Nudashiir Lagani

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The Nudashiir Lagani is an astrographic feature located across a number of sectors.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A total of 1,037 systems, with 294 spread across three Imperial sectors, this main extends into the Domain of Antares and further coreward.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Nudashiir Lagani, using the name given in the First Imperium (old Vilani Nudashiir = Domain Antares; Lagani = jump-1 main), a total of 1,037 systems, with 294 spread across three Imperial sectors, this main extends into the Antares Domain and further coreward. is a main that touches ten sectors in Charted Space.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Amdukan – Fifty‐Eight Systems

In Amdukan, the main runs along the spinward edge of the sector, and includes Asimikigir (Amdu 0223) located in Julian (Amdu I) ‐ capital of the influential Asimikigir Confederation, and capital of the Julian Protectorate.

Antares ‐ 118 Systems

In Antares, this main runs along the spinward and coreward edges of the sector in all but Beta Quadrant and includes the Imperial subsector capital at Taku (Anta 0627).

Gashikan ‐ 326 Systems

In Gashikan, the main covers all of Gamma and Delta Quadrant as well as large portions of the rimward subsectors of the Alpha and Beta Quadrant. It also hosts Gashikan (Gash 2732) ‐ the capital of the Third Gashikan Empire.

Gzaefueg ‐ Thirty‐Three Systems

In Gzaefueg, the main has a dominating presence in Nikhigireki (Gzae P) with a small scattering of systems at the rim‐trailing corner of Noung (Gzae H) and the core‐trailing corner of Siigikhakma (Gzae L).

Lishun ‐ 135 Systems

In Lishun, this main encompasses all but two systems in Beta Quadrant, with a presence in Alpha and Delta Quadrant. The main hosts the sector capital at Tephany (Lish 2719) and subsector capitals at Adawi (Lish 1408), Anossed (Lish 1815), Fokulgvu (Lish 2207), and Iisgamdi (Lish 2908).

Mendan ‐ 170 Systems

In Mendan, the main runs along the trailing edge of the sector and diagonally to the rim‐spinward corner of Delta Quadrant. The main also hosts the capital of the Commonwealth of Mendan, Mendan (Mend 2909); the capital of the Pirbarish Starlane, Lasla (Mend 1634); and the capital for the Asimikigir Confederation at Airus (Mend 2922).

Meshan – Thirty‐Nine Systems

In Meshan, the main runs along the entire Rimward border of the sector, and hosts systems of the Antares Pact, the First Fleet of Dzo, and the Voekhaeb Society.

Trenchans – Forty‐Seven Systems

In Trenchans, the main runs against the spinward and trailing edges of Gamma Quadrant and hosts forty‐four systems of the Third Gashikan Empire.

Vland ‐ Two Systems

In Vland, the main has only two systems at the core‐trailing corner of Beta Quadrant.

Windhorn - Seven Systems

In Windhorn, the main is in the rim‐spinward corner of the Kishadiku (Wind P), with a minor presence at the rimward edge of the other two subsectors.

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