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Traveller News Service 1099

Date: 092-1099Regina (Spinward Marches 1910)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ The 4519th Lift Infantry Regiment (Regina’s Own) was welcomed home to its compound in Princeps with a gala victory parade followed by a awards ceremony in which the patron Baroness Availuk attached a service talisman to the unit’s Sunburst. Three of the 4519th’s battalions served in anti-corsair action, including assaults, pacifications, and one especially heroic boarding action that rescued the passengers of a Tukera jumpliner.

¶ The regiment, raised in 702 as Amindii integrated into Imperial society, has previously served in action within the subsector, but had never previously been deployed out of sector. Baroness Availuk said she was proud that the regiment had performed so honorably and that she hoped that this success might lead to greater use of the unit in the future. Ω

Date: 102-1099Mora (Spinward Marches 3124)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ An Imperial Ministry of State spokesperson today announced that Iafenzhiepr, third under-secretary at the Zhodani embassy, is persona non grata. No specific reason was given, other than “activities inconsistent with his diplomatic status.” An unattributed source mentioned the recent spy scandal on Rhylanor. Zhodani embassy officials refused comment. Ω

Date: 134-1099Fulacin (Spinward Marches 2613)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ Lady Erika Kirama, chair of MagnetoDynamics, opened the world's new A class starport at the start of a week-long holiday. Lady Erika, joined by Tukera Lines sector lead Sir Bargii Muukirba and Asmina Lasata, local representative of the Spinward Association of Mineral Extraction Labor, each touched a sensor which ceremonially opened dome shutters to reveal the expanse of bulk cargo loading facilities.

¶ In prepared remarks, Lady Erika called the newly commissioned Dale Starport a major accomplishment in the development of the world and only the first step in an ambitious plan to fully utilize the Fulacin's considerable mineral wealth. Though home to a few hundred permanent inhabitants, Fulacin has recently boasted of a temporary population well into the thousands. Sir Bargii used his speech to express a hope that the new starport would encourage immigration to world. Ω

Date: 159-1099Calit (Spinward Marches 1515)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ Angry, vacc-suited protesters clashed with heavily-armed enforcers at the safety perimeter of the Habitat-Tsuduryev earlier today, the tenth anniversary of the fission plant radiation spill that killed 30,000 and rendered the habitat uninhabitable. Denotam’s Calit Governing Coalition Bureau expressed regret that massive force was necessary, but did not apologize. “Since Denotam assumed administration of this world, we have been improving conditions throughout the most of the habitats. These protesters forget that this accident occurred before we were asked by Aramais P. Lee of the IISS to accept responsibility for a population barely capable of sustaining itself using locally produced technology.” Ω

Date: 167-1099Denotam (Spinward Marches 1413)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ The Glas, head of Denotam’s Clan Glas, claims that she has obtained copies of personal logs and diaries of Adm. (Ret.) Aramais P. Lee written during his eight years as a special advisor to the IISS (1089-1097). The Glas claims that Lee was taking action on behalf of the private shipping corporation Sharurshid as early as 1091, and continuing to the present day. Lee was heavily involved in the capitulation of Calit to Denotam in 1093, brokering the arrangements by which the Seven Clans created a coalition to govern the technologically challenged backwater. Contacted for comment, local IISS officials said, “Lee is now a private citizen. In any event, when a gangster complains that she may have been cheated by the government and worthy, tax-paying corporations, we are unconcerned.” Adm. Lee himself could not be reached at X-Boat transmission time, as he is rumored to be negotiating trade arrangements for Sharurshid elsewhere in the sector. Ω

Date: 183-1099Ilelish (Ilelish 2907)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ Noted palaeobiologist Professor Sen-ra je-Leshat was today honoured by induction as a Companion in the Order of Ilelish. His knighthood was granted by Archduke Ferdinand personally on the Professor's homeworld of Ilelish. Professor je-Leshat is best known for his work in recovering the DNA of the extinct biota of Ilelish's former rainforests. Though controversial, this work has garnered him widespread academic recognition and is sponsored by Duke Dulinor of Dlan. Many commentators have noted this is only likely to further increase growing calls for the rehabilitation of Ilelish's biosphere. Ω

Date: 194-1099Segan (Deneb 2717)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ In a tense match, the Segan Mastodons defeated the Astash Reds 56/7 to 84/11 to take the subsector Base-ball shield and advance to the sector playoffs. The Mastodons played a tight defensive game and while scoring fewer points were able to topple the Reds bases no less than 11 times to give them victory. As usual, there was a heavy police presence at the match due to the intense rival between the two teams fans. Despite the scale of the defeat there were few incidents post-game and Inspector Gamiga of the Segan Constabulary stated that the fans had been generally well behaved and only seven arrests had been made. Ω

Date: 202-1099Capital (Core 2118)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ The birthday honours list was released today. The list unusually contained a large number of baronets, created not only in Strephon's capacity as Emperor but also as Archduke of Sylea. The list also included nearly one thousand new knighthoods in the Order of Sylea almost doubling the membership of the order. When asked for comment, Sir Caroline Zhushii stated that the Emperor felt honours issued in his capacity as Archduke were more in keeping with the intimate approach he desired to mark his 50th year. Ω

Date: 227-1099Jewell (Spinward Marches 1106)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ Countess Morgana Laona Shipo of Jewell opened the 377th bi-annual conference of the Spinward Astrophysical Association. Guest speakers include Doctor Gnoskh of the Rhylanor Polytechnic, Professor Nehron Thihsaly of the University of Zlodh, Doctor Sir James Knotsev of the Deneb Jump Space Institute and Professor Batsi Pienzhtlim of the Cronor Stetjia. Many attendees have expressed particular interest in hearing Professor Pienzhtlim explain her revolutionary theories on non-coherent jump space. Ω

Date: 239-1099Carl's World (Diaspora 0336)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

Viscountess Adelaide Witherwood today announced her betrothal to Norman Suzuki. While her intended does not currently hold any Imperial title, he does hold the title Earl in planetary nobility of Carl's World and is currently serving as speaker in the world's elected assembly. Viscountess Adelaide was elevated to her title only five years previously in recognition for her efforts in dealing with the recent disorder in the Sunz cluster. Her match is widely seen as another move on her part to consolidate the stability of the region against further Solomani incited unrest. Ω

Date: 242-1099Ven (Massilia 1721)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

¶ Local police were called to break up a brawl between two groups of clerics from the Apostles of the Lighted Way. The two groups of priests were apparently engaged in a religious debate over various aspects of the lighted way when the brawl began. At least five clerics were treated at the scene for minor injuries and two suffered more serious wounds. Sargent Takhot Himlat said “It was fortunate we arrived when we did as otherwise there may have been fatalities. We've taken both groups into custody and its likely they'll be facing charges over this.” Ω

Date: 258-1099Warinir (Daibei 0507)[edit]

By TNS Staff Writer

Duke Craig of Warinir announced that his seneschal, Baronet Kilishigi of Nyanar was suffering from fourth stage lymphoma and had tendered his resignation. A statement from Baronet Kilishigi said that he had been greatly honoured to serve both Duke Craig and his father, but felt now that he would like to spend more time with his grandchildren and tending his garden. The Duke stated that while greatly saddened to lose so loyal and valuable an advisor, he fully understood and supported Baronet Kilishigi's decision. He went on to request that Baronet Kilishigi's privacy be respected in his final days. No mention was made of who would replace the Baronet as Duke Craig's seneschal. Ω

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