156th Fleet

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The 156th Fleet is the Numbered Imperial fleet stationed in the Gimgir Subsector.

156th Fleet (Military Unit) Fleet Composition[edit]

There are 5 Naval bases in the subsector, 3 Scout bases, and no Way stations. There are five line squadrons and three ScoutRons assigned to the fleet. The subsector's high population worlds provide the colonial troop strength for the fleet's two AssaultRons. There is also one BatRon, and two CruRons assigned to the fleet. The Azhanti who are native to Irale (Antares 2315), serve with distinction in this fleet and well beyond. Fleet Admiral (08) Sir Manfred Rennard is the supreme naval commander in the Gimgir Subsector. He works closely with Lieutenant General (09) Baroness Marial Dinnah who commands an imperial army corps AKA the Gimgir Subsector Imperial Army Legion.

156.S1 ScoutRon at Irale (Antares 2315 B898998-B)[edit]

156.S2 ScoutRon at Dinvoo (Antares 2417 C898351-6)[edit]

156.S3 ScoutRon at Mies (Antares 2219 D425553-8)[edit]

1561st AssaultRon at Mata (Antares 1911 A6869BC-9)[edit]

1564th CruRon at Musa (Antares 2115 B69A520-D)[edit]

1563rd BatRon at Lovina (Antares 1714 B7C2112-9)[edit]

1562nd AssaultRon at Othaunlere (Antares 2216 B564421-B)[edit]

Special Operations/Brwygaid Interdiction Detachment

1565th CruRon at Nashigakhe (Antares 2220 B433231-D)[edit]

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