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Personal Armor is used by sophonts to protect against the dangers of combat and the effects of weapons.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The weight of personal armor and clothing is assumed to be part of the character's clothing load and is not affected by the weight rule. Only one form of personal armor may be worn, except that reflec may always be worn under other clothing or armor. [1]

Selected Personal Armor Models[edit]

  1. TL-2 Plate Armor
  2. TL-4 Trench Armor
  3. TL-7 Hard Armor
  4. TL-11 Combat Armor
  5. TL-12 Combat Armor

Personal Armor & Protective Gear

Selected Protective Suits / Gear[edit]

Protective Suits & Protective Gear

  1. Protective Suit [10]
    1. Vacc Suit [11]
      1. TL-8 Vacc Suit
      2. TL-9 Vacc Suit
      3. TL-10 Vacc Suit
      4. TL-11 Vacc Suit
      5. TL-12 Vacc Suit
      6. TL-13 Vacc Suit
      7. TL-14 Vacc Suit
      8. TL-15 Vacc Suit
    2. Hostile Environment Vacc Suit
      1. TL-9 Hostile Environment Vacc Suit (HEVC)
      2. TL-12 Hostile Environment Vacc Suit (HEVC)
      3. TL-15 Hostile Environment Vacc Suit

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

There are many worlds within Charted Space, and each of the planets has unique societies and environments. Many times during a Traveller’s voyages it will be necessary to protect one’s body with armor or protective environment suits designed to allow survival under severe atmospheric conditions. [12]

There are a large variety of armor and protective suits available. The availability of this equipment is largely determined by the tech level of the world. On high tech level worlds, all types of equipment can be found. However, on low tech worlds, armor and protective suits can be very basic. Obsolete armour can usually be purchased for a bargain price on high tech level worlds. Likewise, advanced equipment can be sold for a profit on worlds with a low tech level. However, buying and selling is strongly affected by an adventurer’s communication, bartering, and negotiation skills. [13]

Combat armor matures during the TL:10-12 epoch. It is known as Plate Armor during the TL:1-3 epoch, Trench Armor during the TL:4-6 epoch, and Hard Armor during the TL:7-9 epoch. [14]

Personal Armor vs. Ship Armor[edit]

Personal Armor is an armor used by:

Ship Armor is a Hull Armor used on:

Expected Technological Progression of Personal Armor[edit]

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