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The Universal Forms & Charts Listing collects forms and charts from across Traveller's 40 plus years of publications and over 2,000 books.

  • Only forms and charts given permission by the creator or publisher are featured.
  • Fan documents can be featured if the fan gives permission.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Personal Forms[edit]

Code Name Description Appeared Form
TAS Form 2 Personal Data and History
TAS Form 2 Personal History and Data This is a Large and completely revised version compared to the TAS Form 2 that appeard in Classic Traveller
TAS Form 41 Character Generation Data
TAS Form 42 Weapon Data
TAS Form 43 Equipment Data
TAS Form 97 Universal Military Service Registration
TAS Form 103 Robot Design

Ship Forms[edit]

Code Name Description Appeared Form
TAS Form 3 Ship's Papers (Commercial) TAS Form 3
TAS Form 4 Ship Paragraph Description TAS Form 4
TAS Form 14 Cargo Manifest TAS Form 14
TAS Form 65 Starship Deck Plan grid (Small) TAS Form 65
TAS Form 66 Starship Deck Plan Grid (Large) TAS Form 66
IN Form 3 Ship's Data IN Form 3
IN Form 10 Ship Design Worksheet IN Form 10
IN Form 10 - Reverse
IN Form 11 Small Craft Design Worksheet IN Form 11

Mapping Forms[edit]

Code Name Description Appeared Form
TAS Form 5 Sector Description
TAS Form 6 Subsector Map Grid
TAS Form 7 Subsector World Data
IS Form 7 Star System Data
IS Form 8 World Map Grid
IS Form 9 World Terrain Data
IS Form 10 Animal Encounter Table
IS Form 20 World Profile Form
IS Form 21 World Map Grid (Large)
IS Form 22 Cultural Profile Form
IS Form 23 Detailed World Data

Miscellaneous Forms[edit]

Code Name Description Appeared Form
TAS Form 17 Mercenary Ticket
TAS Form 18 Repatriation Bond
IS Form 6 Xboat Message
IS Form 7 Xboat Image Facsimile

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Traveller has featured literally hundreds of different forms and charts over the years including numerous fan-developed versions of 'official" forms.

Many referees typically ignore them altogether. It's hard not to love the non-conformism if the greater Traveller community.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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