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The Sword Worlds are a loose confederation of worlds in the Spinward Marches Sector, spinward of Imperial space and coreward of the Darrians. The first settlement in the region was on; the now capital world of Gram/Sword Worlds (Spinward Marches 1223).

The government allows almost complete local autonomy. Individual worlds maintain separate military forces, pass their own laws, and completely regulate their own internal affairs. The Confederation government regulates interworld trade, handles diplomatic relations with outside powers, and adjudicates interworld disputes.

In peacetime, the Confederation government maintains a pool of high-ranking military officers (selected from the military forces of all worlds) who are trained in large unit command and staff operations.

During time of war, all military forces are confederalized, and placed under a single unified command. For ground forces, divisions will be commanded by generals from the individual worlds, corps and higher organizations by Confederation officers. The component forces of a division will be from the same world whenever possible. For naval forces, individual ships are under the command of local officers, squadrons or higher organizations under Confederation officers.

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