Far Traveller 1

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Far Traveller 1
Far Traveller 1.jpg
Author J. Andrew Keith
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Edition 1st
Format Periodical (Magazine)
Language English
Pages 64
Year Published 1982
Canonical No
Available from TBD
Table of Contents

Far Traveller 1 was a very early Classic Traveller periodical written by J. Andrew Keith.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

Table of Contents[edit]

Far Traveller 1 (Periodical)
Section Author/s Page/s
Traveller’s Log TBD Page 1
The Port Authority Handbook: Inward Clearance by J. Andrew Keith Page 4
Adventurer’s Gear: Sniper Barrel and Laser Scopes by Martin Guyotte Page 7
Library Computer TBD Page 9
Port of Call by J. Andrew Keith and William H. Keith, Jr. Page 11
Pilot’s Guide to the Ea Subsector by Marischal Adventures Page 56
Adventurette: Jail Break by J. Andrew Keith Page 58

Library Data Entries[edit]

  1. Caledon Ventures, Inc.
  2. Hkahaoseahe
  3. Lanthanum
  4. The Reavers
  5. Roaa
  6. Tlaosierlahrau
  7. Tlasayerlahel

Selected Astrography[edit]

  1. Reaver's Deep Sector
    1. Ea Subsector
    2. Uhtaa Subsector

Selected Corporations[edit]

  1. Caledon Ventures, Inc.
  2. Tlasayerlahel

Selected Creatures[edit]

  1. Glownose
  2. Helmer
  3. Laniasaurus
  4. Roakoian Rock Ape (Proto-Sophont)
  5. Roakoian Sea-Serpent

Selected Culture[edit]

  1. Ahleakhekea AKA Judgement of Honor
  2. Code Duello
  3. Gilku

Selected Equipment (Combat)[edit]

  1. Aloi
  2. Laser Scope
  3. Sniper Barrel

Selected Events[edit]

  1. Long Night

Selected Languages[edit]

  1. Anglic
  2. Herlookhtu

Selected Organizations[edit]

  1. Aslan Clan
  2. Clan Hkahaoseahe
  3. Clan Roaluahe
  4. Clan Seiwaisaw AKA Clan Jamison
  5. Hrehwui (Female Aslan Guild)
  6. Kosaityeei Guild
  7. Kosnityeci (Roakoian guild)
  8. The Reavers

Selected Polities[edit]

  1. Aslan Hierate

Selected Resources[edit]

  1. Copper
  2. Gold
  3. Lanthanum
  4. Platinum
  5. Tlaosierlahrau AKA Tlaospice

Selected Technology[edit]

  1. LTA Airship
  2. Steam Engine
  3. Telegraph
  4. Wireless Communicator

Selected Vehicles[edit]

  1. Roakoian Ahu (sailing vessel)
  2. Roakoian Rake (sailing vessel)
  3. Roakoian Steamer

Selected Worlds[edit]

Ea Subsector

  1. Andiros (Reaver's Deep 1328)
  2. Dran (Reaver's Deep 1129)
  3. Duncinae (Reaver's Deep 1624)
  4. Dunmarrow (Reaver's Deep 0921)
  5. Ea (Reaver's Deep 1225)
  6. Earlo (Reaver's Deep 1125)
  7. Fask (Reaver's Deep 1028)
  8. Fort William (Reaver's Deep 1521)
  9. Fulton (Reaver's Deep 1524)
  10. Gaajpadje (Reaver's Deep 1124)
  11. Hrou (Reaver's Deep 0923)
  12. Htalrea (Reaver's Deep 1226)
  13. Invermory (Reaver's Deep 1622)
  14. Just (Reaver's Deep 1625)
  15. Kingston (Reaver's Deep 1428)
  16. Laroaetea (Reaver's Deep 1024)
  17. Leaa (Reaver's Deep 1222)
  18. Lestrow (Reaver's Deep 0926)
  19. Marlheim (Reaver's Deep 1230)
  20. Mirak (Reaver's Deep 1127)
  21. Ranald (Reaver's Deep 1526)
  22. Roikhoi (Reaver's Deep 1224) (Port of Call write-up)
  23. Shamas (Reaver's Deep 1321)
  24. Tearlach (Reaver's Deep 1121)
  25. Theodora (Reaver's Deep 1030)
  26. Vincit (Reaver's Deep 1327)

Uhtaa Subsector

  1. Roaa (world)

Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Far Traveller Magazine was created to detail Reaver's Deep Sector and Far Frontiers Sector.

  • With only two subsectors detailed and a third unpublished issue left hanging, it never completed its goal of detailing Reaver's deep before folding.
  • The Far Frontiers were never detailed by the magazine although it announced a goal of doing so.
  • The Far Frontiers were later explicitly set aside as a GM's preserve by Game Designers' Workshop. Many different licensed and fan takes on the sector have been created, most in conflict with each other.
  • Many of the early print runs were run on a press with broken die cutters so they have several pages joined and not properly cut.

Far Traveller magazine published two issues and a third unpublished issue is also known to exist:

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Editor J. Andrew Keith
Associate Editor and Artwork William H. Keith, Jr.

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