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Vargr Subspecies[edit]

Within the Rukadukaz Republic, the Ovaghoun Vargr retain both their partnership with the original Vilani inhabitants, and their usual senior positions in government, business, and society.

During the final thousand years of the Long Night, the Ovaghoun Vargr, increasingly shaped by Vilani culture, established the Ikonaz Sphere. Their superior business acumen allowed them to seed and strengthen colonies across three sectors – and their military strength was enough to sterilize a bubble around Ikon, killing all non-Ovaghoun Vargr within the region. However, the inward turn in the last centuries of the Long Night left them in a declining position, compared to the expanding power of the Menderes Corporation in Amdukan Sector and the Sylean Federation in Core Sector.

The Ovaghoun Vargr grew more and more disgusted by the behaviour of the Red Vargr, and in 613, breaking all sorts of unspoken agreements and mutual understandings, turned their claws against their racial kin (with the enthusiastic agreement of their Ikonaz Vilani underlings.) A series of brutal encounters, referred to as the Year of Butchery, ended with the destruction of the last fuel dump in 353-613, but the now scattered Beta Quadrant pirates continued to endanger the unwary starship until the 620s. The hard feelings between the Ovaghoun and the Suedzuk Vargr remain unto today (993 Imperial.)

Finally, the Ovaghoun Vargr and the Suedzuk Vargr are not exactly friends. The highly civilized (and highly Vilanized) Ovaghoun roundly despise the Suedzuk, seeing them as the very scum of the noble Vargr race. And the Ovaghoun has engaged in genocidal action against lesser breeds of the Vargr race before…

In their turn, the Suedzuk see the Ovaghoun as deeply, wilfully humanized – practically walking abominations. “At least the Irilitok have the excuse of not being able to fight back against the humans, as they bred them to be cute and friendly sentient pets of the stinking flat-faces. But you! You decided to imitate the tailless cowards that your noble ancestors, real Vargr, conquered and enslaved! Your very ancestors would roar their approval if I tore out your throat open right now!”

Additional Information[edit]

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