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A Way Station is a larger-than-normal Scout Base of the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service (IISS) dedicated to the support of official interstellar courier activity along the Imperial Express Boat network. The Imperium’s xboat system carries communications between worlds on an expedited basis. The way station services and maintains these xboats. A way station is located on main xboat routes about one per 40-50 parsecs.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Way stations have stocks of scout-oriented repair and maintenance equipment, as well as a trained staff of service personnel.

  • They are the equivalent of Naval Bases, although they are capable of servicing only smaller tonnage ships (10,000 tons and less) due to the size and orientation of their facilities.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The way station performs the following functions:

  • During a normal tour of duty, an express boat will jump from system to system, occasionally changing pilots, but steadily working its way farther and farther down the line.
  • At each stop (xboat station), the xboat is routinely checked, refuelled, re-provisioned, and sometimes re-crewed.
  • Ultimately, however, the X-Boat must undergo maintenance and possible repair after the rigors of its mission.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

No information yet available.

World Listing: 1105[edit]

There are known bases of this type located in the following systems and worlds:

69 of 69 of worlds with a Scout Way station
900-790  •  Aderveen  •  Alfar Edylsyla  •  Apge  •  Arkiirkii  •  Ascalon (SR 1207)  •  Bentax  •  Brkralifl  •  Budeeshou  •  Capital  •  Caractacalla  •  Chant  •  Cyan (TR 2102)  •  Daramm  •  Desolate (Cr 0608)  •  Dingir  •  Eberly  •  Ellia  •  Engfoflak  •  Farn  •  Ffort  •  Fisher's World  •  Gaar Na  •  Gaecio  •  Gavin  •  Gaza (An 0812)  •  Gemi  •  Ginnakar  •  Huntress  •  Iishaanka  •  Ion  •  Jael  •  K'ning  •  Kalimgar  •  Kamsii  •  Khavle  •  Khiirshag  •  Kilradin  •  Korbak  •  Kukatote  •  Lamente  •  Likarudig  •  Lumu  •  Mag' Lphr  •  Malmori  •  Mikkim  •  Muan Gwi  •  Nisinasha  •  Nivrdiatia  •  Ohasset  •  Platon  •  Qadir  •  Rattu  •  Sepstar  •  Shashim  •  Shululsish  •  Shuun  •  T'vira  •  Taccis  •  Talow  •  Tripolis  •  Umilikha  •  Ushra (Co 1016)  •  Vonda  •  Voskhod  •  Welzer  •  Wilson  •  Zanski  •  Zilu  •  
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