. -1000 Aggressive Ovaghoun and Suedzuk enter K’kree space

c. -1000 to -300 Increasing wealthy Ovaghoun sub-species of Vargr establish territories in Windhorn, Meshan, Provence sectors

-924 Darrian in the Spinward Marches attains TL 16

-924 Darrian solar primary destabilizes and devastates Darrian civilization (the Maghiz)

-810 Dhillourr secretly attains TL 15, adds Highport but continues with its Starport B rating, Charisma pressures to officially establish Ruler of Five polity mounting

c. -700 Vargr-K’kree trade begins

c. -700 Current limits of the Vargr Extents are reached, Second Vargr Diaspora concludes

-650 Sylea Federation founded upon TL 11

-489 Vilani Bureaux reformed and begin expanding into Vilani-dominant Vland Sector

-480 Thin lines of trade confirmed between Vland and Sylea

c. -150 Sylean Federation rises to TL 12

c. -100 Expanding Sylean Federation establishes formal trade ties with the Vilani Cultural Region

-30 Vland and the majority of the Vilani Cultural Region joins the Sylean Federation

0 The Sylean Federation issues the Warrant of Restoration, establishing the Third Imperium as the legitimate successor of the previous two interstellar Imperia. The Grand Senate – now reformed as the Imperial Moot – enthrones Cleon Zhunastu as the first Emperor of the Third Imperium

0 Current date (Marc Miller’s Traveller or T4)

20 Third Imperium comprises most of Core and Vland and much of Massilia, Antares, Dagudashaag, Fornast and Illelish sectors

26 Empire of Varroerth officially established by Logaksu and Urzaeng Vargr with non-aggression treaties with Ovaghoun Vargr

30 Ruler of Five, long congealed in conquered subsectors is officially declared when Dhillourr attains TL 16, (still holding back from Starport A rating), its unity threatens Second Empire of Gashikan, concerns the future Julian Protectorate in Amdukan and Mendan Sectors and worries the new Third Imperium

76 Pacification Campaigns begin

89 Antares Pacification begins

89 Rebels and refugees, fleeing the Third Imperium, shape public opinion in the Vargr Extents into a strongly anti-Imperial movement

110 Domain of Antares established

114 Solomani Hypothesis proposed by Magis Sergei haut-Devroe

120 Pacification Campaigns are brought to an end

125 Menderes Corporation works to frustrate Imperial diplomacy in the Domain of Antares

175 Julian War(s) begins

178 Julian Protectorate established, Star Legion formed

185 Strong Protectorate fleets cross the Lesser Rift to seize Antares

190 Third Imperium loses several battles in an attempt to reclaim Antares

191 Julian War(s) ends

220 Vargr Campaigns begin in Deneb, Corridor, and Vland Sectors

348 Vargr Campaigns end

c. 400 Irrgh Manifest polity established in Provence Sector

588 Historical mission verifies much of haut-Devroe’s Solomani Hypothesis already generally accepted by the majority of Humaniti of the Imperium

589 First Frontier War begins, Outworld Coalition formed

604 First Frontier War ends

615 Second Frontier War begins

620 Second Frontier War ends

777 Lair declares independence from the Empire of Varroerth and establishes the Lair Protectorate

800 to 820 Psionic Suppressions in the Third Imperium

869 Glory of Taarskoerzn established in Provence Sector

c. 600 to 895 Church Of The Chosen Ones formed and later becomes popular in Meshan on Lorgo (Meshan 1710) inside the Ruler of Five.

979 to 986 Third Frontier War

c. 990 Unrest in the Glory of Taarskoerzn

993 Current date (Traveller d20)

1065 The Second Survey established

1070 The Second Empire of Gashikan is shattered by civil war

1078 The Third Empire of Gashikan forms

1082 to 1084 Fourth Frontier War

1090 Dzarrgh Federate established in Provence and Tuglikki Sectors

1095 Firecracker (Meshan 3102) fought over, stalemate between three polities leaves world non-aligned

1099 Irilitok Vargr allowed an embassy just inside Ruler of Five border on Red Zoned Tsaeousorrg (Gzaefueg 2940), many Irilitok hailing from Julian Protectorate to feel out the Urzaeng agenda

1105 Current date (Mongoose Traveller)

1107 to 1110 Fifth Frontier War

1111 to 1116 Equality War in Gvurrdon Sector between the Society of Equals and Zhodani-backed Thirz Empire

1116 Rebellion in Third Imperium (Current date of MegaTraveller)

1116 The psychic phenomenon later named the Empress Wave enters Gzaefueg Sector

1128 Dhillourr Struck by the Empress Wave beginning eleven years of madness there

1129 Dhillourr TL 16 planetary network goes dormant from lack of use as Urzaeng madness rules

1130 to 1133 Collapse and Virus Era begins

1132 Vampire ships with living crews entering Teksuelats, Gadoeth, Noung and other Subsectors lose those crew to madness in normal space as the Empress Wave washes over their hulls, many vampires must either self-destruct, land and enter dormancy or scuttle due to inability to bring their insane crews under control, a shard of history not mentioned by later Virus Strains until after 1147

1133 Because Dhillourr had gone communications dark from the Empress Wave-induced madness, the TL 16 world was nigh invisible to Virus, Dhillourr into its fifth year of Wave chaos

1139 Dhillourr emerges from the last madness of the Empress Wave to a world changed by both the Wave and Virus, begins recovering and reactivating what is left after both calamities, attracts Vampire ships and later that year Vampire Fleets of higher Virus Strains

1140 At a loss of 75% of its High Population which drops its Population digit to 9 (factor digit 7), Dhillourr must defend itself from Vampire Fleets and insulate its TL 16 planetary network, and Urzaeng quarantine protocols are drafted

1141 Millions die on Dhillourr as Vampire Fleets rain ordinance upon the high-tech Urzaeng world, what little robotic forces the Vampires field are met by Urzaeng Army and Marines quite comfortable with the surface theatre of battle

1145 Higher Strains of Virus pass Dhillourr for weaker worlds to usurp

1146 Urzaeng Vargr scout ships from Dhillourr begin reaching out to local stellar cluster in need of food, water to liberate Kurfoegkokna from Virus and rediscover Faetsovuerrg (Gzaefueg 1512 and 1513 respectively) untouched

1147 Virus slowed to lowest propagation, Dhillourr scouts find Arsghourrg (Gzaefueg 1214) and liberate it from a dilapidated Vampire Fleet

1148 Due to a Rebellion-era Die Back status on Taoekh (Gzaefueg 1313), Dhillourr scouts unpack mothballed naval vessels left dormant through the Empress Wave and Collapse and enact quarantine refits

1149 Failed-Doomed and Empress Wave-devastated Orsgeghoeze (Gzaefueg 1213) is salvaged for its dormant Naval Base ships, recolonized with a quarantined UWP of C9C1587-A

1156 The Empress Wave leaves Gzaefueg Sector

1200 The New Era, (Current date Traveller: The New Era), Dhillourr has re-explored entire subsector of Teksuelats and begins branching outward in hopes of finding other Vargr sub-species survivors, concentrates coreward to find more worlds recovering more slowly from Empress Wave and embattled by Virus pockets

1900 Milieu 1900, Galaxiad series published, The Siblings meet a Cast of the Galaxiad featured in Gzaefueg Sector to include: Captain, Scout, Marine Captain, Daughter, Traitor, Relict, Fugitive and Princess Unknown, Physical props of the Galaxiad that appeared in the sector included: The Fascinating Jewel, The Heirloom Pistol, The SEH, The Slave Girl, and The Hieronymous Device

Politics & Diplomacy (Interstellar Relations)[edit]

Ruler of Five, a Confederated Alliance or Confederation with a charismatic Ruler, Alpha or Leader (depending on whom is asked) at the subsector capital of Dhillourr (Gzaefueg 1413), holds the majority of worlds in Gzaefueg Sector. This alliance of Urzaeng worlds conducts trade with the Empire of Varroerth, the independent Glorious Sons of Raek, the Drr’lana Network and with polities rimward, toward the Third Imperium.

The Empires of Gashikan, a Standard Empire led by an Emperor at the capital on Gashikan (Gashikan 2732), hold the second most number of worlds in the sector. The infamous Sack of Gashikan has turned this empire xenophobic and hateful of all Vargr. Border worlds of Gashikan and Trenchans will often enslave captured Vargr whereas many core worlds of the empire will slay the “space wolves” on sight.

Glorious Sons of Raek, a Standard Hegemony led by a Hegemon and at the capital of Rekhoghoekh (Gzaefueg 1703), are a pocket empire that splintered coreward long ago and intend to continue pushing further into Kharrthon Sector. With only two shipyards present in the hegemony, their progress is slowed without trade from the Ruler of Five.

The Drr’lana Network, a Network (Assembly) Federation led by an Assembly Head Administrator at the capital on Ipsuguka (Gashikan 1306), long ago cut a swath trailing from Gzaefueg and into Gashikan Sector but have failed to cut off travel from the Third Empire of Gashikan to the non-aligned, Human worlds in the very coreward subsectors. This federation has both Urzaeng and the Human-hated Suedzuk which the Gashikans name Red Pelts, Blood Vargr and other less savory names.

One subsector is laid over with seven interface worlds of the Empire of Varroerth whom are controlled by the Vargr governor to spinward in Thaengg Subsector of Fa Dzaets Sector. Varroerth in this arm of the empire consists of Urzaeng supported by Logaksu Vargr and does trade with the Ruler of Five around the coreward edge of the Windhorn Rift.

Polity Listing: 1105[edit]

The following polities can be found within this sector:

  • Other Powers
    • None

Polity Descriptions: 1105[edit]

Here are several synopses of the polities found in this sector:

  1. Alleg: Ga: "Third Empire of Gashikan"
  2. Alleg: V5: "Ruler of Five"
  3. Alleg: Va: "Non-Aligned, Vargr-dominated"
  4. Alleg: Ve: "Empire of Varroerth"
  5. Alleg: VG: "Glorious Sons of Raek"
  6. Alleg: VN: "Drr'lana Network"

Imperial Territory: 1105[edit]

This sector is not an Imperial possession.

  • 0.00% is controlled by the Third Imperium.
  • 100.00% is controlled by non-Imperial powers.

Trade Routes (Economic Astrography)[edit]

The following astrographic features and trade routes can be found within this area:

Greater Mains (Blue & Cyan Lines: 51+ destinations)[edit]

  • A Cyan trade highway stretches coreward to rimward through Gzaefueg Sector. It is this same thoroughfare that reaches coreward into Kharrthon and Knaeleng to terminate in the Blue hub involving the mysterious Rosette of Tireen (Knaeleng 2910). Well away from the Empires of Gashikan throughout history, this route features an Cyan arm that is influenced by the ascension of Dhillourr (Gzaefueg 1413) to TL 16. This trade arm stretches trailing, all the way to the Drr'lana Network and suggests to economists that the Ruler of Five, a Confederation, favors the Assembly (Federation).

Lesser Mains (Green & Yellow Lines: 11-50 destinations)[edit]

  • Lesser Green paths branch off Cyan thoroughfares like smaller tributaries fed from the Cyan ones. Three branches reach again coreward from the Cyan arm to feed the coreward edge of the Ruler of Five, one making a connection with the Glorious Sons of Raek. A Green in the rimward in Ungludh Subsector feeds rimward-trailing from the main Cyan to feed a second path of trade to more subsectors in Meshan Sector.
  • While Gzaefueg Sector does not feature long, stretching, Jump-1 Mains, it is a Jump-2 healthy region of space. Vessels with a two-parsec range can reasonably traverse the sector from all vectors save from the Windhorn Rift.

Micro Mains (Red & Pink Lines: 0-10 destinations)[edit]

  • No information yet available.

Rifts, Voids & Jump Bridges[edit]

Traces & Clusters[edit]

  • The largest, Jump-1 stellar cluster to be found in Gzaefueg Sector rests in 'soenk Subsector. Losose (Gzaefueg 2222) is the focal world of this cluster and its value is seen in the two Industrial worlds, three other Rich worlds, one Fluid world and five Naval Bases. This healthy cluster of worlds is balanced by the criminal element of nine Corsair Bases and one Corsair Base legitimized by a Letter of Marque from the Ruler of Five as Privateers.

Other Astrographic Features[edit]

  • Termed the Last Bridge by the Humaniti of the Empires of Gashikan and Lluutan <ford> by the Urzaeng, a small, Jump-1 span in Siigikhakma Subsector is the only direct connection of adjacent parsecs between the Ruler of Five and the Third Empire. This path between two warring states is heavily patrolled by Navies, Corsairs and Scouts. This is the only link enabling the heavily-regulated and tariffed trade allowed. While the Urzaeng are ironically the more stringent in Law Level along this bridge, Humaniti has more assets and Important {Ix} worlds to protect from the hated Vargr.

Worlds, Systems & Sectors (Political Astrography)[edit]


No information yet available.

Capital/s: 1105[edit]

  • As of 1105 Imperial calendar the following worlds are Subsector Capitals in Gzaefueg Sector:
  • Subsector A 0601 Ksikhsloug AAD8625-B
  • Subsector B 1601 Dzekseghzaek A589310-7
  • Subsector C 1703 Rekhoghoekh A659477-C
  • Subsector D 3010 Llaeukharung A454976-B
  • Subsector E 0711 Anetssoz B55758-A by default and argued as unnecessary
  • Subsector F 1413 Dhillourr B110878-G by default and virtue of high Tech Level
  • Subsector G 2012 Ooo B9479B6-9 by default
  • Subsector H 2513 Oeldounors A948667-9 contested on grounds of its Colony Government
  • Subsector I 0122 Ounnon B87A976-9 by default of remote location in the Windhorn Rift
  • Subsector J 1321 Saesoulou A44169A-B
  • Subsector K 2325 Founuer A000331-C by default
  • Subsector L 2925 Oureslot A4666A8-A a sore spot to Urzaeng and best not mentioned
  • Subsector M none, empty subsector in the Windhorn Rift
  • Subsector N 1437 Gzugo A130535-C
  • Subsector O 2140 Ksagval B563753-A by default of {Ix} and Naval Base
  • Subsector P 3139 Saha A86A443-B

Due to the mercurial nature of the Vargr and their attitude of belligerence toward the nearby Humaniti, there is no agreed-upon Sector Capital (Cs) in Gzaefueg Sector.

Sector Summary: 1105[edit]

The Gzaefueg sector has 362 worlds, of which 297 have native gas giants. The estimated population for the sector is 271 billion sophonts (not necessarily humans). There are 32 High population (Hi) worlds, no Moderate population (Ph) worlds, 256 Non-industrial (Ni) worlds, 86 Low population (Lo) worlds, and three Barren (Ba) worlds. There are 56 Agricultural (Ag) worlds versus no Pre-Agricultural (Pa) worlds, and 36 Non-Agricultural (Na) worlds. There are nine Rich (Ri) worlds versus 28 Industrial (In) worlds. There are six Asteroid (As) belts, 31 Desert (De) worlds, no Garden (Ga) worlds, ten Ice-capped (Ic) worlds, 57 Poor (Po) worlds, 33 Vacuum (Va) worlds, and 30 Water (Wa) or Ocean (Oc) worlds. There are 74 Naval bases in the sector, 17 Scout bases, and three Way stations. The highest population world is Kooung (Gzaefueg 1706). The highest tech level is G at Dhillourr (Gzaefueg 1413). The average technology level is 6 (with most between 2 and 9).

Polity Listing[edit]

The Ruler of Five in Gzaefueg has jurisdiction over 234 worlds with a population of 192 billion. The highest population world is Kooung (Gzaefueg 1706). The highest tech level is G at Dhillourr (Gzaefueg 1413). The average technology level is 6 (with most between 3 and 8).

The Third Empire of Gashikan in Gzaefueg has jurisdiction over 55 worlds with a population of 5 billion. The highest population world is Tongati (Gzaefueg 2935). The highest tech level is C at Oho (Gzaefueg 3018) and Vadou (Gzaefueg 3023). The average technology level is 7 (with most between 4 and 9).

The Non-Aligned, Vargr-dominated worlds in Gzaefueg encompasses 44 worlds with a population of 65 billion. The highest population world is Aka (Gzaefueg 2802). The highest tech level is F at Ekaez (Gzaefueg 2904). The average technology level is 6 (with most between 2 and 9).

The Glorious Sons of Raek in Gzaefueg has jurisdiction over 12 worlds with a population of 2 billion. The highest population world is Ozon (Gzaefueg 2302). The highest tech level is D at Ozon (Gzaefueg 2302). The average technology level is 8 (with most between 5 and 10).

The Drr'lana Network in Gzaefueg has jurisdiction over ten worlds with a population of 5 billion. The highest population world is Llaeukharung (Gzaefueg 3010). The highest tech level is B at Llaeukharung (Gzaefueg 3010). The average technology level is 7 (with most between 4 and 9).

The Empire of Varroerth in Gzaefueg has jurisdiction over seven worlds with a population of 639 million. The highest population world is Kedanksek (Gzaefueg 0501). The highest tech level is B at Ksikhsoloug (Gzaefueg 0601). The average technology level is 6 (with most between 2 and 9).

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this sector:

17 Worlds in the Gzaefueg Sector
Aengllog  •  Dhillourr  •  Ekaez  •  Ellee  •  Errkfaekso  •  Gangollghaer  •  Gazog  •  Ksagval  •  Ksoegusnoeks  •  Kuzoevo  •  Lodaeegzzuen  •  Ozon  •  Roulnoul  •  Saesoulou  •  Sudhaenga  •  Tsaeousorrg  •  Vacstee  •  

Subsector Listing: 1105[edit]

The following subsectors can be found within this sector:

  1. Subsector A: Dortokh Subsector
  2. Subsector B: Gvineks Subsector
  3. Subsector C: Gzos Subsector
  4. Subsector D: Terruerr Subsector
  5. Subsector E: Gueghedudun Subsector
  6. Subsector F: Teksuelats Subsector
  7. Subsector G: Gadoeth Subsector
  8. Subsector H: Noung Subsector
  9. Subsector I: Athin Subsector
  10. Subsector J: Reofhunkdzo's Subsector
  11. Subsector K: 'soenk Subsector
  12. Subsector L: Siigikhakma Subsector
  13. Subsector M: Aghoukone Subsector
  14. Subsector N: Okhuemgir Subsector
  15. Subsector O: Ungludh Subsector
  16. Subsector P: Nikhigireki Subsector

Territorial Overview: 1105[edit]

The following table details the subsectors within this area:

  • No information yet available.

Territorial Chart Key[edit]

No information yet available.

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