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Charted Space is full of sophont species and each of them has preferences for certain kinds of victuals (foods, foodstuffs, comestibles, etc.).

  • The following AAB article touches upon some of the more popular or well-known victuals consumed within Charted Space.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

The vast majority of known life within Charted Space consists of lifeforms with conventional carbon-water based biochemistries.

Victuals of the Major Races[edit]

The Big Six Major Races all tend to consume fairly conventional and compatible foodstuffs, which include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other micronutrients. While diets certainly vary, most sophont species within Charted Space eat largely compatible foodstuffs.

Victuals of the Aslan[edit]

Aslan diets tend towards many protein-heavy meals, but carbohydrates and even some vegetable matter is also widely enjoyed.

Victuals of the Droyne[edit]

Droyne are very flexible eaters and will eat foodstuffs that are classified across a wide spectrum of omnivorous dietary preferences:

Victuals of the Hivers[edit]

Hivers have tastes for many food items that are simply repulsive to many other sophonts: fungus, mold, moss, slimes, insects, small animals, decomposers, etc. Due to the incredible hardiness of the Hiver digestive system, they can safely consume many toxins or poisons that would be quite lethal to many other species.

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Victuals of Humaniti: Imperial Society[edit]

Victuals of Humaniti: Solomani[edit]

Many say that the Vilani have terrible taste in food, but if that is so, then the Solomani will eat practically anything no matter how unnatural, mass-produced, or unhealthy a foodstuff may be. Only the Hivers eat food that is more properly thought of as garbage.

Victuals of Humaniti: Vilani[edit]

The nature of food processing and the hardiness of the Vilani digestive system were well known throughout the Ziru Sirka. Few Solomani ever cared for Vilani cuisine, but many of the members of that empire shared similar culinary tastes and Vilani cuisine still thrives within Charted Space despite the Solomani preconception that all Vilani food tastes like a packing substance called cardboard.

Victuals of Humaniti: Zhodani[edit]

The Zhodani diet was early on influenced by Droyne tastes and even today, the Zhodani have very flexible palettes and ritualized ways of preparing and presenting meals:

Victuals of the K'kree[edit]

K'kree are strict vegetarians and avoid most animal products, but they enjoy an incredible number and variety of planet-derived foodstuffs including the following:

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Victuals of the Vargr[edit]

Vargr are true omnivores and will eat just about anything. Due to the precision of Vargr olfactory senses, Vargr will eat many foodstuffs with strong odors that might repel many other sophonts.

Victuals of the Well-known Minor Races[edit]

No information yet available. Food from races such as the Bwap or Virushi.

Victuals of the Lesser-known Minor Races[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Part of higher sophontdom is the use of technology to advantageously control the environment and resources, one of the most important but often overlooked resources, is food or the very sustenance that allows a sophont to survive.

  • Every sophont civilization develops increasingly sophisticated methods of growing, cultivating, preparing, and preserving victuals. Food markets exist throughout Charted Space and the vast majority of sophont species have generally compatible biochemistries and even tastes.
  • However, a few species have unconventional or even exotic biochemstries and require food of different varieties, sometimes organic materials with different chirality, chemical composition, pH acidity, or even variations of the basic substances of life. Not every species employs a CHNOPS basis to life.

Biochemistry & Biocompatibility[edit]

No information yet available. Detail BC system from notes.

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Macro & Micronutrition[edit]

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Vat Technology[edit]

No information yet available.

Commercial (Manufactured) Food[edit]

No information yet available.

  • Carniculture

Commercial (Restaurant) Food[edit]

No information yet available.

TL-15 Food Technology[edit]

Please see TL-15 Food Technology article.

Better Known Chain Venues[edit]

Homemade Food[edit]

Please see the "Description (Specifications)" of this AAB article.

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