Stellar class Destroyer

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Stellar class Destroyer
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Available for export
Type: DD Destroyer
Category ACS
Size 1000 Tons
Hull Configuration Needle Hull
Streamlining Streamlined
Tech Level TL–9
Computer Model/3
Jump J-1
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 10
Staterooms 0
Crew 123
    Officers 18
    Marines 100
High/Mid Passengers 0
Cargo 20 Tons
Fuel tank 0 Tons
Origin New Caladonian Free Navy
Year Operational Unknown
End of Service Still in active service.
Cost MCr424.642
339.714 in quantity
Architect fee Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
Quick Ship Profile DD-A111133-040000-20004-1
Blueprint No
Illustration No
Also see Destroyer
Canon Published, fan design
Era 1105
Reference Fan: Ronald B. Kline, Jr.
Starships are designed with the Classic Traveller format, using High Guard Shipyard v1.13 written by Andrea Vallance.

The Stellar class Destroyer is a multi-role starship.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Built locally at the New Caladonia (world) ship yards. It is a vessel with 1-G and J-1 performance with a streamlined needle hull. The engineering section is controlled from the bridge by the pilot. Access to the machinery can be gained via a pressurized iris valve. The engineering section has a small control room. The jump drive utilizes a lanthanum hull grid. The jump drive is fitted with a jump governor. The vessel has sturdy, retractable wheeled landing gear for runway surface landings and can taxi. Accessible areas of the hull are fitted with grav plates and inertial compensators and have full life support and environmental systems. There are internal monitoring and security systems throughout the vessel. Individual sections of the hull can be sealed off. The vessel is fitted with system range communications equipment, including laser, maser and frequency agile, multi-channel radio links. For fire control and multiple target tracking it is equipped with an advanced passive and active EMS sensor array, and has a terrain following avionics suite. It has a tactical IFF transponder that can be deactivated on command. It is equipped with a sophisticated ECM package.

Image Repository[edit]

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General Description & Deck Plans[edit]

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Basic Ship Characteristics[edit]

Following the Imperial Navy and IISS Universal Ship Profile and data, additional information is presented in the format shown here. The small craft factor indicates the number of squadrons (...of ten subcraft) carried on the ship. Tonnage on the universal ship profile is shown in kilotons (...thousands of tons) where necessary. [1]

Basic Ship Characteristics [2]
No. Category Remarks
1. Tonnage 1000 tons, streamlined needle/wedge for ocean refueling.
2. Crew 123 crew, pilot, navigator, 2 engineers, medic, 6 gunners, 12 flight crew, and 100 marines who share 123 single occupancy staterooms.
3. Performance Jump-1, 1-G acceleration, Power-1, 10-EP, 0-Agility.
4. Electronics Model/3 ship computer.
5. Hardpoints x10 hardpoints.
6. Armament Four triple beam laser turrets, and four triple missile turrets.
7. Defenses The are two triple sand caster turrets.
8. Craft 10 x 10T Fighters, 1 x 50T Cutter, 1 x 10T ATV, 1 x 4T Air Raft
9. Fuel Treatment Fuel Scoops and On Board Fuel Purification.
10. Cost MCr424.642, MCr.339.714 in quantity.
11. Construction Time 40 weeks to build, 32 weeks in quantity.
12. Comments 12 in service
  • Standard cargo capacity amounts to 20 tons.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

These vessels operate in the Duhamel Subsector of the Theta Borealis Sector. Built for the New Caladonian Free Navy, this is a multi-role TL–9 design. They are equipped to carry Jump-1 drop tanks for extended range operations. The crews assigned love the private quarters. The small cargo bay does offer some mission options. They are designed to be flexible for small scale operations. They have the company of marines. They have a squadron of fighters and a cutter which functions as a recovery boat. The marines have an ATV and an Air Raft.

Class Naming Practice/s & Peculiarities[edit]

Vessel Peculiarities: No information yet available.

Class Naming Practice/s: No information yet available.

Selected Variant Types & Classes[edit]

Military Ship - Warship- Destroyer Escort :

  1. Type DE class Destroyer Escort
    1. Agrippa class Destroyer Escort
    2. Aurdesko class Destroyer Escort
    3. Chrysanthemum class Destroyer Escort
    4. Fer-de-Lance class Destroyer Escort
    5. Gable class Destroyer Escort
    6. Ipltsiedle class Destroyer Escort
    7. Isokaze class Destroyer Escort
    8. Lucifer class Destroyer Escort
    9. Moshulu class Destroyer Escort
    10. Mossip class Destroyer Escort
    11. Nederland class Destroyer Escort
    12. Shamshir class Destroyer Escort
    13. Snow class Destroyer Escort
    14. Type D47 class Destroyer Escort
    15. Type HDE class Destroyer Escort
    16. Tyrian Lordship class Destroyer Escort
    17. Velroi class Escort Destroyer
    18. Zdieench class Destroyer Escort
    19. Zhdits class Destroyer Escort
    20. Zhosibadle class Destroyer Escort

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