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Federation: Group of states, worlds, or systems, each internally independent, joined into a union to which has been surrendered certain rights and responsibilities, most generally to do with foreign affairs.

The members of a federation generally have less freedom of action than the members of a confederation.

Other Federation Terms[edit]

Federations are sometimes known as:

  • Accordments
  • Aggregations
  • Amalgamations
  • Arrays (Association)
  • Assemblages (Assembly)
  • Assemblies (Assembly)
  • Associations (Association)
  • Binaries
  • Clans
  • Clusters
  • Coadunations
  • Comitia
  • Commonalities
  • Communalities
  • Concourses
  • Congresses
  • Connectives
  • Consolidations
  • Conventions
  • Cooperatives (Association)
  • Coordinates (Assembly)
  • Councils (Assembly)
  • Counsels (Assembly)
  • Covenants
  • Curia
  • Delegations
  • Disjunctures (Association)
  • Dualities
  • Duumvirate
  • Dyads
  • Dyarchy
  • Federacies
  • Federal Republics
  • Free Repulic
  • Fellowships (Assembly)
  • Foundation
  • Gatherings
  • Groups
  • Gruppen
  • Harmonies
  • Horde
  • Isocracy
  • Junctures
  • Legion
  • Networks (Assembly)
  • Parities (Association)
  • Peoples (Association)
  • Space
  • Societies
  • Sojournates (Assembly)
  • Systems
  • Tribes
  • Trinaries
  • Tripartites
  • Unifications
  • Unanimities
  • Unions
  • United Republics
  • Unities

Like all governments, sometimes the political terms in a polity's name may be misleading. Governments using this term in their name may actually vary greatly from the standard and accepted definition of the term.

Five Most Common Power Structures[edit]

A Federation is one of the five most common power structures found in governance:

Please see Government for more information.

Federation (Government) Representative Examples[edit]

(Federal) Assemblies (Head Administrator):[edit]

(Federal) Associations (Leader):[edit]

(Standard) Federations (President):[edit]

(Federal) Unions (Chief Administrator):[edit]

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