Civilian Vehicle Types

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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Civili Vehicle Types (Classifications)[edit]

There are several broad classes of civilian vehicles:

  1. Mounts (Beasts of Burden)
    • Small (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
    • Regular (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
    • Large (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
    • Very Large (Beasts of Burden) Mounts
  2. Wheeled Vehicles
  3. Tracked Vehicles
    • Personal (Tracked) Vehicles
    • Freight (Tracked) Vehicles
    • Large (Tracked) Vehicles
    • ATV (Tracked) Vehicles
    • Very Large (Tracked) Vehicles (Industrial)
  4. Hovercraft Vehicles (Air Cushion Vehicles)
    • Personal (ACV) Vehicles
    • Freight (ACV) Vehicles
    • Large (ACV) Vehicles
    • Very Large (ACV) Vehicles (Industrial)
  5. Gravcraft Vehicles
    • Personal (Grav) Vehicles
    • Air/raft Utility (Grav) Vehicles
    • Freight (Grav) Vehicles
    • Large (Grav) Vehicles (Grav Tanks)
    • Very Large (Grav) Vehicles (Industrial)
    • G-Carrier (Grav) Vehicles
  6. Construction and Terraforming Vehicles
    • Boring and mining [subterranean) Vehicles
    • Soil movers and scrapers
    • Bulldozing machines
    • Loaders
    • Excavators and digging machines
    • Soil and material transport vehicles
    • Compacting and rolling machines
    • Drilling and boring (surface) machinery
    • Specialized material delivery vehicles
  7. Watercraft (Wet Vessels)
  8. Aircraft (Flying Vehicles)
  9. Aerocraft (Interface Flying Vehicles)(Air-Space Flyers)

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