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[edit] Technology Level Synopsis

Technology level or Tech Level is a measure of technological capacity.

Usually this is used in a UWP (Universal world profile) to indicate the overall technology of the planet. (A planet may have large sections, and/or populations at a more primitive level than listed).

See Tech Level Comparison Chart for more information.

[edit] Technology Level Description

Technology does not imply standard of living as workers in a high tech industrial world can have a poorer quality of life (perhaps not having the money to pay for high-tech health care), than a medieval farmer. The tech level does impact the exchange rate for the planet, and has a large effect on its economy and interstellar trade.

Enhanced tech levels describe the technology for different classes of technology (e.g. a planet may have a medical tech level different from its weapons tech level). The enhanced tech level is usually broken into the following sections:

[edit] Technology Level Metrics

The Tech levels of the Imperium are measured in the range 0-15 (0-F), with 0 representing extreme primitive levels (hunter/gatherers), and 15 the height of Imperial technology.

However, there is technology beyond that of the Imperium as evidenced by ancient sites (e.g. Rosette worlds are TL21 and Rigid Dyson Spheres TL27).

Traveller5 aka T5 has introduced a new theoretical maximum to the TL System of TL-33.

[edit] Technology Level Conversion Table

The TL system differs between different versions of the Traveller game. The following table shows conversion between different TL systems of the various Traveller editions.

Most Traveller game editions default to the original Classic Traveller Traveller TL technology levels.


Traveller TL GURPS 3e TL GURPS 4e TL Historical Era
0 0 0 Stone Age (fire)
1 1 1 Bronze Age (3500 BC)
1 2 2 Iron Age (1200 BC)
1 3 3 Medieval Age (600 AD)
2 4 4 Age of Sail (1450 AD)
3 5 5 Industrial Revolution (1730 AD)
4 5 6 Mechanized Age (1880 AD)
5 6 6 Circa 1910 AD
6 6 7 Nuclear Age (1940 AD)
7 7 7 Circa 1970 AD
8 8 8 Digital Age (1990 AD)
9 9 9 Early Stellar (2050 AD)
10 (A) 9 10 Early Stellar (2120 AD)
11 (B) 9 10 Average Stellar
12 (C) 10 11 Average Imperial
13 (D) 10 11 Average Stellar
14 (E) 11 12 High Stellar
15 (F) 12 12 Imperial Maximum
16 (G) 13 13 Darrian Historical Maximum
  • In Standard GURPS 4th, the maximum TL is 12, but in the GM's permission there can be more TLs. It's assumed to be the maximum tech level that present human can imagine is TL 12.

[edit] Technology Level Classifications

Traveller categorizes various technologies into the following classifications (categories):

[edit] Common Technologies

  • High
  • Low

[edit] Quality of Life Technologies

  • Energy
  • Computers/Robotics
  • Communications
  • Medical
  • Environment

[edit] Transportation Technologies

  • Land
  • Water
  • Air
  • Space

[edit] Military Technologies

  • Personal Military
  • Heavy Military

[edit] Novelty Technologies

  • Novelties

[edit] UTP (Universal Technological Profile)

These codes are represented as the UTP (Universal Technological Profile) Universal Code CC-QQQQQ-TTTT-MM-N codes in the order defined below:


Please see the following codes for more information:

  • C = Common (x2)
  • Q = Quality of Life (x5)
  • T = Transportation (x4)
  • M = Military (x2)
  • N = Novelties (x1)

The UTP is part of the system of as Universal Codes.

[edit] Technology Level References

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