The Flaming Eye

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The Flaming Eye
FlamingEye 300.jpg
Campaign Sourcebook
Author Thom GressmanJ. Andrew KeithJoe FugateNancy ParkerBill Hezeltine
Publisher Digest Group Publications
Version MegaTraveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Pages 104
Year Published 1990
Canonical Yes
Available from No (Aftermarket)
Also See Vland Sector
ISBN: 1-879187-01-9 Stock #880 (BFB)

The Flaming Eye is a Digest Group Publications product.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Flaming Eye is two adventures/campaigns for MegaTraveller, presented using the cinematic nugget format. The first, Search and Rescue, involves the extraction of a spy for Lucan's Imperium from the Restored Ziru Sirka. The second, Gamgilebo Incident, deals with the search for two missing starships, belonging to Sharurshid, that appear to have been taken by Corsairs.

The Solomani have the skull and crossbones ...

The Vilani have the flaming eye ...

- Both the dreaded symbols of villainous piracy!

In an unprecedented move, the worlds of Vland Domain, refusing the "radical policies of emperor-ad interim Lucan," have declared their independence from the thousand year-old Imperium.

Contents include -'

  • Two Complete Campaigns: Packed into this volume is enough source material for two full MegaTraveller campaigns. Seven scenarios are presented in the first campaign, and six scenarios are given in the second campaign.
  • Innovative New Cinematic Nuggets: In the new cinematic nugget format, background setting dictates the way material is organized. Special plot synopsis diagrams illustrate ways that background nuggets can be linked together to form pre-planned adventure scenarios.
  • Over 25 World data Sheets: First introduced in GDW's product Knightfall, this campaign sourcebook contains detailed stats, maps, and star system diagrams for over 25 worlds in Vland and Windhorn Sectors.
  • Numerous Maps and Diagrams: True to the campaign sourcebook name, this volume includes loads of maps and diagrams.
  • Full Color Deck Plans: As a bonus, this campaign sourcebook includes deck plans for the Garu class Far Trader.

Table of Contents[edit]

The Flaming Eye
Section Page/s
Garu Class - Lower Deck Inner Cover
The Flaming Eye 1
Search and Rescue: Campaign 1 2
Scenario 1: A Simple Job, Really 3
Scenario 2: Getting There is Half the Fun 8
Scenario 3: Vilani Space 12
Scenario 4: Theton 16
Scenario 5: Search... 23
Scenario 6: ... And Rescue 29
Scenario 7: Home Again 34
Ashki (world) 35
Gishinridu (world) 36
Hrun (world) 37
Larkarda (world) 38
Lashlaminan (world) 39
Olny (world) 40
Popok (world) 41
Pradman (world) 42
Sardia (world) 43
Theton (world) 44
Umilikha (world) 45
Veppim (world) 46
Gamgilebo Incident: Campaign 2 47
Scenario 1: Any Old Starport 48
Scenario 2: Along the Way 54
Scenario 3: Gamgilebo 60
Scenario 4: The Pirate Lair 66
Scenario 5: Into the Extents 72
Scenario 6: Home at Last 85
Dathsuts (world) 86
Diiron (world) 87
Gamgilebo (world) 88
Guusimka (world) 89
Ikhog (world) 90
Maran (world) 91
Newcastle (world) 92
Odinaga (world) 93
Ronni (world) 94
Rronaetuts (world) 95
Taksarrgh (world) 96
Timat (world) 97
Vhodan (world) 98
Zannokh (world) 99
Appendix 100
Garu Class - Upper Deck Inner Cover

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Corsair
  2. Domain of Vland
  3. First Imperium
  4. Flaming Eye
  5. Garu class Far Trader
  6. Lishun Sector
  7. Lucan
  8. Lucan's Imperium
  9. Ngath Confederation
  10. Rebellion
  11. Sharurshid
  12. Vilani
  13. Vilani Space
  14. Vland Sector
  15. Windhorn Sector

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Ships[edit]

  1. Garu class Far Trader

Selected Sophonts[edit]

  1. Lass-lumminm
  2. Menetha
  3. Ronnin
  4. Tagi

Selected Worlds[edit]

Lishun Sector:

  1. Gishinridu (world)
  2. Hrun (world)
  3. Jesikara (world)
  4. Larkarda (world)
  5. Lashlaminan (world)
  6. Olny (world)
  7. Popok (world)
  8. Pradman (world)
  9. Umilikha (world)

Vland Sector:

  1. Dathsuts (world)
  2. Diiron (world)
  3. Gamgilebo (world)
  4. Guusimka (world)
  5. Maran (world)
  6. Newcastle (Vl 1801) (world)
  7. Ondinaga (world)
  8. Ronni (world)
  9. Rronaetuts (world)
  10. Sardia (world)
  11. Taksarrgh (world)
  12. Theton (world)
  13. Timat (world)
  14. Veppim (world)
  15. Vhodan (world)
  16. Zannokh (world)

Windhorn Sector:

  1. Ikhog (world)

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

No information yet available.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Authors Thom Gressman, J. Andrew Keith, Joe Fugate, Nancy Parker, Bill Hezeltine
Design Thom Gressman
Development J. Andrew Keith, Joe D. Fugate Sr., Nancy Parker, Bill Hezeltine
Art Direction Rob Caswell
Cover Art Michael Weaver
Interior Art Rob Caswell, Tom Peters, Blair Reynolds, Joe D. Fugate Sr.

References & Contributions (Sources)[edit]

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