Deep Sector

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Deep Sector
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Sector Data
No. of Worlds 8
Population 0.003 million
Majority Control Unexplored (NaXX) - 50%
Secondary Control Sath Exploration (SaXX) - 50%
Domain Distant Fringe
Capital Chiik
Imperial Coordinate 55 / -29
This sector has sector data

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The Deep Sector is considered to be a part of the Distant Fringe. It forms a part of the Empty Stars.


A sector located to rimward-trailing of the Distant Fringe proper. It is located almost entirely within the Great Void. The spinward-coreward corner of the sector forms part of the Hak'tha Spread, a loose cluster of stars. The positions and types of its stars have been cataloged as part of the University of Tal Varisa Deep Sky Program.

Physical Astrography[edit]

The following astrographic features can be found within this area:

Clusters & Traces[edit]

Rifts & Voids[edit]

Other Astrographic Features[edit]


  • Basilisk's Eye (1723 Tarchon Sector). The extremely luminous white supergiant star, lying around 85 parsecs to coreward-trailing, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds lying within Deep Sector.
  • Demon's Eye (1621 Far Home Sector). The intensely luminous blue supergiant star, lying around 20 parsecs to spinward-coreward, can be clearly seen from all of the worlds lying within Deep Sector.

Political Astrography[edit]

No polities exist within Deep Sector. The Sath Alliance claims sovereignty over the whole of Deep Sector, a claim that provides them with an area of (albeit empty) territory that far exceeds that held by humans.


Populations of the following races (sophont species) are known to inhabit Deep Sector:

Native Sophonts (NILs)[edit]

No sophont species are known to have originated within Deep Sector. It is considered unlikely that any NILs inhabit its systems.

Linguistic Topography[edit]

The following languages are among the most commonly spoken within Deep Sector:


Chiik, a low population garden world.

Interstellar Relations[edit]

Chiik, the only inhabited world in the sector, is home to a small community of Sath belonging to the Shikh’aa Faction of the Sath Alliance.

Sector Summary[edit]

No information yet available.

Subsector Listing[edit]

The following subsectors can be found within this sector:

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds can be found within this area:

4 Worlds in the Deep Sector
Aia Ka  •  Chiik  •  Hak'tha  •  Isshikha  •  

History & Background[edit]

Deep Sector was first named and charted by human settlers from the Last Armada when they arrived in the Distant Fringe region over 3 millennia ago. The first Sophonts known to have deliberately entered the Sector were the Sath crew of the Hiishiiha, in 5338AD.

Deep Sector has remained uninhabited throughout almost the whole of its history. The first (and only) settlement within the sector was founded on the garden world of Chiik, a little under a decade ago.

Around 5450AD the Sath achieved a domestic Tech Level of 11, gaining the ability to construct their own Jump-2 capable DeVoss-type Jump Drives. Prior to this Jump-2 drives were only available from human sources and in extremely short supply.

Since 5550AD the Shikh’aa Faction have been constructing the enormous Ith-Saa-Ka Waypoint in hex 3038 of Far Home Sector, opening the possibility of regular Jump-2 travel between the Sath Alliance and the Hak'tha Spread.

Historical Eras[edit]

Major Historical Events[edit]

Some of the important historical events that have affected Deep sector include:

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