Ablat Personal Armor

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Ablat Personal Armor
Type Personal Armor
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr75
Size 4.5 liters
Weight 2 kg
Also see Personal Armor

Ablat Personal Armor is a cheap alternative to reflec, and is fashioned from a material which will ablate (vaporize) when hit by laser fire. [1]

The ablation of the material carries away the energy of the laser, and protects the wearer. Continued fire against ablat degrades its effectiveness, but the armor is cheap and easily replaceable. Ablat also has some value against other forms of attack. [1]

As a generality, ablative armor is consumable and not very effective against slugthrowers or other KEW weaponry. It’s more useful as a coating on more conventional armors or a layer within composite armors. [2]

Ablative armor has been known since pre-spacefaring days. With the advent of increasingly effective energy weapons, ablative armor came into wider use and increasingly more effective ablative armors were developed.

Laser Weaponry comes into maturity during at TL–8 as target designators and later anti-material weapons and naturally defenses against it are developed. Ablative materials have been used in a variety of applications since their advent at he beginning of TL–6. However, it’s only with TL–9 materials science and miniaturization, that they become useful as personal battlefield defenses. [2]

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