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The Kforuzeng are a Vargr mega-corsair (pirate) band.

  • The Kforuzeng has a reputation for extreme ruthlessness.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The most powerful Vargr corsair band in Gvurrdon Sector, operating in the Firgr subsector and (at their height) some adjacent territories.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Around 1085 the band had "an aging fleet of about 20 ships with an average tonnage of 400 tons" and had a range that "spanned several subsectors along and just beyond the Imperial border".

From 1105 to 1107, it virtually monopolized all corsair activity along most of the length of the Domain of Deneb border. It remained the largest band even after severe decline. Its growth is surging again amidst the chaos of the Rebellion.

Non-canon: The early history of the Kforuz is rather murky, but the Fourth Frontier War is generally accepted as being the beginning of their ascendancy. At one time before the Fifth Frontier War a number of Vargr states in Gvurrdon and Tuglikki were forced to pay tribute to the group to prevent its raids, and several regions of the Extents were "no-go" for Imperial traders and travellers because of the threat of piracy and kidnap.

The Fifth Frontier War nearly destroyed the group, and it slowly faded towards obscurity until the 1110s. The Oekhsos tirades revitalised its membership and recruitment, and during the Imperial Civil War it invaded and conquered several worlds in Aramis Subsector, where it remains in power through proxies. The group was a major contributor to the formation of the Vargr Pack, but has been overshadowed and sidestepped by the shadowy Udhegvol. It has also lost its Fuernuzorg spec ops unit to the Pack. But it remains a power to be reckoned with in Gvurrdon, and has announced its intent to begin reclaiming Tuglikki for itself.

Kforuzeng was founded in 1041 by Dzenae Aekoe as a splinter from the Ungogz Den. The fleet grew from one ship to four quickly from Aekoe's brilliant tactics and leadership.

In 1043, the Kforuzeng fleet attack and capture a hidden corsair base in Ueghrrozue (Gvurrdon 2339). This hollow asteroid becomes the main Kforuzeng base. Between this act of daring and Aekoe's tactical skills, Kforuzeng attracts a number of other groups, mostly independent operators and small corsair groups, to operate under their flag.

Dzamae Aekoe dies in 1052 during a attack on Kinorb (Spinward Marches 2202). Unlike many other corsair groups, Kforuzeng does not disintegrate upon the death of its leader. Ksangu, then the second in command of Kforuzeng, takes over leadership and manages to expand the group even further.

In 1071, following months of careful infiltration, Ksangu stages a raid on the Orsesokhin (Gvurrdon 2323) starport, stealing an almost completed 200,000 ton Battleship. Named Akhaegtoullae (Swift Fighter), the craft proved to be an excellent flagship, capable of outflying and outgunning every other opponent. The Thoengling Empire, the original owners, were mightily displeased. After a failed assassination attempt on Ksangu, the Thoenglings invaded Orsesokhin to recover their payment for the ship. Disaster followed the ship however, and in 1093 an apparent misjumps on a routine flight causes the Akhaegtoullae to disappear.

Ksang dies in 1089, marking the beginning of the fall of Kforuzeng. Allkigvue, attemting to follow in the steps of his predecessors attempt to grow the group further, and it expands beyond his reach. The group has grown so large, both in numbers of ships and in the space it covers, Allkigvue has no direct control of the individual groups. Groups joining Kforuzeng to part of a large and successful corsair band now begin to pursue their own agendas. Some groups move toward more legitimate mercenary work, gaining several Vargr states and the Megacorporation Tukera Lines as clients. Other groups begin expanding their range of influence trailing into the Tuglikki Sector. An alliance with the Commonality of Kedzudh gives Kforuzeng a Letter of Marque against the Kedzudh's enemies, and a safe house in case of trouble.

All of this growth stretches Kforuzeng to this limits, preventing it from taking advantage of the chaos of the Fifth Frontier War. The Raiding of the 40th Squadron attracts many Kforuzeng captains. At the end of the war, the Imperium is not very discriminating about which corsair groups it goes after, and Kforuzeng being the largest takes the brunt of the Imperial raids into Vargr space.

These failures forces Allkigvue to resign in 1110, giving leadership to Egharsgon. Egharsgon, while of high charisma lack the planning ability to keep his slowly splinter groups in line. He forms Gvurknuesurrg, a secret organization which job was to ensure that the different groups stayed loyal to the leadership. But the secret police just forced the splinter go faster. In 1112 the Kedzudh treaty gets nullified, forcing Kforuzeng from their space. Many of the corsair ships, owned by their captains, simply disappear. Funding to run the larger ships dries up and the ships are mothballed or borrowed by the splinter groups. In 1114 Gzongzuers, the head of the Gvurknuesurrg, splits to form his own group. Finally in 1115 Egharsgon retires, Kforuzeng was one-fifth of its former size, never elects a new leader.

With the troubles in the Imperium from the Rebellion, and a new leader, Kforuzeng gains a new chance. Anuekhs An Gzoug (Flame that burns), assassinates several members of the leadership council of Kforuzeng and takes control of the group. In 1117, Kforuzeng re-signs the treaty with the Commonality of Kedzudh, a treated called the Glass Bond by Imperial officials. This new group then removes the Imperial presence from Gvurrdon sector, and begins to assault the Spinward Marches Sector through Aramis. With the Domain of Deneb under assault from the Vargr, the Aslan Iheati, and threats from both the Zhodani and Rebellion factions prevents the Imperial Navy from mustering enough force to stop them. Norris manages to make peace with the Aslan in 1126, and turns his fleets toward the Vargr menace. Many of the Kforuzeng bases are hit by the Imperial fleet, the main base falling in 1130.

After this final assault, and the threat of the Virus, Kforuzeng splinters into smaller groups. Despite these threats, Kforuzeng remains a powerful force in the Gvurrdon sector and the Regency.

Military & Intelligence (Force Projection)[edit]

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Ground Forces[edit]

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Naval Forces[edit]

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Intelligence Forces[edit]

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The original band had about 10 ships, mostly type VP corsairs (400 T) and similar vessels.

  • At their peak they had 35 or more ships ranging from 100 to 1,000 tons in size.

Ground Forces[edit]

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Naval Forces[edit]

They build a class of Kforuzeng Class Scout at TL–13.


Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This organization is known to operate out of the following areas:

Non-canon: Notorious Vargr corsair alliance native to Gvurrdon and Tuglikki sectors. The Kforuz have been so successful and influential a group that its name has become the official term for "corsair" in Gvurrdon and some other areas of the Vargr Splinters.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

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