Errogel (world)

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Description (Planetology)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The system is part of the Atsah Cultural Region.

Errogel had always relied upon the Imperial Navy for its livelihood. The local naval base was a logistical facility constructed to assist in the movement of supplies and reinforcements to the Spinward Marches in the event of hostilities against the Zhodani. Hundreds of thousands of workers were employed by the base for ship maintenance, supply handling and various other support and logistical operations. When the Regency of Deneb contracted its trailing border in the Abandonment during the 1130s, the admiralty decided that the base was too large to dismantle or destroy, but to valuable to leave to the tender mercies of Vampire Fleets, and a large guard force remained behind, even after most of the workforce had been evacuated. After the Rape of Trin, the Regency reoccupied some Wildside systems, in the form of a permanent naval presence, and the Errogel base was partially reactivated. The base is currently the headquarters of the 269th (Intelligence) Fleet, a unit dedicated to intelligence gathering in Trailing Deneb and Corridor Sectors.

Errogel is hot and almost completely dry. The world is tidally locked around the largest gas giant, Kigashige, and most of the population lives on the darkside, where temperatures are fairly moderate. Water collects in a few areas of the darkside, and most population centers are located near these valuable reservoirs. The navy base itself is located near a large manmade water body known as Lake Plocken, which is now used by the locals to raise dark-loving aquatic life for consumption.

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