Referee's Companion

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Referee's Companion
MT 0215 Referees SB.jpg
Publisher Game Designers Workshop
Version MegaTraveller
Author Marc Miller
Format Book (Softback)
Language English
Edition 1st
Year Published 1988
Pages 98
Available from RPGNow
Canonical Yes
ISBN 0-943580-71-4 Stock #0215
Table of Contents

The Referee's Companion is a Game Designers Workshop product.

  • It is a source book.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Expand the rebellious universe of MegaTraveller with more rules, background, information, and ,materials for the dedicated referee. Materials that simply would not fit into the grand, three-volume MegaTraveller rules set have been brought together into one volume as the MegaTraveller Referee's Companion. This compendium helps provide detail to science-fiction campaigns, adds scope to MegaTraveller projects, and sparks interest in any adventure. The MegaTraveller Referee's Companion includes:

  • The Alien Races: Coverage of the major alien races that travellers are bound to meet: the fierce warrior Aslan; the psionic Zhodani; the fragmented, canine Vargr; and the puzzling Droyne. Essays deal with the races' homeworlds, physical appearance and abilities, mental make-up, and interstellar territories. Coverage of their histories helps referees understand their backgrounds, making it easier to use alien individuals as non-player characters. Tables for word generation in alien languages make it possible for referees to add spice and mystery to everyday activities, and glossaries provide translations for known words in the alien languages.
  • Large-Scale Combat: Rules for a simple system of converting characters into conglomerate units, resolving battles between these larger units, and reconverting the units back into individual characters. the system makes large-scale battles possible, without losing the detail of individual player characters.
  • Timekeeping: A simple, direct system of tracking time for adventurers using the Imperial Calendar. Use it to make the proper date always available. Plus, details on alien timekeeping systems for when the adventure strays into foreign territory.
  • Communications: Information on how starship communications systems work in the typical star system.
  • In-System Operations: Details of what a starship is expected to do, and how it does it as the ship moves from jump point to a world and back again.
  • Research: Coverage of the use of the Uncertain task to conduct important research into scientific, personal, or commercial ventures.
  • Mapping: Map grids to help the referee design and generate any world, and present it with style as part of any adventure.
  • Megacorporations: Names, ownership, and commercial interests of the 13 star-spanning Imperial megacorporations.
  • technology: Details of the achievements of the standard tech levels inside the Imperium, plus information on the higher tech levels so rarely encountered.
  • Robots: Information on robots, the work force for high tech Imperial worlds.

Table of Contents[edit]

Referee's Companion
Section Page/s
Character Cards Inside front cover
Introduction 5
Large-Scale Combat 6
    Small Conglomerate Unit Example 16
    Convert Back 17
    Combat Charts 18
    Conglomerate Unit Conversion Checklist 19
In-System Operations 20
    In-System Travel Times 21
    System Travel 22
    The Activity Checklists 24
Technology 26
    Technology Charts 28
Robots in the Imperium 35
Communications 38
Megacorporations 40
Keeping Time 42
    The Imperial Calendar 43
    Comparative Years 44
Research 46
    The Research Project 47
Aliens 49
Droyne 50
Zhodani 59
Aslan 68
Vargr 74
Large-Scale Campaigns 80
Mapping 84
    Sector Map 86
    Subsector Grid 87
    System Map 88
    World Map 89
    Continental Map 90
    Local Map 91
Alien Languages 94
    Vilani Word Generation 95
    Aslan, Vargr, Zhodani. and Droyne Word Generation 96
    Sounds List 97
    Blank Word Generation Tables 98

Library Data Entries (Public)[edit]

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Meta-history & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Referee's Companion is a core rule book for MegaTraveller.

  • Additional rules for MegaTraveller campaigns. Expand the universe of MegaTraveller with more rules, background, information, and materials for the dedicated referee.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Credits (Primary Sources)
Credit Authors & Contributors
Design Marc W. Miller
Additional Design Frank Chadwick, Joe D. Fugate, Sr., Gary L. Thomas
Cover Illustration James Holloway
Interior Illustrations Jeff Dee, Liz Danforth, Tom Peters, A. C. Farley, Rob Caswell, Brian Gibson

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