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Suedzuk Vargr – Red Vargr –Discriminated against by humans, Bwaps, and even some Vargr, due to cultural reputation for savagery and violence.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The ‘Blood Vargr’ – the local Anglic term for the Suedzuk with their infamous coats of red fur – had undisputed authority, and make up the solid majority of the Vargr population until roughly a century ago, with only a few ‘fake Vilani’ Ovaghoun Vargr and ‘cutie-pie’ Irilitok Vargr interspersed in the general population.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Blood Vargr are infamous for the destruction of the garden world of Gashikan, the homeworld of a minor human race called the Yileans, in A.D. 2862 (-1658 Imperial). However, in A.D. 3093 (-1427 Imperial) the Vargr were effectively exterminated within Gashikan Sector by the Yileans’ Wolvesbane Project. The Project, an anti-canine plague, was successfully quarantined within the sector by the Vargr, but only at great cost.

The sudden rise of the humanist Hegemony of Lorean redrew the map of Beta Quadrant in the late 700s, absorbing numerous pocket empires and independent worlds into her expanding frontiers. It also directly led to the shattering of Suedzuk Vargr culture in the region, and its eventual replacement with the man-friendly Irilitok Vargr.

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