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The 214th Fleet (SM) serves the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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Goals (Mission)[edit]

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Strategy & Doctrine (Operations)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The 214th was stationed in Glisten prior to the Fifth Frontier War. When the war started, the Sword Worlders' Sacnoth Fleet did not go on the offensive, but remained content to patrol the border. This allowed the 214th to move forward from Glisten, fortifying and consolidating worlds one by one under the Imperial banner, until in mid-1109 it stood off the rimward border of the Sword Worlds. On 285-1109, the 214th struck, taking Steel, Mithril, Bronze, and Iron in a quick operation lasting less than 60 days. After a short rest, the 214th continued its attack and destroyed the Sacnoth Fleet in a pitched battle at Sting on 016-1110.

In the post-war fleet shuffle, the 214th was moved to Aramis subsector. It is headquartered on Aramis, with additional harbor assignments on Jesedipere, Natoko, and Paya. This fleet is one of the primary defensive fleets of the Spinward Marches.

Tables of Organization (Organizational Structure)[edit]

While the 214th Fleet was at Glisten and during the war it was composed of:

  • 2 BatRons
  • 3 CruRons
  • 1 Colonial CruRon

After the Fifth Frontier War it also had assigned:

Representative Equipment & Classes[edit]

The following sub-units form this fleet:

Imperial Battle Squadrons[edit]

Cruiser Squadrons[edit]

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

This fleet can be primarily found in the following areas:
Charted Space:

Headquarters Data[edit]

The following mainworld is the primary headquarters of this fleet:


1101-1116: Fleet Admiral Sir Nikolas Liang[1]

World Listing[edit]

This fleet often patrols the following systems and worlds:

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Aramis (SM 3110)  •  Natoko (SM 3209)  •  Paya  •  
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