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A Ship's Turret is a weapons mounting built to be attached to a hardpoint on a ship.

  • Fire control equipment is required if weaponry is to be installed. Each installed turret requires one ton of displacement committed for the installation of fire control equipment. [1]
  • It is a type of Ship Equipment

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Heavy Weaponry / Ship Weapons:

Description (Specifications)[edit]


One turret may be attached to each hardpoint on the ship. When it is attached, one ton for fire control must be allocated. Turrets themselves are available in single, double, and triple mounts which will hold one, two, or three weapons respectively. Prices for turrets and weapons are indicated on the weapons and mounts table, [2]

Turrets and weapons may be altered or retrofitted. For example, a single turret can have its pulse laser replaced by a beam laser when it becomes available; a single turret can be replaced by a triple turret when it becomes available. Weapons for installation in turrets include pulse and beam lasers, missile racks, and sandcasters. [3]

Image Repository[edit]

  1. LSP-Model-519-D Turret Fire Control Station.
    LSP-Model-519-D-Turret Station-T5-Fan-Andy-Bigwood 06-Oct-2019a.jpg

Selected Turret Types[edit]

The most commonly used turrets within Charted Space include:

Ship Weapon Mounts [4]
Equipment Type Typical Cost (Cr) Tonnage (Volume) Remarks
Hardpoint Cr100,000 None Hardpoints are ubiquitous throughout Charted Space.
Single Turret Cr200,000 1.0 ton The economy turret only holds one piece of equipment, but it is affordable and functional.
Double Turret Cr500,000 1.0 ton Double turrets pack more firepower and require more power usage.
Triple Turret Cr1,000,000 1.0 ton The triple turret is the most common high firepower turret in regular use.
Quadruple Turret Cr1,250,000 1.0 ton Quad turrets mount more firepower than lesser mounts, but are enormously expensive, complicated, and often maintenance-demanding.
  • It is mounted on a hardpoint.
  • Reference notes in MGT-2 High Guard.

NOTE: Other turret types do exist, including larger mounts known as barbettes, weapon bays, and other variations. Vehicles often use customized turrets.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Turret Extendable.jpg

Computer Controls: In almost all cases where the ship's computer can control a given ship function (such as life support), orders fed in at the central bridge computer take precedence over those fed in at local controls. Only if the computer is inoperative will a computer override be ineffective.[5] Some ships have been known to be built with a different system set-up, but this arrangement is commonplace on most vessels within Charted Space. [6]

Turrets are an exception to this and are usually "handed off" to gunners in order to better coordinate fire operations and take advantage of targets of opportunity. A Fire Control Computer is still required for effective operation, and independent control can be terminated by the ship's computer at any point.

Turret Gunner/s[edit]

Gunner: One gunner per turret is required on a ship for maximal effectiveness. Armed small craft require a gunner in addition to the pilot. If there is more than one gunner, the most skilled is designated the chief gunner and typically draws 10% more pay. [7]

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