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  • Tarsus
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(Momagi kenyatta, M planus):This animal is a large herbivore grazer, indigenous to Tarsus. It has a stocky body and short, stubby legs as an adaptation to the climatic extremes. The popular nickname for these beasts comes from the knobby projections at the end of their 1.5 meter-long tail. Wild nobbles mass around 3 tons, ranched (semi-domesticated) nobbles about 4 tons. Nobble are covered all over with small feather-like structures, in several lengths. The inner layer is short and made of thin filaments, an excellent insulating material. The outer layer consists of long, wide filaments, which trap hair in the inner layer. The head is short and wide, with the eyes set wide apart. the large mouth is set filled with large batteries of teeth-like grinding structures. Nobbles are extremely defensive of their herds, although ranched one will tolerate people and machines at a close range than wild ones. When threatened, they will form tight circles around their young, with their thrashing tails outside.

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