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The Maneuver Drive is the general term for one of the three primary engineering systems used in starships and spaceships. The Maneuver drive moves ships through normal space, throughout systems, and on and off planets.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Because the M-Drive carries the word Maneuver in its title, various references to Maneuver Drives can be confusing: the word may refer to a specific type of drive (...the Maneuver Drive or M-Drive), or to a general class of drives that propel ships by changing their momentum (Impulse Drives). The meaning can usually be derived from context. [1]

The specific technology used for the maneuver drive depends upon the Technology level of the worlds producing the ships.

Typical Drive Designations[edit]

Alternative Drives[edit]

In addition to the widely-available gravity-based vector movement drives, other drives are available. These are used by cultures who never developed, or don't have access to, the grav based drive systems.

NAFAL Drive Specifications[edit]

NAFAL Maneuver Drive Specifications (Starship Propulsion)
Category Specifications Remarks
Name Generic Maneuver Drive Thruster
Drive Type Relativistic Drive NAFAL Sublight Realspace drive.
Velocity 6 G Few fighters can exceed sustained 6 G acceleration due to pilot limitations. Missiles and unmanned craft can exceed 6 G. Compensators can sometimes allow higher acceleration.
Duration Limited by reaction mass or fuel tankage. Smallcraft rarely carry more than a few hours of sustained reaction mass or fuel.
Hazards Collision or drive failure The vacuum is an unfriendly environment for most lifeforms and life support is always potentially failure ridden.
Biophysiological limitations Lifeforms tend to be fragile even with inertial compensators.
Geometry Euclidean Conventional space-time
Levels 1 level Conventional space-time or realspace
Entry n/a n/a
Exit n/a n/a
Fuel Drive-Dependent Typically conventional reaction mass or hydrogen fuel
Machinery, fuel, electricity, etc. Fusion power plants are in widespread use. Other plant types also exist.
Inventor Various Various
Characteristics Various Starships typically make use of a number of disparate technologies and drives.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The earliest spacecraft in most sophont societies tend to utilize rockets or rocket drives. As the technology base for a society grows so too does an array of ever more sophisticated drives.

By the TL:10-12 technological epoch, gravity control technology tends to become commonplace and Gravity Drives or G-Drives become widely available on worlds able to support the technology.

Technological Overview of Projected Propulsion Technology[edit]

Expected Drive Development Sequence: NAFAL to FTL

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