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Type Foods
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr10
Size 0.5 liter
Weight 0.5 kg

SnakTubes are pre-prepared meals in sealed polymer caddies. They do not require refrigeration, nor do they need the use of a flash cooker or heating unit to heat.

Each SnakTube contains a chemical heating element inside the caddy. To operate a SnakTube, a small tab is broken off the top surface of the caddy. After 30 seconds, the caddy emits a loud clicking sound and the lid separates from the caddy. The food can then be removed from the caddy or eaten straight from the container, using the spoon provided.

SnakTubes come in twenty-four different varieties, including fol ragout with purée of potato, Terran noodles, with sautéed chicken and mushrooms, Lanceshark and cheese dumplings in tomato broth, namako and pork paella, lentil and Leviemeat soup with croutons, and duck and sausage gumbo, with white rice.

Type Foods
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr12
Size 0.25 liters
Weight 0.2 kg

A line of 'CampTubes' is also available. They are dehydrated, ultra-lightweight versions of regular SnakTubes, available in eight different varieties. These CampTubes require added water and two minutes standing time. The CampTube caddy features a small sphincter valve on the top, which changes colour when enough water is added.

LeHatte Foods and Plastics are well known for their convenience foods, and the SnakTube is one of their more popular lines. The SnakTube was originally aimed at students and other young people in its advertising campaigns, but now becoming very popular with adults and young couples.

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