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The Commonwealth of Mendan is an interstellar, multi-system government located in the Mendan Sector.

Astronavigational Codes[edit]

Polity Astronavigational Codes
Polity Survey Code Type Remarks
Commonwealth of Mendan Pre-Imperial ComMen No standard code None
Commonwealth of Mendan 1st Survey (300) Cm 2-ltr code None
Commonwealth of Mendan 2nd Survey (1065) JMen 4-ltr code None

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Commonwealth of Mendan is the only Member State of the Protectorate that was originally part of the Second Empire of Gashikan. Of the states on or near the Mendan Main, it is second in influence and political power only to the Asimikigir Confederation.

The Commonwealth of Mendan is the conservative voice in the Protectorate Council, urging restraint in relations with other states, and generally arguing against expansion of the Protectorate.

Internally, while the Commonwealth accepts the principle of equality between Vargr and Human, some residual race hatred between the species still exists, and Human and Vargr are found together or in cooperative arrangements less often than elsewhere in the Protectorate. These attitudes are changing, however slowly, and the extent of the change explains to a great extent why the Commonwealth chose to affiliate itself with the Protectorate rather than with the strongly anti-Vargr Third Empire of Gashikan.

Government & Politics (Leadership)[edit]

The Commonwealth of Mendan government is characterized as having a high degree of centralization, which sets uniform policies that direct the entire multi-system state and disregards local/planetary differences. The Commonwealth of Mendan government is usually classified as a Commonwealth, a form of a Unitary State.

Technology & Trade (Economy)[edit]

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Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

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Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This polity can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

  • Gashikan
  • Mendan

Capital/s: 1105[edit]

The capital/s of this polity is/are located in the following location/s:

World Listing: 1105[edit]

The following systems and worlds are a part of this polity:

105 of 105 World articles in Commonwealth of Mendan
Aenaek  •  Alumum  •  Amaki  •  Aruurirer  •  Aslidiim  •  Aspen  •  Atsuntuen  •  Biscom  •  Boca (Me 1801)  •  Chattahwa  •  Dakud  •  Dawson (Me 2809)  •  Didagud  •  Dinero  •  Dink  •  Diragiik  •  Dursed  •  Ekaamurga  •  Enukfudz  •  Epiphany  •  Ezouksou  •  Faell  •  Gagdi  •  Gakhi  •  Gakishim  •  Gashirke  •  Gergaker  •  Gherghan  •  Ghueklors  •  Gigiir  •  Giinurmuu  •  Giishanu  •  Gikagpa  •  Gumgash  •  Gumumaka  •  Gun Thang  •  Gunalir  •  Gushugan  •  Gvighzur  •  Hammurabi  •  Husirikii  •  Idimgakag  •  Iinuugi  •  Irisi  •  Irkasu  •  Iruna  •  Izakari  •  Jyestha  •  Kaara  •  Kakigun  •  Kalirki  •  Ketchara  •  Khukashi  •  Kiinkii  •  Kikhu  •  Kinirli  •  Kotschnig  •  Kubiriin  •  Kukiishla  •  Kupid  •  Laemadud  •  Larid  •  Liir  •  Limum  •  Loggvog  •  Luudunaa  •  Maniwack  •  Masaran  •  Mendan  •  Migiisu  •  Miigaan  •  Miishuuki  •  Milton (Me 2917)  •  Muaris  •  Murray  •  Nankhaski  •  Nikir  •  Oesueng  •  Ongougarz  •  Opinago  •  Ottumago  •  Outhun  •  Petruzzi  •  Purashasi  •  Retseck  •  Riidamir  •  Ringer  •  Rukuu  •  Ruukini  •  Saeghou  •  Sheppard  •  Shikhu  •  Snairrik  •  Surazipam  •  Uerruz  •  Uezael  •  Ukhiiran  •  Umasur  •  Uriigme  •  Urnga  •  Variet  •  Wenatoke  •  Zakhi  •  Zh'goom  •  Zoeno  •  
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