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Classic Traveller Book 8
Author Joe Fugate
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Book (Digest)
Language English
Pages 56
Year Published 1986
Canonical Yes
Available from DriveThru RPG
Also See Robot
Product no. 344

Robots (book) is a Game Designers Workshop product.

  • It is a robot source book written for Classic Traveller.
  • It is also often known simply as Book 8.
  • It has errata.
  • It has also been expanded upon and republished several times.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Rules, essays and data included in Robots are:

  • A history of robots in the Imperium
  • A look at the robots of other races
  • Rules for robot construction
  • Encounter and Generation tables which will integrate robots right into your campaign.

Table of Contents[edit]

Robots (book)
Section Page/s
Introduction 4
Robots in Future Society 5
Types of Robot and Their Uses 9
Robots Outside the Imperium 11
Robot Builders 16
The Robot Brain 18
Robot Construction 22
The Universal Robot Profile 38
Robot Encounters 41
Robots in a Traveller Game 44
Robot as Characters 49
Robot Generation 51
Robots Design Checklist 53
Robot Design Forms 54

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

  1. Aslan Border Wars
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  3. Battery
  4. Brain
  5. Computer
  6. Corporation
  7. First Imperium
  8. First Interstellar War
  9. Fuel-cell
  10. Fusion Reactor
  11. Gvegh
  12. Imperial Navy Research Lab
  13. Linear Processor
  14. Long Night
  15. Museum of Sylean History
  16. Parallel Processor
  17. Robot
  18. Roboticist
  19. Rule of Man
  20. Scout Service
  21. Sensory Device
  22. Shudusham Concords
  23. Shudusham Conference Medal of Merit
  24. Society for the Sovereignty of Man Over Machine (SSMM)
  25. Solomani Confederation
  26. Sylean Federation
  27. Synaptic Processor
  28. Terran Confederation Navy
  29. Third Imperium
  30. Universal Robot Profile (URP)
  31. Vargr Space
  32. Vilani Empire
  33. Zhodani Core Expedition

Library Data Entries (Automated)[edit]

Library data entries

Selected Astrography[edit]

  1. Ahetaowa (world)
  2. Capital (world)
  3. Core Sector
  4. Deneb Sector
  5. Fornol (world)
  6. Juess (world)
  7. Kusyu (world)
  8. Raakaan Subsector
  9. Sabmiqys (world)
  10. Solomani Rim Sector
  11. Spinward Marches Sector
  12. Terra
  13. Thetis (SR 2538) (world)

Selected Corporations[edit]

  1. Chiadle
  2. Dover-Gabe
  3. Eksaekfoer
  4. IAD
  5. K!lkoog'x
  6. LSP
  7. Makhidkarun
  8. Naasirka
  9. Panstellar
  10. Six Eyes Nest
  11. Spinward Specialties
  12. Star Patterns Trading
  13. SURD
  14. Tlektaowa
  15. Tliazhashal
  16. Ungzoenogzkha

Selected Form/s & Terms[edit]


  1. TBD


  1. TBD

Selected Robots[edit]

Robot Classes:

  1. AB-101 class Pseudobiological Robot
  2. Barbie class Cargo Robot
  3. Rashush-1 class Servant Robot
  4. Telku class Pseudobiological Robot
  5. Zhodani Warbot

Robot Types:

  1. Administration Robot
    1. None
  2. Courier Robot
    1. Courier-Pilot Robot
  3. Dumbot
    1. None
  4. Expert Robot
    1. None
  5. Master-Slave Worker Robot System
    1. Heavy Construction Robot
    2. Master Worker Robot
    3. Slave Worker Robot
  6. Non-mobile Robot (Brain)
    1. Hospital Bot
  7. Pseudo-biological Robot
    1. AB-101 class Pseudobiological Robot
    2. Telku class Pseudobiological Robot
  8. Research & Development Robot
    1. AB-101 class Pseudobiological Robot
    2. Telku class Pseudobiological Robot
  9. Servant Robot
    1. Barbie class Cargo Robot
    2. Housekeeping Robot
    3. Rashush-1 class Servant Robot
    4. Valet Robot
  10. Warbot
    1. Local Protection Warbot
    2. Tactical Warbot
    3. Drone Warbot

Selected Robot Equipment[edit]

  1. TBD

Selected Sophonts[edit]

  1. Ahetaowa
  2. Aslan
  3. Droyne
  4. Hiver
  5. Human
  6. Sabmiqys
  7. Vargr
  8. Vilani
  9. Zhodani

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Robots or Book 8 is an early Classic Traveller publication.

  • At last, the complete guide to the construction and use of robots in Traveller.
  • Add a completely new dimension to science fiction adventure with Robots.
  • Some of the material in this book originally appeared (in a more abbreviated form) in the Travellers' Digest, issue numbers 1 through 3.
  • Fans developed and redeveloped the rules dozens of times over the years, resulting in numerous homebrew versions of the rules being available.
  • In 2012 CE, MegaTraveller Robots was published which expands upon this material.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Joe D. Fugate, Sr. and Gary Thomas
Development Timothy B. Brown
Art Barbie Pratt and Steve Venters

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