Reflec Personal Armor

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Reflec Personal Armor
Type Personal Armor
Tech Level TL–10
Cost Cr1,500
Size 2 liters
Weight 1 kg

Reflec Personal Armor consists of reflective material on a plastic base which is tailored into a bodysuit. It is ineffective against most weapons, but superior in defense against laser fire. [1]

Unlike other forms of armor, reflec is worn under other clothing. Reflec is expensive and often difficult to obtain. [1]

Energy weapons grow increasingly advanced during the TL:10-12 epoch culminating in the PGMPs and FGMPs of the future. Reflec does a more effective job of defending against energy weapons than the earlier Ablat Personal Armor. The armor continues to develop after TL–10, increasing in effectiveness and decreasing in weight. [2]

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